"Honey, your Mama and I have something important to tell you. It's kind of a hard thing to say and we've been talking about when the best time to tell you would be. Ultimately, we feel there's just no perfect timing with something like this."

"What? What's going on?" from the window I could see it was still night time. Motioning for me to follow, I crawled out of bed and drunkenly walked down the stairs. In front of me my parents spoke in hushed tones. Reaching the living room my parents asked me to sit, there was definitely something up. As I sat facing my parents, I wondered what crazy thing they had done this time. Not that I didn't love them, but my parents were never exactly normal in this family; things like what happened earlier today with the police, was considered normal. It's actually always been this way, at six years old, after being blocked by the goalie during a soccer game, my dad actually raced out onto the field and dared the other children to keep me from scoring the second time. Then there was my mom, who decided it would be a good idea to hang a banner from my elementary schools roof about my engagement to the boy I told her I had a crush on. This was a surprise to him and his parents, an incident that also followed me like a shadow until I graduated from Middle school.

"You know that your Papa and I love you very much and we only ever want the best for you, that's why we have come to this decision." They were really starting to scare me.

"Whatever you two did it can't be any worse than any other time, and certainly not something you needed to get me out of bed in the middle of the night for." Taking a breath my father began to speak.

"Well, you know how every year the family gets together to celebrate? Well, they're not really our relatives." That wasn't too bad; I guess it could be worse. "Actually they're all different wolf pack families that are originally from the planet Tiele (Ty-ee-lay); that was destroyed by a meteor shower. Not just them, but me and your Mama as well, we're both wolves." I knew it was going to be something like this.

"I'm going back to bed."

"Wait!" As they both dramatically grasped one of my arms, I found myself being dragged back to my seat on the sofa.

"If you two aren't going to be serious, then I'm going back to bed. Wolves? Really!? You could have told me something so outrageous in the morning."

"Please hear us out." As I looked at my mother, something about the way she spoke and stared at me, made me stay.

"Okay, what else is there and it better be something real this time." Both my parents looked at each other before grasping my hands and gazing at me.

"You're not our real daughter, we found you during the Alec Xavier celebration and since we didn't have any children of our own we decided to adopt you." Looking at my parents I felt as if I was staring down at two children, who were waiting to get punished for something they had done.

"Well that's something I can believe, genetically speaking I look nothing like you guys, but that doesn't make you any less my parents. You may not be the best but your mine; I don't see any reason to get all worked up about this. Even going as far as to lie about being wolves or something, you two really didn't have to go that far."Getting up I started to head back to my room, when a breeze hit me from behind.

"Well you see honey, that part wasn't a lie either." Turning around I came face to face with two huge black wolves staring me down.

"Well that could have been a lot worse Mama, she just went to sleep."

"Oh! My baby, she's not sleeping Papa she fainted; now change back and help me get her back into her room."

"We probably should tell her the rest later Mama."

(Next Day)

Waking up, I ran downstairs only to find my parents completely normal. Well as normal as they can be.

Looking at my mother as she pranced around the kitchen in a sailor moon's outfit and my father reading the morning paper without any pants I laughed to myself despite what happened being a really crazy dream it wasn't totally unbelievable that they could be from another planet.

"Papa what did I tell you about coming to breakfast without any pants, now go and put on some pants or in the name of justice I will punish you." If I really was adopted I wonder if it would be too late to look for my birth parents; maybe they would consider taking me back. Just then, someone knocked at the door,

"Niku honey, could you go and answer that it seems our guest is early."

"I didn't know we were expecting someone today mom." Walking out of the dining room I went to open the door.

"Oh yes, we forgot to tell you that last night, since you fainted and all."

"Last night? What is she talking about that was a dream, wasn't it?" Mumbling to myself, I opened the door to find a boy; about my age maybe a little older, shaggy Iris color hair and matching eyes. He had a pair of ear phones around his neck and a duffle bag at his feet.

"Hello, my name is Damien Nakamura, and you must be Niku Mirasaki." Smiling he leaned against the door frame. Something about the whole situation made me feel a little apprehensive. Leaving the door open I walked back towards the kitchen where my mother and father were.

"Mom, Dad, he doesn't seem like just a visitor to me. What's with all his bags?" My mother just laughed.

"Of course he needs bags, he's moving in with us." This must be a joke.

"OK! But why is he moving in with us!?"

"Because, he's your..."

"Fiancé." From behind me Damien spoke, it seems he let himself in.

"My What!?"

"Your Fiancé dear, we tried to tell you last night and forgot to tell you this morning, but here he is." No way I have a fiancé!

"This has got to be some sort of mistake, what happened to my semi-normal life, what happened to my fresh start in high school this year!?"Pacing back and forth, I probably looked like a mad woman waving my hands and talking to myself.

"Speaking of high schools he'll be transferring to your school, isn't that just great!?"

"Still as dramatic as ever, aren't you Nike?" Turning, I glared at this new 'unwanted' guest, at this point everything about him was irritating me.

His cocky grin, perfect hair, flawless build…wait, what am I complimenting? Never mind despite it all,

"I will never, not in a million years, marry him! And you two, you are going to sit down and tell me exactly what is going on here, I mean every last detail. And don't even think about crying your way out of this one."

Why couldn't my life be more normal?