The box was sitting where it had always sat; in its own little hole in the wall. No one watched it. No one protected it. It was just sitting there. It had been there since I came here, a small white box. A shoe box, but no one touched it.

Amelia revered it every night. She seemed scared of it, not that she would admit it; she would say she's not scared of anything.

The science guy (Munir) was entranced by it. I could see how badly he wanted to open the box, but he never dared.

The techie, Pelham, didn't like it. Whenever he walked past the box's hole in the wall he glared at it as if it was doing him some personal wrong.

Nicodemus, His (supposed) Eminence of all living things in some sector no one's ever heard of, goes past it with this air that it is beneath someone of his status.

The lazy excuse for a squad all seemed to have different points of view on what to do with it. Dario wanted to put it on a satellite the next time we get to launch one. Ghada, although everyone calls her Gigi, wanted to blow it up or shoot it or use it for some kind of target practice. Tatiana wanted to put it on a drill and place it beneath the Earth or just give it to another sector to deal with, under the pretence of it being our gift to them from the 'Stair of Sharing'.

Me, well these guys called me Rag although my real name was Ragna, or possibly Raghu. Amelia called me Ragna though, because, according to everyone here, that was my real name. This wasn't my sector though, but then, I'm not sure which one is. That 'Stair of Sharing' I mentioned before was how I came here. I don't remember my old sector. I only have a faint memory of sitting on the cold stairs and the warmth of the blanket Amelia wrapped me in when she picked me up.

Thinking about the box always gave me something to do. Food would be up soon and I was coming up with an idea. No one knew what to do with the box, I knew what could be done. I would take the uncertainty which that box seemed to cause away from everybody. I planned to steal the box and get rid of it.