Falling for you

When you first like someone you don't know what will happen

Later you say she doesn't like you why would she

You aren't worth ist she way to beautiful for you

Then one day you see your friend talking to your crush they pull you aside

They tell you how he feels and your shocked

Then you go enjoy the rest of the night

What you don't know then is you have just be gone to fall

Then what it over you just want to goo think

But that look one there face makes you do some stupide stuff

Then you kiss them

The next day you say I want to date you

But they have not decide

You say there are just scared

But later the stop

But by then its to late you love them

You try to forget it

But then you start to talk to them every day

Just thinking what you want

And you cannot have

So finally you are stuck falling for that one

But you want to love

But they don't know what they want

So you have fallen in love with this most amazing person

But people tell you to tell them how you feel

Then the others say you don't know what you talking about

They say your crazy

But its ok if your crazy at lest your not in denial

But you have fallen in love

With your love