His signature chuckle casts warm breath on my ear. My eyes flash open in anger.

"Why do you keep messing with me?" I push hard against Cal's chest, weakly getting him away. He slowing pushes himself off of me with stupid grin on, giving me some room but not enough to get away.

I poke at his entrapping arm. "Uh… can you… remove that?"

He doesn't move, completely ignoring me. Cal just keeps staring at me with his unbelievably green eyes. I tilt my head trying to understand this guy.

He finally looks away from me. "I can't wait to hear all about your date tonight." Cal backs away from me.

"I never said I was going to that party, I said I would try to make it..."

He chuckles more walking towards Dan.

"…and as if I would tell you!"

I was right on time, 8:00pm at central park waiting for Bryan step out of the crowd of people fluttering around me. I pulled at my black pencil skirt. According to Meg, it made me look 'chic and flirty'. Those two adjectives I could handle.

I groaned looking around at the couples walking passed. Women laughing up at their men while dangling off their arms. Some, walking close and kissing almost every step.

Irritated, I turned to look down at the fountain. The water splashing wasn't mocking my lack of love life. It was quite soothing actually. I looked down at my phone again. 8:05 pm.

Ugh, when is Bryan going to get here!

Every second going by made me feel more pathetic.

Maybe he came to his senses and realized he shouldn't go out again with me.

Someone grabbed me from behind; I screamed then turned around to see Bryan's smiling face. I noticed people around us had stopped to stare, probably because I just screamed bloody murder. I quickly smiled up at Bryan and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Sorry, I'm late." He stated, "Usually women are fashionably late." he laughed taking my hand.

Did I seem too eager showing up on time! Gah, I'm such a loser. Why didn't Meg tell me about fashionably lateness?

"I like the skirt by the way." Bryan gave me a flirtatious smile.

I love you Meg!

I blushed a bit, but then it got quiet. "Um I like your jacket…brown looks good on you." I nodded my head at him, giving my honest of opinion. Bryan smiled in thanks and pulled me closer to him. Surprisingly I didn't have to do that stupid stumbling to walk with him and immediately was walking in sync with Bryan.

I looked over, analyzing what else he was wearing. He had on a brown leather jacket over khaki pants. What color shirt does he have on? I went through the possible colors shirts that would look good on him, finally settling with blue.

I leaned closer to him to peek into his jacket and smiled at what I found.

Blue for the win!

I was mentally giving myself a hive five when Bryan turned to look at me suspiciously. "What are you smiling about?"

Opting out of the childish answer of 'nothing', I said, "Just wondering where your taking me."

"Ah, yes. I thought we might have dinner at this small restaurant I love. Is that okay?"

"Oh, um, yes." I affirmed with a smile.

"How was the date?" Meg asks enthusiastically, running into the room and waits expectantly for an answer. I put my purse down on the kitchen counter, ignoring her. I smile at the fact she's slowly dying in anticipation.

"So…?" Meg leans in, as if I'm going to tell her the very secret of life itself.

"It was nice" I state simply.

"Just nice…?" She looks at me in skepticism, wanting more detail.

"Yup" I walk away into my room and, of course, Meg follows me. I wanted to be nonchalant about our date because if I told her the truth she would freak out.

I was starting to think of Bryan was a good fit for my prince. Although, I kept think about Cal during our date, even worse than the first date. Why does he leave such a big impression on me?

I can't tell Meg.

Meg looked like she was going to interrogate me again but dropped it.

"Let's get ready for the party!" Meg jumped up, dancing over to my closet and started flinging clothes out.

"Do we really have to go Meg?" I whined, not really up for drinking and not really up for seeing Cal.

"Yes. Imagine all the guys that are going to be there. What if your prince is there?" I arbitrarily thought about Cal and I shook it from my head. I really need to find someone at the party, who is not Cal, because Cal is hopeless.

"Oh wait, I know what will attract all the men…" Meg runs out of the room and comes back with a tight sparkling gold dress and hands it to me.

"Meg I'm going to look like a champagne bottle." I said giving her a very suspicious look.

"Yes and all the men will want to eat you up in it." Meg went back to my closet, looking through my shoes now.

"Don't you mean drink?" I smiled at my sister's antics.

My sister paused and then she gave me a sly grin, "Did I?"

"Omg, Meg!" I laughed at her crude joke.

She just laughed and then gasped. "These shoes will be prefect." Meg pulls out beige pumps that had probably been lost, in the obi that is my closet, for centuries.

You would think this was a college frat party by the amount of drunken people that was stumbling around in the house. Girls dancing on tables and guys were playing drinking games in the living room. I almost turned to Meg to ask her if this was the right place but then someone gently grabbed my arm.

"You guys made it" Dan's beaming smile was literally right in my face.

"Hey, Dan!" Meg hugged him, "How about you get me and Karen some drinks." She giggled coyly at Dan, who immediately showed us the way to the kitchen. Meg obviously knew what she was doing; she's been to parties like this. But me. No.

Dan handed us mixed drinks, "Cal made these." I smiled and took it, the drink was amazing. Fruity and sweet, you could barely taste the alcohol.

"You girls have fun, alright." Dan left the kitchen, probably off to do more host-y business.

Not even a second after Dan left a really handsome guy came up to Meg and asked her to dance, which she quickly agreed to.

"Wait you're going to leave me here, what do I do?"

Before the guy could pull her into another room she turned to me, "Loosen up Karen, you'll be fine."

I sighed, then jugged the rest of my cup and poured me another. I thought through the possibilities of what I could do in the party, playing drinking games didn't seem so fun and neither did dancing like a lunatic on a table. I kept taking sips pondering my choices, overtime I was starting to feel loopy and I relaxed back onto the counter.

Why hasn't anyone come up to me yet?

Out of the corner of my eye I caught I guy giving me a strange look. "What?"

"Nothing…" But he continued to look at me.

I don't know why the next thing came out but it did… I blame Cal's drink. Inevitably, blaming Cal.

"I know I look like a champagne bottle, but my sister…Meg, told me that I looked good in it but now I have you staring at me so weirdly… I mean how I am going to find my prince looking like a champagne bottle. Well maybe if he likes champagne then maybe… no that would be ridiculous. I knew I shouldn't have come here. So thanks…thanks for confirming my failure-ism."

I didn't look at him, taking another deep drink from my cup of happy juice, which it will forever be called because I was starting to feel good the more I drank it.

"I wasn't… I mean I was staring but not because of… whatever you just said. You actually look really good" He smiled at me," But you're Karen, right?"

"Yes…?" I gave the guy a confused look.

"And that's why I can't talk to you, but you really do look good." He turned to walk out of the kitchen, but I stopped him.

"What are you talking about?" I could see him looking for an escape but I had him cornered. He decided to keep quite. "Are you friends with Cal?" I questioned him further.

"Yes and I would like it to stay like that." he said simply and then moved around me easily but only because I let him. He looked like he had nothing further to say.

"What does that even mean?" I whispered to myself. I went searching for Cal to get to the bottom of this.

Every time I got near a guy to only ask him where Cal was, they seemed to shy away from me or turn to talk to someone else.

What the hell was going on?

I finally found a girl that was not too wasted to talk to me," Do you know where Cal is?"

"Who's … Cal?" She giggled extremely.

Okay…Maybe she was wasted.

"Never mind. I'll…" I looked over her head to see Cal across the room, walking through the back door. "Hey, Cal!" he disappeared outside. Damn.

It was easy enough to get through the crowd of people, mostly because all the guys moved out of my way, as if I carried the plague.

Stepping out the backdoor, I caught sight of Cal leaning against the back porch.

Not in the mood for hello's right now, I immediately confronted him, "Take it baack!"

He raised his eyebrow to me and took another sip from his beer. I didn't enjoy the fact he was ignoring me. Marching up to him, I put my hand over his beer, stopping him from taking another sip. "I told you to take it back." I said to him firmly.

"And I don't know what you're talking about." He removed my hand from his alcohol," You're just drunk, Karen."

"No I'm not," I tilted a little in my pumps, "Okay maybe a little, but I know what you are up to." I poked my finger at him.

"And that is…?"

"Your sabotaging my chances of finding my prince." I told his beer from him, and took a sip. The taste of it made me cringe.

Cal took the beer back and pondered what I said, "I don't know how I'm doing that."

"Of course, you do. You told everyone to stay away from me; I even had to corner a guy to get him to talk to me." At this Cal busted out laughing.

"You cornered a guy?"

I continued, "All the guys are ignoring me… Cal. Cal stop laughing!"

"I never said anything to anyone…" Cal started to sober up, probably on account of me glaring at him. "But…this sounds like something Dan would do."

"What! Why?"

"He's probably trying to set you and me up. I'll go talk to him…"

"Wait but if you leave I'll be all alone." I gently grabbed his arm, "Just stay."

"What are we going to talk about though… you said you wouldn't tell me about your hot date with Bryan."

"How about the weather…" he gave me a blank stare," um… do you have any siblings?" More blank stares. "Cal. Are you bribing me with your presence in exchange for my date details?"

"Yes" He said immediately.

I debated whether to tell Cal or not, but I assumed he thought my debating was an act of silence because he started to walk away.

"Wait, um… it was good." Okay, good Karen, keep it casual.

"You're lying." He sighed and leaned back against the porch.

"What… You. You don't know what you're talking about." I said defiantly.

"Yes, I do. Your eye twitches slightly when you lie." He took a swig from his beer. Then poked the stated eye with his beer," This one. Always twitches when you're lying."

I glared at him.

"Why don't you tell me the truth?"

"You want to know the truth, well here's the truth. I don't know why but all I could think about on my date was you. You. You. You. You. I don't know why but you were always on my mind. You're so frustrating that way. You know that? I can't even have a simple dinner with a nice, cute guy without…?

Now I don't really understand why I said all that, but I didn't really care at the moment. Cal was kissing me.