The snow outside fell relentlessly, not showing any signs of letting up. Joey Longs was trapped in the biggest and worst snowstorm he had ever experienced.

His hiking expedition had been going along just fine. He was making great time, and not a single bad thing happened, though hiking in the winter was usually a difficult task.

When the snow had gotten really bad, he managed to find a cave and take refuge.

Now, after being stranded for over a week, his supplies were running dangerously low. He had to burn some of his things to start up a fire for warmth, and though he was being very cautious, had managed to eat all of his food. Now, the only thing he had left was his small water supply and a few saltine crackers.

He nibbled on the final cracker, hunger making him feel like he was going insane. There was no way he was going to last until the end of this storm. It seemed impossible.

He finished, longing for food. Joey crawled into his sleeping bag, trying to keep warm. The fire was now left to a pile of cold ashes.

Another day passed. Joey was beginning to get desperate. Suddenly, his gaze focused on his left leg. Before the storm, he had done a lot of sports to keep his body in shape. His leg had lots of good muscle on it.

Joey reached into his bag and grabbed his knife. He tore a shirt as well.

Joey raised the knife and did what he had to do to survive the storm.