Playing Pretend

Sometimes it feels
Like I'm empty inside
As though there's a part of me
Which I'll never find
I don't know where to look
And I can't explain why
But it tortures my soul

You know what I did?
I cried last night
I don't know why
Cuz I didn't feel it
I'm empty
A shell of brilliance past
And I have no future

So what's next in line
Just an endless carousel ride
Round and round in circles
Never getting anywhere
In this mindless masquerade
I'll be who you want me to be
Just click your heels and pull the reigns

I'll make believe that I'm happy for you
And I'll pretend to be who you want me to be
My soul will slowly perish
And you don't even know
But I don't care anymore
We've all got to die eventually
I'm no exception