Lying in bed, I stare thoughtfully at the bare wall. I don't know how long I haven't moved, just staring at the wall.

Why am I so pathetic?

I kick the covers off of me, deciding I'm done with feeling sorry for myself. Even though, I caused this. Grabbing the clock, I notice how late it is… 5:43 pm. I look down at my yellow pajamas with tiny frogs all over them and then readjust my white tank top. Sighing, I walk out of the room, making my way into the kitchen. I make a bee line to the refrigerator. Rummaging through it, I seize the orange juice and a half eaten muffin. Not bothering to get a cup, I chug from the bottle. I'm either feeling rebellious right now or just don't care. I'd bet on the latter.

Placing the bottle on the counter, I start to eat my muffin making sure to avoid the actually blueberry's. Catching something out of the corner of my eye, I turn and nearly jumped out of my skin. Politely sitting on one of the counter chairs was… Bryan.

He gives me a sheepish look, "Sorry, I knew I was going to scare you. Probably should have said something earlier…"

"What are you doing here?" I look around the kitchen for my sister, knowing that she must have let him in, but she's nowhere.

"I'm taking Meg out." He says happily.

That catches my attention, "You are…?"

He smiles, nodding his head.

"Great!" I put on the best smile I can muster up,"…where is she?"

"Oh, she said she wasn't ready yet... so here I am in the… kitchen." He splays his hands out on the counter.

"We have a living room you know." I shake my head at Bryan and his choice of waiting room.

"I haven't been any farther than the kitchen…." He smirks at me.

I jokingly roll my eyes at Bryan, "Would you like to know where it is?"

"What I would like to know is… have you talked to Cal yet?" He leaned closer to me across the counter and eyes me, waiting.

Immediately, my bettering mood plummeted at the mention of Cal. Sighing, I gesture to my attire; messy hair and froggy pajamas in all its glory, "Does it look like I've talked him yet?" I realize I just gave Bryan a whole lot of attitude but he brushes off my sarcasm continuing on the Cal subject.

"You should." He says simply," What if he has something to say?"

"Then he would have already said it, he had the chance but all he could say was sorry. Sorry…?" I shake my head and then continue my rant," I know I told to leave me alone but if he loves me wouldn't he come? He knows where I live. If he wanted to be with me, wouldn't he have come here already? "

"Karen, guys don't work like that. Even, the ones that may love you." Bryan reaches over the counter putting a hand on mine," This isn't a movie, Karen, this is real life. Cal's not going to read your mind. If you want him back, you have to be honest with him. And he's not going to come after you… because you told him not to."

Ugh, why did Bryan have to be right?

I stare back at Bryan feeling as if I've been scolded.

"I'm ready…" Meg's cheerful voice fades as she sees Bryan's hand on mine, "What's going on?" Meg asks seeming honestly curious.

Bryan and I pull away from one another, breaking the silence I reassure Meg that that was nothing.

She smirks at me, "I believe you. So what's up?"

"I've convinced her to talk to Cal." Bryan says smiling and then he gets up, putting his hand on the small of Meg's back. She's all dolled up in a dark blue shirt, tight leather faux pants and tall black pumps.

"I've never said I would…" I say boldly, glaring at Bryan.

Meg turns to Bryan, "You know what we have to do now, right?" She sighs shaking her head, "This could have gone easier. It's for your own good, sista."

I start to back away from them, feeling two-timed.

What was this, were they collaborating against me?

Bryan was advancing quickly, I turn to run from him but he grabs me around my waist and throws me over his shoulder.

"What the hell!? Let me go!" During my struggle, all I could hear was Bryan's and Meg's chuckles as we, and by 'we' I mean they, walked out the front door.

"When did you plan this?" I ask, huffing, my stomach bumps against Bryan's shoulder with every step down the stairs.

"Last night" Meg winks at me and then glances at Bryan, "Put her down, she looks ready to cooperate."

As soon as Bryan sets me down, I bolt up the stairs but it doesn't take long for Bryan to catch me again. My sister tsks at me, "Always the hard way with you, huh?" She chuckles, "We're only here to help you, Karen." Meg twirls around and continues to prance down the stairs.

I already knew where they were dragging me to…Cal's Bar.

"Couldn't you have waited for me to at least change?" I glare at Meg as I rub my hands against my arms to relieve them of their frosted conditions.

"If I had let you do that… you would have locked yourself up in your room." She says simply, "And stop being a baby, it's not that cold out."

Easy for you to say Ms. Leather Pants.

Meg continues," And the way you look is so romantic, like-I could-barely-wait-to-tell-you-I-love-you. Trust me"

"Why did you have to be so hopeless romantic?" I roll my eyes, and walk around the corner. From here I can see the bar's opening, three girls in tight dresses and tall pumps walk in giggling. I start to second guess myself. I mean, I cannot go in there like this.

I turn, trying for a quiet escape but to no avail. Bryan catches me, places a hand on my shoulder and successfully whirls me around.

"Meg, how am I even going to get pass the bouncer like this?" I exasperate the necessity of my changing is.

"That's quite a kink in the plans… but I'll handle it." Meg announces cheerfully, "We'll get you in. Just follow my lead and as soon as we distract that guy, sneak in."

Meg grabs Bryan's arm, hauling him into view of the bouncer and then suddenly starts screaming. She pulls on Bryan's coat giving the impression she was struggling to get away. Bryan's confused stare is plastered on her, not understanding what she was trying to do. Meg glances at the bouncer and calls for help, he immediately steps away from the entrance, as well as a couple guys waiting in line to enter the bar.

Meg was pulling off the damsel in distress, perfectly.

Bryan runs, trying to get as much distance as he can from the angry advancing men but eventually gets tackled by the bouncer. The sound of him hitting the ground makes me wince. I feel bad for him but then remember how he carried me down the stairs.


I feel hands on me, pushing me. Glancing back I notice its Meg, pushing me toward the door.

"Hurry, I'll make sure Bryan's okay… He's so funny it's he…" Meg smirks and then makes her way over to the fallen Bryan.

Quickly, I slip in behind the door.

Groups of people are laughing, dancing and some chugging drinks. Walking up to the bar, I glance into the mirror on the back splash.

I don't look that bad. Obviously, not bar material, but not… bad.

I fix my hair, flattening my bangs and combing my hair with my fingers.

Finally satisfied with my appearance, I scan the bar for Cal. The bar was partially empty of people. Most of the bar's inhabitants were in booths or on the dance floor. Noticing the back of Cal's head, his clean cut hair, I walk my way to the end of the bar and sit down on the stool closest to him. I wait for him turn, but he never does, just continues to dry beer glasses. I open my mouth to say something, but then hesitate.

Looking to my right, I notice an old man with a sparkle in his eye as he smiles at me as if he knows what I'm here for. I raise my hand in small greeting and then turn back to the task at hand. I mouth out the words I'm going to say to him, even throwing in some hand expressions. Although, nothing sounds like a great thing to start out with, I mean 'hey, crazy seeing you here?' isn't right and 'I love you!' seems too aggressive.

Cal still hasn't seen me yet. I can still back out of this…

I get off the stool, ready to do the walk of shame back to my sister.

"Son, I think this pretty, young lady has been trying to get your attention." The old man's voice stops me. The old man winks at me and I curse him for his meddling.

I glance back at Cal…maybe he didn't hear him but luck must not be in my favor today. Cal's stunned face stares back at me.

"Karen…?" He whispers, disbelieving.