You ask me to grovel at your feet,

Beg you for forgiveness


To serve you as your mistress,

Wait on you day and night

That's something I cannot do

Pleasure you and only you,

Moan and scream so everyone hears,

But does my pleasure not count too?

Bear your offspring,

My body limp and frail,

Do you truly care?

Or are you just some stranger

Wanting no, needing me?

Please tell …

If you do not love

Then I ask

Do not come close

Do not draw me in

Luring towards

With your precious things

Enclose me in your trap

Of cold

Heartless lies

But if you come to love,

Then love me

My heart's forever open

If you come to cherish,

To hold

Then I'm yours

You want equality

Wholly and fully

No statuses involved

Then you're the one

Of my hearts uttermost desire

I realise that something with this is not right and at the moment, I'm trying to figure out just what it is.

Anyway... I hoped you enjoyed it. Review and what not if you want to :{D