After Lisa had cleared out the spider webs and dusted the room, she had to admit t7hat the office on the abandoned ranch was pretty nice. The house was built on a hill that allowed them a gorgeous view of all the land surrounding it. It was supposed to be a good strategy point, but Lisa didn't think of it that way. Not completely

The large window provided the best view of the entire house, which made her vulnerable. It probably wasn't the best room to have an office. A sniper could pick her off if he got this close But she really didn't want to give up the view. Besides, she didn't think anyone could get that close without tripping the major alarms.

Still…it was possible…

She was pulled out of her thoughts when Able and Naomi came in her office. Both of them had little scratches and were covered in dirt and dust from working on the house, "Hey, we're going to go get some more supplies from town."

"Alright," Lisa said.

"You know," Able said, "This would go a lot faster if we didn't have to drive an hour."

"And what would be your solution to that?" Lisa asked without looking up. She knew where they were going with this but she wanted to hear them say the word.

Naomi cleared her throat, "Able and I were talking."

"We think it's time we start looking for Joseph," Able said.

And there it was.

"Oh," Lisa sat at her desk and threw some files to the side, "And how exactly do you plan to find him?"

"I think I might know a place," Naomi said, "It's where he took me right after the incident in the Facility."

"It's where we holed up after the Facility," Able nodded.

"And you didn't say this before?" Lisa asked.

"I was giving him time to cool down," Naomi said, "It's been a month and a half since I've seen him last, and I'm worried. I think it's time we find out what's going on. I don't think he's ever been gone this long."

Lisa knew that finding out his mother being a Guardian was a very big deal for him so she wasn't going to lessen the blow by calling his departure a 'temper tantrum'. Though sometimes it certainly felt like one. HE was one of their best fighters. If he had been there then Jane would not have been shot when Frederic tried to escape.

And what would happen if he decided to come back just too late and something happened?

"Fine,"" Lisa folded her hands on the table, "And how exactly are you going to talk to a teleporter that doesn't want to be found?"

"The location is on an island. I know where it is," Naomi said, "I think he'll stay to talk to me."

"And how do you plan to get there?"

"The old fashioned way," Naomi said, "We're going to rent a boat."

Starkson hated this bunker. It smelled too much of mold and must and age and stuffy air and no matter how long the air conditioning circulated he could smell it. He could just…feel it crushing down on him like a large quilt on a hot summer's day.

But even sitting in here sweating it out would've been more preferable to watching his door fly open, slam into the wall, and shudder backwards.

Oh, it better not be someone asking for their paycheck.

He stared in boredom as Joseph stormed in with a gun.

Aw, he was such an adorable little boy playing with his adorable little toys….

"Well it took you long enough," Starkson said, "I was hoping with your Facility Training; that you would've found this bunker a lot sooner. But then again I was also hoping you weren't stupid enough to come here at all."

He put the gun in Starkson's face.

"Oh, as if this hasn't happened before," Starkson said unfazed.

"You get one chance," Joseph demanded.

"See previous statement," He muttered.

"One," Joseph muttered.

Starkson looked down and started filling out the paperwork. He had no doubt that Joseph would pull the trigger, but he wasn't going to give in to that fear. He'd been shot before, it wasn't fun. But getting shot wouldn't make much difference, "When was the last time you took care of yourself? I guess that little island doesn't provide the best personal hygiene. But still, you're a teleporter, you could've went to the mainland to shave at least," He noticed Joseph's slight surprise right away, "Of course I know about the island. I know all about your secret little hideaways. The only reason that they never brought you in is because I never signed off on it."

"You will answer my questions," Joseph repeated, his hand held the gun so tightly that his raw knuckles were starting to bleed.

"You're really starting to slip aren't you?"

"Where is my mother?" Joseph demanded.

"I don't know."

Joseph pulled back on the trigger release, "Well that's unfortunate."

"But I do know that she's alive," Starkson said, "But that won't be for long once she tells Bernard Harving where Naomi is."