He was in a haze when he awoke, when had he fallen asleep? He couldn't remember, he groaned and moved to sit up and his eyes shot wide open when he realized that he couldn't. He looked up to see his hands handcuffed to the headboard of his king sized bed, he looked around nervously glancing down only to find, to his utter horror that he was stark naked. Swallowing slightly he glanced around the room, he was alone and he was grateful for that fact at least but how did he end up like this? He thought back and wracked his brain to try and recall the memory; slowly his fear was replaced by anticipation.

Nova was a man that showed little to no emotion almost one hundred percent of the time, the only people who had ever glimpsed his rare show of them was his best friend Claude and his on and off….. What should he call her, girlfriend? No, they didn't have that kind of relationship; whenever he saw her they would have sex and then be on their merry way. So he guessed she was a lover of sorts although even that was pushing it. He licked his lips when he thought of her, her chocolate skin, her raven hair cascading down her back in thick locks, her smoldering violet eyes. Her perfect taut and toned body curvy and voluptuous in all the right places, just what did she have in store for him tonight? It made the ageless white haired demon shudder; oh he was going to enjoy this.

He sensed her come into the room and she flicked the light on, Nova subtly winced at the change but quickly adjusted. His mouth began to water at the sight in front of him; Jazeera was clad in black lingerie, with deep blue trimmings. It complimented her skin beautifully, the bra accented her plentiful bust all the more and her lacey thong seemed to beckon him to bury himself in her. He could feel his member begin to harden, and they hadn't even started yet.

"How are you?" she asked, her voice sending chills down his spine.

"I am fine, though I do wonder why I am like this." He said tugging at the cuffs slightly.

Her beautiful angelic face held no emotion when she spoke, just like his and it only made him harder, "I told you, you would be punished for you earlier actions." She said moving closer to the bed, agonizingly slow.

He watched her move, the sway of her hips, the movement of her muscles on her taut belly, he licked his lips, "I've done nothing wrong." He said hoping that the punishment would be severe.

She slowly began to climb on the bed, crawling slowly toward him, her eyes half lidded with lust, "You know I don't like liars Nova."

"What are you going to do?" He asked growing harder by the second, if only this woman knew the effect she had on him physically but perhaps she already knew all too well.

She crawled up the bed like a feline stalking its prey; she crawled over his body being extra careful not to touch him in any way. She finally straddled his chest and looked down at him, her violet eyes glowing with desire. Nova stared up at her, his cock twitching and aching to be touched, with her so close to him he could smell her arousal and it was driving him mad. He wanted her to touch him, he wanted to touch her, taste her, hell just about anything to get him off now.

"I'm going to punish you; I'm going to make you beg for your orgasm." She said huskily, biting her full lips and staring at him intensely.

Nova let out a soft groan, before he had met Jazeera he was never a vocal lover, he was very quiet and reserved. Opting to relish in the vocalizations of his partner rather than himself, she was quickly making him change however and he kind of liked it. He decided to kick things up a notch and bait her just to see what she would do.

"Only if you think you can handle me." He said feeling the corners of his mouth pull up in a faint smirk.

She returned her own faint smirk, and moved back slightly so she could be level with his face, she was just a breath away. He wanted so badly to kiss her, to taste her sweetness; he wanted to ravish her body in a way that made his cock throb with need.

"Is that a challenge?" she said, her breath ghosting over his face. He let out a shuddering breath as she ran her tongue over her bottom lip, he wanted so badly to capture her tongue with his lips but he couldn't.

"Yes it is." He said defiantly waiting for her response; he stared down at her body. Gods she was so gorgeous, of all the women Nova had been with she was by far the most perfect specimen to date.

She smirked devilishly and ran a teasing lick up the side of his neck and to the spot behind his earlobe; he let out a soft moan and bucked his hips slightly for what was to come. He felt her smirk against his skin as she pulled back and locked eyes with him, Nova was in a haze he needed to cum in the worst way. So bad that it made him want to beg, all this anticipation was killing him.

"Challenge accepted." She replied sitting up and sitting on his abdomen. She placed her hands on his pecks and trailed them down slowly; she avoided his nipples much to his displeasure and ran her soft hands down his rippling abdominal muscles. She watched him tense under her ministrations and she trailed her hands back up, this time stopping to tweak his nipples. He moaned softly and studied her as she brought the buds to hardened peaks; she leaned down and ran a teasing lick over the left one. He arched slightly into her touch, not leaving the other one out, she rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, making him hiss in pleasure.

She pulled back and he grunted his disapproval, she smirked slightly and trailed her tongue up his body, starting at his navel. She circled it and continued between his abdominals the valley between his pecks, his collar bone. She kissed and sucked on the sensitive flesh of his neck making him groan, he pulled at the handcuffs slightly but they didn't give. She ran kisses up the side of his neck, licking his pulse and nibbling on his earlobe, she finally moved to his face. Placing a chaste kiss on his lips before pulling away again, he mewled, he wanted to taste her but she was denying him.

She sat up fully and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, Nova eyes widened ever so slightly, she smirked at him and let the bra fall away from her body giving Nova an unhindered view of her full breasts. She threw the bra to the side somewhere and ran her hands teasingly slow up her torso; she ran her hands over her ribs and over her taut belly. Nova stared at her with unabashed lust, he wanted so badly to take her, to fuck her raw but he couldn't and it almost made him want to beg, almost.

She finally reached up to cup her breast, Nova's breath hitched in his throat at the sight; it was so incredibly arousing to watch her touch herself this way. She kneaded and massaged her breasts moaning softly as she did so, Nova watched her unconsciously bucking his hips in a vain effort to get himself off, his cock was painfully hard.

She began to tweak her pert nipples hissing in pleasure, Nova watched helplessly at the arousing sight before him. It was like being denied water in a desert, he needed her and he needed her now, he almost started begging….almost. She stopped playing with her breast and trailed her hands down her sides hooking her thumbs in the sides of her thong. She cast him a teasing glance and she began to pull them down, oh so slowly, he watched her intently all the while, she was hell bent on drawing out this torture. She discarded her underwear, and slinked up his body, he watched her hungrily wonder what she was going to do next. She came up on her knees and stopped straddling his chest and her sex right in his face, she was so close, he could see her glistening wetness and smell her desire. Oh he wanted to taste her so badly, he looked up at her questioningly his eyes glazed over with is desire. She braced her hands against the headboard and licked her lips lustfully; she arched her back so that her sex was almost touching his face.

"Lick me." She ordered huskily.

Nova gave her a rare smirk, he wasn't about to object without further prodding he plunged his eager tongue into her folds. She let out a gasp and arched her back further giving him better access; he licked her pussy hungrily like a man dying of thirst. He prodded his tongue around and found her clit; he circled it lazily with his tongue earning a loud moan from his lover. She bucked into his waiting mouth, Nova moaned at the action causing the vibrations from his voice to rock her core. She moaned his name and began to ride his face, Nova let out a whimper he was so hard his eyes were starting to cross but damn if this wasn't the hottest thing he had ever done. He almost wanted to marry her at that moment…almost.

She bucked and ground his face, she moaned loudly and said his name over and over like a prayer, Nova was at a loss, he bucked his hips up feverishly but it did nothing for his pulsating erection. She began to ride him faster; he knew she was close so he doubled his efforts. He sucked on her clit greedily and flicked it with the tip of his tongue, she ground against him a few more times before her body went still and she shouted his name. Her climax hit her hard and she slumped against the headboard breathing heavily, shuddering from the aftershocks, Nova looked up at her and almost came. She was so beautiful in her afterglow he was speechless; all he wanted to do was bury himself in her probably forever.

She caught her breath and pulled back to be level with his face, she leaned down and finally kissed him. She plunged her tongue into his mouth, he moaned into the kiss. He ran his tongue over the roof of her mouth along her fangs everywhere, she finally broke the kiss breathless and panting, he was doing the same. She smirked at him and drew small circles in his chest, part of him started to fear that she would leave him like this.

"That was so good, I think you've earned a reward." She said kissing the side of his neck, nibbling at it slightly, "What do you want me to do?" she asked him, suckling on his neck.

His response was immediate and dripping with desire and the need to release, "Ride me, fuck me hard." He ground out, Nova wasn't one to swear but he was so hard right now he didn't give a damn.

She smirked at him and placed another kiss on his lips, "Alright." She pulled back and slid down his body kissing her way down, she paused at his navel circling it with her tongue before moving lower. She trailed her clawed hands down his thighs lightly scratching them; Nova was twitching with anticipation gods how he wanted her. She finally reached his pulsating member and glanced at him lustfully before gripping it in her hand, Nova stifled a cry his eyes shut tight and he pulled at his restraints. He felt hypersensitive from being left un-sated for so long like that, he almost came when she grabbed him but that would be embarrassing.

She smirked and stroked his length teasingly and agonizingly slow, running her fingers over every ridge and vein, she marveled at his sheer size and girth. She felt herself grow wet again at the thought of him inside her; she ran her tongue up the length of his shaft looking at him all the while. Nova's back arched off the bed and he cried out in pleasure, he was on the brink of insanity, if only she would speed up just a little he could finally get sweet release, but she was having none of that.

She brought her mouth to the head of his cock, slowing licking the pre-cum that dripped out of the tip, Nova's hips jerked at the contact and he moaned, he needed to cum badly. She circled her tongue around the tip a few times before pulling away, she brought herself up so she was straddling his hips, Nova let out a shuddering breath, maybe now she would let him cum. She gripped his length and aligned it with her weeping entrance; she gave him a teasing lustful stare.

"Don't cum until I tell you to." She said, teasing his tip with her entrance.

Nova groaned loudly and nodded, he was not one to be outdone, but he was unsure how long he would last once he was finally inside of her. She readied herself and began to sink down onto his throbbing member, Nova's back arched off the bed and he strained against the handcuff, he roughly bucked his hips up eliciting a gasp from Jazeera, he buried himself to the hilt. He felt his balls tighten at the sensation of her tight passage, her walls clamping down on him viciously, he almost came. He looked up at her helplessly as she smirked and began to undulate her hips on him, grinding his member inside her tight pussy. Nova let out a whimper as she began to ride him, her lips slightly parted and her eyes focused on him.

"Remember don't cum." She said in a breathy whisper.

After she said that she contracted her inner muscles teasingly, making her lover moan in ecstasy, she lifted herself up almost pulling him all the way out before slamming back down. Nova cried out and tried to buck his hips but she held him firmly between her thighs, he let out a whimper as she rode him. Unable to move, Nova could only watch and she impaled herself on him again and again, he wasn't sure how much more he could take, she clenched her walls around him again and all of his resolve left him.

"Please…" he breathed out, he just wanted what he was denied, the sweet bliss of orgasm, he thought he was going to die.

"Please what?" she asked riding him roughly, grinding against him and flexing her muscles.

"Please, I need to cum." He said closing his eyes tight and aching his back in an attempt to do the exact opposite.

She let out a breathy laugh, and she rode him even harder if that was possible, Nova was sure he was going to drop dead if he didn't cum soon, Jazeera leaned forward placing her hands on his chest, her movements were starting to become jerky and uncoordinated, good she was close.

"Cum when I tell you to." She said breathlessly, her hips moving rapidly against him, sweat glistening on her perfect body.

Nova swallowed and nodded weakly, she then closed her eyes focusing on her own release, Nova could feel her walls gripping him like a vice, he bit his bottom lip so hard it drew blood. Her breathing came rapidly and her eyes opened again only to roll in the back of her head, she thrust against him twice more before he felt her wall convulse around his cock, she shouted his name and shuddered violently in her orgasm, this was almost his undoing. She slumped forward bracing herself on her forearm, and whispering breathlessly into his ear.

"Come for me Nova."

And with that he finally let go, his balls tightened painfully and his orgasm rocked him to his very core. White hot pleasure seared though his body as he pumped his seed into her, his toes curled and his hands clenched into fists. It was the longest orgasm of his life, he thought it would never end he shot endless amount of his release into her. He began to convulse violently in the aftershocks, he thought he was going pass out. He faintly registered the sound of the handcuffs being undone and him arms slumped to his sides, he felt boneless and weak. Jazeera collapsed against him, he used the last bit of his strength to bring his arms to wrap around her body, she sighed in satisfaction and wasted no time going to sleep. In that moment Nova made it up in his mind, he loved this woman….almost.