Jan was happier after our little talk and she seemed more relaxed around me. She put me charge of the boat, to make sure we don't hit anything, while she went to speak with Jen.

The water was clam and stretched out before me in a mindboggling mass. I had never seen anything like it before in my life. It was so pretty and calm, but I knew from before how rough and dangerous it can be.

There was a white cloud in the distance. It took up the whole horizon. It was nice at sea. There were no whispering minds to accidently lose yourself in. I can see why a lot of mind hackers would like to be out here. It is such a relief. I mean there will still be the minds of your ship mates, if you have any, but that is pretty minimal brain whispers.

I held on to the wheel and felt for Jan's mind. I followed it through the hull of the ship, but I didn't enter it. I kept my eye on the water in front of the boat, ready to get Jan's knowledge if things go bad.

She had found Jen and was walking with him through the boat. I didn't want to pry, so I kept her in the back of my mind and looked out over the sea. It occurred to me to look back. So I turned to see if I could see where we left from.

There was nothing. In front of us, behind us, there was nothing but extensive blue sky and white clouds with the sea a green in comparison. It was calming to look at.

I looked around, enjoying the peace and turned to come almost face to face with a black ugly patch of sky. It looked angry. I jumped into the mind I was connected to and spoke.

There's a storm cloud out here!

I also showed her what I was seeing.

I could feel her anger and was out of her mind as soon as I had sent my message.

Their footsteps thundered through the ship as they ran to the deck. I heard the door slam and them come up the stairs but I was still caught by the storm. I was pushed out of the way of the wheel, by Jan I assume and Jen took up a look out position looking at the storm.

"This is not good." I heard him say.

I sat in the corner and watched them work together. They worked so well together.

I didn't know how they were going to escape the storm. I wasn't paying attention. It wasn't until Jan slapped me that I realised she was talking to me.

"We need your help to close up ship." she yelled. It was staring to rain. It was running down our faces like tears.

I shakily stood.

"What do you want me to do?"

"We need to pull down the sails and tie everything down. Go help Jen, he needs it more. I'll climb up to make sure nothing catches." She then ran off to start climbing up the rigging.

I tripped down the stairs and slipped over to where Jen was untying the sails so they could fall. I went to work next to him.

It took a while to get it all done. The ropes were harder to tie when their all wet. But once we had pulled down the last one, Jan came down and we all crashed in the room with the bunks. Jan took some persuading, as she didn't want to leave the ship alone to deal with the storm, but once the lightning started Jen pulled her inside to get her dry and warm.

I don't remember much after that, as I fell asleep, wrapped in a woolly blanket, and quite wet.