Love-fia Chapter 13

"Hey-" Mia sat right next to Naruhi's bed. "I didn't mean to talk like that…" Her voice seemed to lower down as she continued. The hospital room was now quieter than ever. All of Leo's bodyguards left the room and were mingling outside the door. Leo was still there, however, standing around, pretending to look at all the written information on the wall.

"Seems like you don't have to be here in the hospital that long. Discharge, here, says-" He paused. "2 days from now!"

"Leo!" Mia sighed. She gestured her head to the door. She wanted him out of their conversation for the moment. His older brother quietly complained to himself, but accepted her demand.

"So-" Mia tried to continue as soon as she heard the door shut. Naruhi broke out into laughter before she could speak.

"W-what?" Mia looked at him perplexed at what was happening.

"I didn't know that-" He let his laughter get him first before he could speak, "You're so different Mia. It's so different from the 'you' I see in school!"

Mia looked down. She didn't want to hear that from anyone else. Especially from Naruhi.

"But-" Naruhi continued. He was looking at the ceiling the whole time as he smiled. But slowly he turned his head towards Mia and raised his hand to touch her cheek, "I wish to see more of the real Mia."

Mia blushed.

It's been 2 days since Naruhi left the hospital. He was as healthy as he once was and was back to playing tennis already. Mia smiled and dusted her skirt as she waited for Nookie beside the post, located in the middle of the shopping district.

"Mia!" Nookie yelled as she ran towards her best friend. Mia smiled.

As Nookie got closer and closer, she appears to have her arm around a taller guy. Maybe that was Kell. He had a short hair cut and a rectangular glasses, that Mia can see from afar. Wearing his green collared sweater and pants, he walked calmly along her best friend. Another guy was beside him. He was wearing a full hooded sweater. He was dressed up messier than most of the people in the streets. Mia squinted her eyes to see more details from this man, but she couldn't He has his face covered by the hood. His pants were all ripped and was loosely hanging from his legs as his old ragged slippers dragged his way towards the pole.

'Is that my double date? No way!' Mia thought

Mia couldn't believe her eyes. She dressed up all neatly and girly for someone as messy as him!

She sighed and unknowingly leaned her back against the pole in disappointment.

"Hey Mia." Nookie said as she lifts her head up to see them stop in front of her. "This is Kell and this is his friend Niel." She introduced them.

"Nice to meet you!" Mia pretended to smile, but the disappointment lingered in her stomach. But looking closely at this man - the man who slowly took his hood off - didn't seem to be that bad at all. He had long curly flowing hair that was on length with his shoulder. His eyes gave out an energetic, gentle and somehow, interesting feel to it. And for some reasons, his skin was flawlessly fair. Mia had no idea she was staring at him for too long.

"Mia!" Nookie loudly whispered. She glanced at the hand in front of her. "Shake.. Hands!"

Mia jumped from her fantasies and realized that the man was stretching his hands out to reach for hers. "Oh! Nice meeting you too!" And soon, the disappointment was out of her stomach and was flowing away within the air.

"I guess… watching a movie is in our first list." Nookie simply placed her invisible agenda list in front of her.

"Neat." Niel implied. "Maybe we should watch something along the lines of... 'Doomed for the Next Second' or something like that." Kell watched his friend awkwardly scratch his hair from the silly suggestion he just made. He knew most probably that the girls would disagree with it.

Kell slowly slapped Niel's arm. "That's not what we talked about!" He whispered, even though the girls can clearly hear them.

"Action movies aren't that bad." Mia followed. "I heard that there was tons of famous celebrity in that movie too..." Niel's gaze befell on her as it widens itself. He was a bit shock to hear a girl say something like that. Not that he hasn't heard a girl say something as that, but because of the fact that she was such a pretty girl. He thought that watching action movies aren't exactly her type to begin with. Niel's eyes were still looking down at her. He was approximately a foot taller than her or a little less.

"What? You've never heard a girl say something as liking action movies?" Mia pouted to break the silence in between them.

Niel flinched and went back to his senses. He pulled his right hand to cover his mouth to distract them from the fact that he was too embarrassed to look straight at Mia.

'She's really a pretty girl' he thought to himself. 'And here I was trying to think a way to get away from this stupid double date that Kell threw me in... But-'

"That's not it. It's just that I never thought that someone like you would like watching films like those..." Niel finally expressed his thoughts. Kell and Nookie watched the whole thing unfold.

Nookie decided to interfere, hoping for the best. She tried to lower down the hostility showing around the air, surrounding them.

She wagged her finger, "Mia's always been a fan of action films..." Her voice seem to lower down after a huge massive grin. Her best friend was paying no attention to her. She looked up at Kell, who's eyes seem to only look at her. He put up a small smile and placed his index finger in front of his lips to gesture 'Hush'.

Nookie nodded and just watched them.

Mia folded her arms, "Someone like me? What do you mean by someone like me?"

Niel took too long to answer, that Mia was already stomping her foot. Each stomp represents every single ounce of her patience being drained out to the invisible steam on her head.

"Like what exactly...?" She pounded on him.

Niel didn't answer but only looked at her friend, who nodded. His hand was still covering his lips. Mia had no clue why.

"woah!" Nookie gave a small fright from Kell's hand as it made its place on her hip. Kell gently pulled her out from the hostility perimeter and started walking along with the crowd. Niel wanted his friend out of the conversation. Mia had no idea why, again. This man... To Mia, he is completely unpredictable! She swung her head and glared at Niel.

"Are you trying to separate us?" She retorted.

He swung his head. "I mean... It's just I can't say something cliche around too many people." He took off his hand from his face, showing a red blush circling his cheeks. "I didn't mean to offend you, but i didn't expect someone as pretty as you to like action movies..." He looked away, doing the same thing as he did when he made the silly suggestion.

Mia's eyebrows lifted up, giving away the hostility that she was just showing a second ago. She leaned back and flushed with redness. Her hands now covering her whole face.

"Uhmm.. You- you think... I'm pretty...?" She lowered her voice down due to embarrassment. She slowly places her hands down to take a peek at his shy date. He was still scratching his hair, looking at her with gentle eyes. Mia couldn't help but slightly smile at the goofy look he has.

Niel didn't waste anymore seconds but decided to grab her hand and run after their two other friends.

"Wait wait!" Aya chased the discouraged man as she looked up on those backs of his. The back she so lingers to lay her head upon. She finally caught up to him as he slows down the stairway outside the Police Headquarter Building. The cars were zooming along the street just a few feet away from them. It was crowded today at downtown. Well, since it is Saturday.

Ren slowly turned his head at the approaching figure behind.

"You ok?" She asked as soon as she stopped. Her eyes looked at him with gentle strings of magnanimity. She reached out for his chest to try any sort of alleviation from what just happened from his job. "I heard... About what happened. Look, it's not anywhere near your fault-"

"It's alright, Aya." Ren gave her a reluctant smile. "What are you talking about anyway? I feel as usual!" He pretended not to show anyone the fact that what happened affected him greatly.

He took Aya's hand from his chest and placed it back down. Aya's eyes looked at his. She painfully smiled. She knew he wanted to be left alone for now. Before her hand touched her waist, she lifted it up and balled it into a fist. She punched Ren on his shoulder and smiled.

"Don't be too shy to ask me out for a drink from time to time!" She offered as she leaned back with a concerned smile. "I'll always give you my shoulder when you need it." Her smile became more of a shy and embarrassed look. She hasn't even finished her words, but she was already looking down on the floor. Finally, she lifted her hand and wiggled it as a goodbye. She turned around and ran back to the door, silently giggling to herself.

Ren turned around back to the streets with a dubious expression. "What was that all about?" He questioned himself about Aya's moves. He looked up at the sky as he started his way down the street. He had no choice but to patrol the downtown streets since it was too busy today. Well no, that was a blatant lie. The chief himself wanted Ren to have the day off. Hirohama knew that he needed time off from what happened on his job. No cop can ever endure seeing an innocent life end in silent. It'll only drive the cop to madness.

Ren refused to have a timeoff. He was constantly telling the Chief that he has no need of it, but Hirohima was persistent. So, Ren ended up following it.

But no one would stop him from volunteering to patrol the streets of a busy day. He could just say he ran across a thief or something as such as an excuse, when in reality he was chasing the guts out of the bad person. He didn't want another innocent person to die in front of him ever again. That was the only conclusion he got from that day. He swung his head as he entered a busier street near the center of the shopping district.

V.D was out. Or as Ren calls it 'no where to be found'. He had even taken the car along with him, somewhere. His partner hasn't shown up this morning in the office and judging by his disappearance, he probably has already heard of their 'vacation'. But, Ren had no idea whether or not his partner feels the same thing as he does. But one thing was sure, V.D didn't let it go to his system. Ren chuckled as he thought of different places his partner would be in. The only thing that popped out of his head was his apartment, where he probably spent his day lazying around.

He was getting near the central location of the district and crowds were getting more and more bigger. There's not even a chance where he wouldn't be pushed or bumped in every minute. Tall buildings surround the street. Shopping malls, arcades, theaters, music shops.. Everything was located here, which is why this is mostly where people usually stroll around during the day.

The radiating advertisement screen, that pops out different products in every second, stood plastered against the middle glass building. The street, overcrowded by pedestrians, had cars moving below 10 mph. Which explains all the honking.

Ren walked on over to a vending machine to get a warm canned coffee. He, then later on, decided to sit on the bench that was circling a tree near the edge of the sidewalk.

He sipped his coffee and pretended to be a bystander. All his thoughts still submerged on his job. He gave out a long sigh.

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