Out of the Fog

Chapter 2 Drama Queen

Stella felt her mouth go dry, her vision blur. She closed her eyes thinking her contacts were bothering her. Usually if she blinked a few times, they would tear and fix her vision. But her contacts did not feel dry. Then a wave of nausea came over her and she placed both hands palm down on the table top.

"Are you OK?" asked the man.

"No. I don't feel well." said Stella. The man squinted his eyes as he thought she was trying some dramatic exit with his money. They had only begun the fortune telling. Then he smiled to himself. He was believing a con artist. He deserved the whole show. Then he asked:

"May I help you to lie down somewhere?" Maybe he would get a better look behind the scenes.

"Yes, please. I'm so sorry. I'll give you your money back." said Stella as she stood wavering in her spot. He came quickly and placed an arm around her waist and she leaned into him. She seemed feverish. Great! He thought. She is coming down with something and now he'll get it. Oh, let it be Ebola and be done with this life. Just then they stepped behind another set of curtains into a lighter room. There was a couch in the corner, and a folding table with two chairs next to it. A small microwave was on top of a small box fridge. Was this her home? Did she sleep on the sofa? The rest of the space was open for an easel and there were dozens of sketches lined against the wall. After he helped her to the sofa he went over to get a better look at the drawings. They were mostly charcoal, some had added color, not paint, but something that smudged easily. There was a picture of a house and it reminded him of his family house when he was a teen. He just picked up the picture and studied it.

"You like my drawing? I get them from my daydreams. Do you know this house?" said Stella. She felt like she could catch her breath again.

"I have to go." said the man. He put the picture back down.

"Wait, here is your money back." said Stella.

"No, that's quite alright." said the man.

"When will you come back?" asked Stella weakly.

"Soon." said the man. He was gone quickly. The door opened, the bell tinkled, and the door shut. Stella let her eyelids close and she fell to sleep, wondering those last moments, if she would ever see the man the man she called Julian again.

(Sorry this is so short. I'm so tired. I walked the dog late and I still need to shower and collapse in bed myself...can you tell by what I wrote? HA)