a/n: ohmigod i am pathetic this is horrible i need feedback and i understand if you think its horrible

On the very first day

Of their sad sad story

He burned her

With his fiery gaze

On the very first time

He talked to her nicely

She gave him the cold shoulder~

The second time they met

She was a teacher

She razed his wishes down

The second time she thought to accept him

He froze her out~

Their sad sad story

Was hot

Was cold

Burned and froze

Like fire like rain

When one

Met the other

Chaos ensued

Their worlds would never be the same

The next year

She was older by a week

He crashed her party

And decided

To give her

A letter~

That same time

She thought of him

According to her

She still

Despised him~

They never did accept their feelings

'Cause even though opposites attract

They were too far apart

To think of each other like that

And that is the end of their sad sad story

Because nothing worth much is ever gonna be quite short

Unlike this~

a/n: the end