Hey Everyone,

This is a comedic piece written for school. I'd love some feedback because this is going to be assessed and I'm usually not good at humour at all.


Harsh fluorescent light beat down on the plain cement, creating the dreariest picture imaginable. The corridors were empty, silence spreading throughout the small complex. A police officer sat at a desk at the end of the walkway, seemingly disinterested in his current job. There weren't many people in the complex at the time and the two women in question weren't anything to worry about.

Two younger ladies sat opposite each other, on the same bed, focused on nothing in particular. Neither moved, just staring at different places on the walls, trying to figure out just how they had managed to get caught and why they had ended up in their current position.

The older of the two, brown haired and green eyed started to giggle, finding humour in the rather bleak situation. The smell of stale alcohol permeated the air but neither of the girls minded it. Isabel was wrapped up in her thoughts, knowing that this whole situation was rather unfair.

'Surely they shouldn't have ended up here, it had only been payback. If anything the cheating scumbag should be the one in here, rotting away in a cell suffering from the agony that is boredom,' Isabel thought, face transforming into a scowl at the thought.

Morgan, the blond haired lady sitting next to Isabel seemed to notice the change in atmosphere, rousing from her thoughts. Green eyes connected with a set of brighter ones, letting forth a tirade of speech.

"Mum always told me that life wasn't fair, but this…this is worse than just being unfair. It's abominable! That no good cheating scumbag should be the one sitting in a cell, in a prison specially designed for those who break hearts of innocent men and women. Seriously, do you think we could invest in a prison, do it up ourselves? We could advertise it on TV and take small fees for taking them on. Their broken-hearted ex would be the one who could choose just how long they would serve. It would be great! Brilliant idea," Isabel exclaimed.

"How can you be focusing on that still Izzy? We're sitting in a jail cell after bashing up a car. What if we don't get out of here in the next year? What are we going to do about school? I didn't work so hard for these good grades just to let them be flushed down the drain. Think about it, this is our final year. We're screwed if we miss more than a lesson in any of these subjects. Can you please just focus on something serious for once Izzy?"

"I am being serious or did that just go straight over your head. What I can't believe is that you are worried about school at this point in time. Come on, we're teenagers. Teenagers are meant to worry about parties and clubs, not homework and grades."

Morgan shot Isabell with a poisonous look before huffing and turning away. To her getting worked up about anything other than grades and schoolwork was stupid. Worry about the other things of less importance when school was over and done with.

Isabel rolled her eyes, gaze falling to the floor beside the bed. A high pitched squeal broke free from her lips. Launching herself at the floor the young lady picked up the offending objects.

"Your shoes, they're ruined. Now if there was anything to be serious over it would be this," Izzy said pointedly before muttering to the shoes, "You poor things, how could such anger have been taken out on you. Oh, the horror."

"See, this…this is what I mean about you not being serious. The shoes are more important than the university courses we could get into. I knew when we were setting out to bash his car that it was a bad idea but I went along anyway. Why I ever went along I don't know. We're going to end up with a record, a police record. We aren't ever going to be able to live this down. It will still be brought up at the time of our funeral, an unfortunate side note as our eulogies are read out. What if we don't get the jobs we want, all because of this. We might get pulled up every time we travel or…we might not ever be able to immigrate to '-'"

A resounding slap sounded throughout the cell, effectively silencing Morgan's tirade. Isabel shook out her hand with a self-appreciating smile upon her face.

"Get over it, we'll be fine. It's not like it was anything serious. We'll be out of here in no time."

As if to emphasise this point the guard came walking down the hall. Beside him stood Jessica, their recently heartbroken friend. The look on her face was one of amazement mixed with disgust. It was hard to tell which emotion was stronger.

The two young ladies were let out of the cell and led down the hallway. The exit to the complex loomed before them. Isabel and Morgan were both thankful to be getting out of here, despite the fact that they had been in there for less than 24 hours.

Exiting the building Jessica turned to her friends and gave them a disapproving glare.

"As much as I appreciate what you did for me it wasn't necessary. Furthermore you both just got yourselves into more trouble than that idiot is worth. Don't ever do it again."

"It doesn't matter who breaks her heart, we're still going to get our revenge on them," Isabel muttered to Morgan. "Next time we just won't get caught."

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