HI I'm 15, my name is Nicole Ross and I can talk to people in their heads. But that nothing compared to what my friend can do. He saves the world.

I always thought that he was amazing, and he never seemed to realise what was happening, he just did. I never knew that not everything was his idea, just that he did it, and I could see what was happening in my mind, and 'told' him what to do.

It was only the other week when I went to help him with his homework. His mother told me that he was out at an appointment and would be back soon, so I waited in their backyard for him to come back.

I had been outside sunning myself for an hour or so when Mr. Woods' voice came through the open back door. "Well the doc says that their nothing wro-"

"shh, Nicole is here to help Liam with his homework. She's in the back yard Liam, off you go." Mrs. Woods said, speaking to Mr. Woods and Liam. There was then the sound of running footsteps and then Liam came out of the door.

"Are you okay?" I asked, wondering what his dad was talking about with the doctor.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My parents are a little worried about the fact that I'm always saving the world, and they never believe me that..." he trailed off

"Then never believe that, what?"

"That I don't make the decisions. Their worried that a mind hacker is in my head and their trying to build up my resistance so that I can just be a normal kid." He looked kinda sad and worried.

"So what's the problem then?"

"if I do get a resistance to the mind hacker I think that I'll get badly hurt, or die. The amount of times that the voice has saved my life is amazing. Besides, it's not the mind hacker that gets me into these situations, I do."

I nodded and was about to open my mouth to reply when I felt someone come up from the house.

"You kids going okay on your homework aren't you" Mrs Woods said, "call if you need any help."

I was going to continue with our conversation but Mrs. Woods seemed to be watching us, so I replied in his mind .I reached for his brainwaves that were so familiar to me they were nearly my own.

So how are you going to get your parents to leave you alone about the mind hacker?

His face froze like it always did when I spoke to him but it didn't unfreeze like normal, when I gave him action instructions. He looked at me carefully. He seemed to be thinking about something. After the silence had gone on for so long I thought it would never end, I pulled my books towards me, opened them up and tried to figure out what Liam just couldn't understand.

"It's you, isn't it?" he asked, his voice blank of emotion.

"What's me?" he didn't figure it out that easily, did he?

"The mind hacker, it's you isn't it?" I nodded not wanting to speak. "What's it like? How does it work?"

My mind didn't understand, that was not the reacting that I was expecting. "Ummm, well it's just like talking, but through your head instead of your mouth. I don't know how it works, just that it does. I pick up the way that the person's mind works and put my mind in the same point of view, then I speak with my mind. I find it harder to connect with people I don't know very well."

"So can you read my mind?"

"No reading minds is really hard and the only times I've tried I've gotten a really big headache. It's easier to be there so that you know what's happening and can just speak into their mind."

"But when I'm saving the world you don't really speak to me, just show me, actions really, and how to do things. How does that work?"

"So long as you can perform the actions yourself or the person can perform them then it's not hard, just giving them the idea, which is easier, or you can take control of the person's body which I've only done once but it felt wrong and weird, I didn't like it so I haven't done it since."

"You didn't do that, with me...did you?"

"No, it was just after I had first put words into someone's head. My mother didn't want to me to go to the mental intuition so she was going to try to bash it out of me. So I took control of her body and walked her away from me. I also convinced her that I was still a normal person."

"Nicole, are you a...a, mind hacker?" I jumped at the sound of Mrs Woods' voice.

Liam looked scared and I got ready to run. I didn't want to be made an enemy of the state and have the horrid name branded to me permanently. "You're the one who put's those insane idea's ito my son's head? Get out! Get out of my property and away from my son and never speak to him again, never enter his mind again!" I was shocked. About to run, until Mr. Woods came through the door attracted to the sound of Mrs. Woods yelling.

Mr. Woods looked at me in shock. "I'm calling the authorities so you can be locked up and never enter someone's mind again" with these wonderful words he ran back inside. I had never realised how much people really hated people like me, I also hadn't realised that they were so misguided. I also realised that since Mr. Woods was calling the cops that I had to get out of here.

I ran over to the tree that stood in the corner of their backyard. I jumped up, grabbed the branch, and pulled myself up using the other branches around me. Climbing through the tree I heard Liam shouting with his mother but I didn't stop to hear what it was about. Once I was around the other side of the tree I jumped down and ran home to grab my emergences bag.

Once I got home I tore through the house to my room. Grabbed the bag out of the top of my closet, when to go through my door when I heard the sirens. I ran over to my window, opened it and jumped to the tree that was right next to it.

I scaled down the tree and sprinted to the back gate. From there I grabbed my bike, and bike bag. Wrestling my helmet from in it, put the bag over my shoulder and jumped onto my bike.

I then rode full speed to the first safe place that I had marked in case of this emergency.