Fuck, I think these Jason and Tommy one-shots may actually be at an end. Shit. Now what shall I do with my existence? (Write more one-shots. Maybe with lesbians)

*Sobbing under the bed*

The End?

"I can't believe it." my mother keeps saying, like there will be an award at the end of the night for whoever could say it the most. But if there was, she would totally win, hands down. And Jason's mother would win the, "Weepy Mother," award, since she hasn't stopped sniffling since this morning.

It's almost noon. Me and Jason have exactly one hour until graduation starts. Fantastic. It's only the most important day of our lives so far, and we're going to be late. Freaky enough, I had a premonition last night that let me know I was going to be late. At the time, I'd simply brushed it off as a stress dream, a dream brought on by things that make you stressed, but now, I understood that in actuality, I had looked into the future.

Any second now, an elephant was going to come stomping into the room, my mother would be off to dye her hair blue, my father and Jason' dad would be the winners of American Idol, and Jason and his mom would be dining with a family of irritable hippos.

Then we'd never get out of here.

"Mom, come on, let go." Jason laughs, trying to pull out of his mother's arms for the ninth time in the last five minutes. "Me and Tommy still have to get dressed."

"Well, that's because you boys insisted on taking your time." his father says, and I glare at him. He was the one who dragged us to the bank, insisting we'd have enough time to get there and back. He sees me glaring and grins, saying sternly, "You'd better wipe that look off your face, mister."

I don't.

"Kids these days." he huffs, and my dad laughs.

"No manners." he adds.

"Why, if I glared at my old man that way, I wouldn't be able to sit for a month!"

I tune out at that point. I've heard a zillion of these things, and they basically all same the same thing. Back then, parents were abusive mother fuckers. Luckily for me, I wasn't born in that era. Well, for that reason and the other more obvious one where I would probably be beat everyday for being gay.

So yeah. Thanks for that God.

"Okay, okay." Jason's mom sniffs. "You two hurry and get dressed."

I roll my eyes. I'd been saying that for the last hour.

"Come on!" I order Jason, and we start going up the stairs towards his room, where our clothes are waiting.

"Wait, I don't think that's such a good idea!" my mother shouts after us, implying that just being in the same room with each other, undressing, would cause me and Jason to rip each others clothes off and go at it like rabbits in heat.

"Don't worry." Jason jokes. "It's nothing I haven't seen."

As we disappear around the corner, giggling, my mother shouts up, "That's not exactly what I meant!"

As we were changing, my cell phone rang. I leaned over to get it, then ending up tripping over myself, since my pants were halfway down my legs. I hit the ground with a loud thud and a groan. And as I lay on the ground like a wounded gazelle, Jason leaned over me and plucked my phone of the bed. And yes, I said gazelle, cause I'm that graceful, obviously.

"Hey Willeh." he said into the phone, making no attempt to help me. "Yeah, we're getting ready right now. For sure. See you there."

He hung up a second later, then looked at me like he'd only just noticed me.

"Babe, what are you doing down there? We gotta get ready." he scolds me, and I growl up at him angirly. The growl fades when my father shouts up a moment later.

"And what exactly are you two doing up there?"

Great. Now they think we're having sex. Jason and I both start to laugh again, but I guess they can't hear us, because a few moments later, there's a knock on the door.

"Boys, no fooling around." Jason's mother says through the door.

"We're not!" I whine, pulling myself up with help from Jason, yanking my pants up.

"Tommy fell!" Jason laughs, and once his mom is gone, he turns to me.

"William wants us to meet with him when we get there."


Once we get the meeting place and all that squared away, we scramble to get done. It was funny at first, but now it's becoming more and more obvious that we may actually miss our graduation.

But once we're done changing and spiffing, our mothers have to take half a million pictures before we all make it out the door and into our separate cars. Me and Jason take his motorcycle, with our parents insisting that they'll catch up. As Jason starts us up, I hear more camera clicking, and I look back at my mother, smiling for the camera for the first time tonight.

She smiles brightly as I do so, and blows me a kiss. Her giant belly is bursting out of the dress she's wearing, and I blow a kiss to her and her belly, knowing it will make her happy. Then she starts tearing up, so we gun it out of there. What is it with parents and their children growing up?

Guess I'd never know.

The traffic there is terrible, since everybody's families are all coming to see them walk down the aisle. But to my surprise, we actually make it with thirty minutes to spare. We meet up with Jazz, Katy, Abby, William, and Jayden, who are all jumping around in excitement. Well, not Jayden. He's considerably more calm.

As I appear William looks at my hand and says, "God, you're such a show off."

I grin widely, knowing what he means. The ring Jason gave me three months ago when he proposed to me is attached firmly to my finger, where's it pretty much stayed since the day I put it on. Not counting that one time when I took it off for a split second, then spent the whole day looking for it, forcing William and Jayden to help me in the end.

It turned out it was in the oranges at the supermarket.

Coming to school with it on had been a huge risk, and as expected, once I was noticed, I spent the whole day listening to people whisper, watching them point, and kind of showing off to the giggling girls who came over to admire it. At one point I'd seen Carly watching me, eyes burning with hate. So I'd slipped the ring onto my middle finger, then flipped her off. That had gotten a good laugh from the people gathered in the hallway.

But after a week, everybody was over it, because they'd grown used to me and Jason's existince, and in some weird way, I think he and I became a huge part of the school. They were used to it. To us.

Thinking about this, it made me sad. Our whole lives children will talk about how much they can't wait to graduate, but once that days starts rolling up, we're overcome with confusing feelings. Yeah it sucked getting up early in the morning, the lessons could put you to sleep, and all that homework was a total bummer, but this was all we knew.

The jostling, crowded halls, filled with laughter and obnoxious noises. The smell of the cafeteria as you looked around for your friends, who were saving your spot. Your friends, goofing around in the classes that were somehow enjoyable despite the crippling odds. How could we make it on our own, without the teachers to watch our every move?

"You got your speech ready?" Abby asked me. I nodded, even though it was a lie. I'd stayed up for weeks trying to think of something, but in the end, I decided to just wing it.

The school had asked me to give one of the many speeches that would be delivered today, since I'd been hurt in a school shooting, saving Jazz's life. At first, I'd declined them, but my friends, who were sitting behind me at the time, assured them that I was all for it.

Sadistic fucks. They knew I wasn't one for speeches.

"Don't worry." Jazz said to me, patting my shoulder. "You'll do great."

I hoped.


My heart is pounding as I wait for them to call my name, which will be any second now. They're introducing me at this moment, as the, "Very brave boy who became a permanent part of our school after he saved his best friend's life, and then his entire chemistry class,-" and yada yada so on about how I got shot, and whatever.

Huh. How had I gone from the Tommy who'd followed Jason around with no other friends in Junior year, to this Tommy? The Tommy that people loved, and clapped for, and cheered for as I stepped up the stairs? And why did I have to leave it? Even though the stadium is huge, and I can't see them, I hear my parents, and Jason's parent's screaming and cheering for me, and I hear my friends too, and I hear my fellow graduates, loud enough that it makes me want to cry.

I clear my throat, trying to ignore the fact that I've prepared nothing, and smile.

And wing it.

"When school started, I didn't believe any of this would happen. I didn't believe that I'd get the boy of my dreams-" I break off with a smile towards the stadium of family members, "Oh, for those of you who haven't heard, I'm gay."

The graduating class hoots with laughter, because this was old news to them.

"Anyway, I didn't believe I'd become...a hero I guess the word is. I definitely didn't believe that. I never imagined I'd be dragging the love of my life's body from a burning car, and then embarrassing myself in front of all of you."

"I can't believe I made as many friends as I did, since I've been described as...a little unsociable. More laughs.

"And I didn't think I'd be jumping in front of a boy with a gun to save the life of people I loved, and people I hardly knew, and in one case," I found Jazz amidst the crowd of graduating students, and smiled at her, "Someone I thought I hated."

In the crowd, the people around Jazz laugh and point at her playfully. She grins up at me with pride anyway. They all are. William, Katy, Abby, Jayden, and Jason most of all, because he sees what I see. He sees how much I changed.

"And uh, of course those bad parts." I add, and I know they know what I'm talking about.

"Parties...just don't go well for me." I laugh, and they clap for me, cheering and shouting.

"And...I certainly didn't think I'd have this." I hold up my hand, and on the big screens around the stadium I see that they have zoomed in on my ring finger. I suddenly find myself blushing, and I pull my hand down.

"Anyway, I want to thank you all. My parents, and Jason's parents, for loving us unconditionally, and accepting us. My friends, William, Jayden, Katy, Abby, and Jazz, for teaching me what friendship is like, and why it's great."

I take a breath, my mouth getting dry. I slyly slip my hand by my eyes to check for tears. I'm clear for now.

"Jason, because even though you took your time, you finally came to love me back, and you even though we've known each other our whole lives, you suddenly opened me to a whole different world."

There are wolf whistles in the crowd.

"And to you all, you faceless strangers out there, I want to thank the most. Once I came out, you could of all made my life miserable. You could have beat the hell out of me, but you didn't."

The crowd is quiet with silent pride. We're all proud right now. We are a room full of sinners.

"You accepted me, and you cheered me on from the sidelines, and when it got tough, you all wished me the best of luck."

I smile at them all, and then, just because I had to, I add playfully, "You were all wonderful extra's in the, "Tommy Chronicles."

They playfully boo me, yelling things like, "Get off the stage!" But they are laughing, and some are crying. Maybe I'm not so bad at this after all.

"But enough about me. I'm sure my year wasn't the only one that went different then you'd expected." And I talk. I talk about how much we all secretly loved school, and will miss it. By the end, I can tell I'm about to cry, so I end it, because like they said, all great things had to come to an end.

Then it's time for us to get our diploma's, and too soon, my school life is over in a bright flash of cheering people and screaming graduates.


Of course, it only gets harder from there.

We all meet up after we've walked, to say our goodbyes. For a second, nobody can say anything, because we're all too emotional. Finally William gives it a shot, trying to cough out the sobs we hear building.

"This isn't really goodbye, you know. You're all crazy if you think you're getting rid of me so easy."

I smile at him and grab his hand, giving it a tight squeeze. Jason grabs my other hand, and my God it's so cliché, and lame, but it's the only way we know how to show each other at this moment how much we love each other, and hope we can meet again, and still be the same silly group of friends. Abby grabs Jason's free hand, and Katy grab's her's, and Jayden grab's her's, then latches onto William's.

We are a circle, and we're all so different, and special, and I can't believe I hadn't been smart enough to count my blessings while I had them.

"I'll miss you guys so much." Katy whispers, tears spilling down her cheek.

"I can't believe I was lucky enough to meet you guys." Abby adds, kissing Katy's cheek softly, even though she's crying too.

"I didn't want it to ever end." Jayden says, and William squeezes his hand.

"I love you all too much to let you go." William said, and I look at him, and when I do, he adds, "You are 100 percent the biggest bunch of freaks I've ever met."

Jason's turn is next, and he says, "I can't stand the thought that I spent so much time with all those losers, when I could have had four years of you guys." I nod at his words. I can't stand it either.

"I don't want to go our separate ways." I finally say. "I'm afraid one of us will change, or die, or some other horrible thing. So by God, if any of you do that, I'll strangle you." And yep, I'm crying.

"Yes, your Highness." Abby teases, and she gives a mock bow. Suddenly, everybody is following her lead, bowing to me, and it only makes it harder to realize that I have to let them go now. But we take a selfish moment longer, crowding into a group hug, crying and promising we'll be friends forever.

God, it's so hard to say goodbye.


Me and Jason are following our parent's car's to our homes, and I'm holding onto him tightly, weeping silent tears into his jacket. He doesn't mind though, and when we stop at a red light, he turns so he can kiss me lightly.

"It's okay Princess. You still got me."

I still got him. I hug him tightly.

"If you ever leave me again, I'll chop your legs off."

He smiles back at me. "Excuse me, I'm pretty sure you're the one who left me."

I shake my head. "Man, don't get me started."

Suddenly, my parent's car suddenly goes swerving off, in the total opposite direction of our house. Me and Jason exchanged shocked stares, then exchange them with his parents in the car next to us. What could be so important that they went through a red light?

I comprehend it a second later.

"The baby!" I gasp, and a moment later, all four of us are zipping after them, swerving through traffic like nobody's business. My heart jumps painfully in my chest. I'm so excited it's painful. Sure enough, my parent's car comes to a stop at the hospital, and my dad is helping my mom out of the car by the time we find a place to park.

"Way to steal my spotlight mom." I tease her as I wrap her arm around my shoulder like my dad is doing on the other side, helping him take her through the doors.

"Oh hush." she wheezes at me with a smile. "If you want, we can trade spots, and you can keep your damn precious spotlight."

"Naw." I smile back. All of us are crowded around her, repeating the things we've read in the books. Breathe, and count, and squeeze my hand if you're in pain. Stuff like that.

As we all wait in the waiting room, I sit next to Jason, and I can't stop myself from breathing so hard I nearly pass out.

"Careful, son." my dad says.

"Less you wanna pass out." Jason's dad adds, finishing my father's sentence. It's funny when they do that, because it makes me realize how much we all really know each other.

Except this baby. This baby which will take the place that I am vacating. The role of loving son or daughter who will make them proud from here on out. I can't stop a flash of jealousy from stabbing through me. I didn't want things to change.

But I couldn't stop it, and I couldn't blame that dear baby. My sibling.

Jason's mother is standing up, holding her own hands tightly, eyes intense, hair standing up in her own excitement. My dad is calmer. Wait a second...

"Shouldn't you be in there?" I ask my dad, looking toward the room my mom went into. His eyes widen, and then he's through the doors, leaving us to shake our heads and laugh.


Hours later, I'm awoken by my dad shaking me. At the moment, I'm leaning on Jason, and he on me. But my movement wakes him, and I see that we and his parents are in a sleeping domino conga line. His mother is leaning on him, and when he moves, and so she moves, and then his father moves, having been leaning on her.

"Come on guys." my dad says, beaming with pride.

Mom's done it. She's given birth. There's a baby over there. It just came out of my mother...gross.

"What is it?" I ask right away as I jump up, followed by the rest, who crowd around me, waiting for the answer impatiently. My father looks at us and grins.

"What do you mean?" he teases.

"Boy or girl?" Jason's mother all but screams.

"Oh that. Both."

For a second, nobody moves, because we're all so groggy from sleep that we don't get. I don't think I'm the only one who pictured one baby with both parts, and thought, "Poor thing."

But then we wake up a little more, and we understand.

"Twins?" Jason gasps, and I'm silent in shock next to him. Twins? Two? I'm happy, of course, and run behind my father excitedly, but I can't stop myself from thinking, "Damnit. Two is better than one."

But I know it's just the rush of the day, so I just laugh loudly as we run down the hallway. God, my life was changing. I couldn't stop it.

But I could enjoy it.


2 months later

"There." Jason says with a grunt, as he puts a box on the floor of our new apartment. "That's the last of it." He looks up at me, and when he sees me sitting on the coach we managed to scrap our money together to buy, he says sarcastically, "Thanks for the help, Princess. I really appreciated it."

"It was my pleasure, servant. But you really shouldn't make the royalty to the work."

He sits next to me, and pulls me in for a kiss. It's a good kiss. It's a, "This it the beginning of our lives," kiss. We both had jobs, Jason at a motorcycle shop, me at a clothing store that actually sold some pretty good stuff. We had our own place now, and things hadn't fallen apart as much as I'd imagined.

I pulled away from the kiss and smiled at him innocently, then said, "We better start putting this stuff up. Our parents and the twins will be here soon." The twins. Diana and Luke.

He groans.

"Oh my God! You're not gonna make me do it all by myself again, are you?"

I considered it, looking up at the ceiling, then relented with a sigh. "Fine, but it better be worth it."

He grinned suggestively at me. "Don't worry babe. I'll make it worth your while, later tonight."

"And then we gotta go meet William at three. He'll only be here for a few days. We all have to get together."

"Then we'd better get started." he says, and pulls me up. I go with him with a loud, complaining groan. He turns in a circle, and then suddenly lifts me over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I ask, looking back at him.

He winks at me.

"I've decided to reward you early." he answers, heading towards our room.

"I wouldn't do that. No guarantee I'll help if you do."

"I'll take the chance."

"Did you even put the mattress in there yet?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow. He waves me off like it was a ludicrous question.

"I have against the wall."

"The wall?" I ask, but I don't protest, and we go into the room, shutting the door behind us.

Me- So...yep. That should be the end of them. *sniffling*

Ben-Don't lie.

Me- I'm not lying! Meanie!

Ben- Are you sure?

Me- ...Well, if I'm able to think of other stuff...

Ben- Freaking knew it.

Max- But don't you think this is kinda the best ending. Continuing it would be kind of...

Polly- Like beating a dead animal. No point.

Me- Are you guys calling my story dead?

Max, Ben, and Polly- ...

Me- That's what I thought.

Now, I can't belive it went on this far. I never pictured this when I wrote that tiny little one shots, "Kind of a little bit in Love." Wow, they've been through a lot since then. I love them all so much.

Thank you for those who stuck with Tommy and Jason on their long, hectic, fluffy, sexy journey. Hope to see you again.