Il Mio Cantante is Italian which means, "my singer". I wrote this one during exams on my Senior year in High School when I was fifteen. I wrote this based on my own experiences about this guy at school I was friends with. And, yeah. The whole thing below explains it. I call him "Il mio cantante" because that's how I think of him as, my singer.

Il Mio Cantante

There was a portrait of us in the past

we were seated together, side by side.

Then the day I figured something out came...

There were butterflies in my stomach when my fairy godmother asked me.

The feeling was there, trust me,

but my mind refuses to admit them, hence, I was speechless.

Oh! How I wish it isn't just infatuation

or some product of my wild imagination

because everytime I see you, your presence is like a song

singing, captivating me, il mio cantante.

As agreed to, we won't avoid each other

but there is something that bothers me

and as days and weeks pass by, it grows.

You're slowly slipping, sliding, disappearing...

Who knows?

Day after day, we are separating ways...

I think?

Well, that's how I feel.

The song is fading unto "the end"

No, I don't want that!

Maybe I'll hit 'replay' over and over again?

I won't force my singer, though.

If the song is over, so be it.

I won't hold you too tight, nor too loose.

Il mio cantante, you're free to go, you always are...

And so you could.

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Callen Hale