I helped Jan prepare some food and we sat down to a good meal.

We ate fish and greens that Jen had gotten. There were some things I didn't know and I didn't ask.

After food I was feeling tired again so I grabbed a pillow from the bunk and laid down on the deck. When I was comfortable I felt sleep clasp it's claws around me and I didn't fight.

I could feel the Earth, how it felt unsafe. I was standing behind a man that I have seen before. It was the man who was in my last vision. He was standing on an over head walkway. He was looking over these huge pots. They were full of a yellow substance.

The small man came up behind him and cleared his throat.

"Master? The last of the poison has been tested. It's all ready to go."

"Good. Then we can start tomorrow. We will put the poison in the holes of the 'Cheese'. When the tourist groups come in three days we will set it off."

"So the poison will be released on the Governors?" The little man asked.

"That's right, I will poison the governors. That will send all of the people into chaos and then there will be riots in the streets." Here he paused, as he was getting a bit excited and took a moment to calm himself.

"Then, when there seems no hope for the world I will stand up and lead the survivors to a better world, with no one in it." He then started doing that horrid evil laugh that all the evil guys do when they reveal their plan and feel proud of it.

Then the image flicked, just for a moment to Liam, getting off the ship, at the dock, at Damenos.

I woke with a start in a cold sweat. I shivered and sat up.

So here's what I now know; the bad guy is going to use poison, he's going to kill the governors, he will then wait until people had died then will lead the rest into an early death. Also, Liam has arrived in Damenos. That means that we must be there soon too.

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