"Done it. I've isolated the box and shrunk the containment field around the box." Pelham's news was a relief to everyone.

"Too late, put it back around the pod." Tatiana sounded stressed.

"But why?" asked Amelia, confused.

"Because the tendrils have already broken the seal, it's too late." came Tatiana's rushed reply.

"I'm sorry Tatiana. Do it Pelham." said Amelia

"Already done Amelia. Are you absolutely sure about this Tatiana?" asked Pelham.

"Yes, Pelham. If this gets out it will destroy the world. I don't want to be responsible for that. I'm sorry everyone. But before this gets me you need to leave. If you get caught things won't be good for any of you. I'm sorry. Goodbye."

I was shocked, so was everyone else. Tatiana was put here by the government, we knew that. We just didn't know that it was an intelligence area.

Tatiana's radio had gone silent.

"Pelham?" I asked hoping for an answer.

"Yes Rag?" he replied.

"Is there any way for us to leave, to get off this planet?" I'm not a fan of the uncertain. And what Tatiana was talking about didn't sound too good.

"Well, Yes. Our sector has rocket engines underneath which Dario and Munir have kept in good condition. Why?"

"Can you activate them please? Now?"

There was a pause for confirmation, the pause of someone who isn't in charge and needs telling what to do.

"Do it Pelham. I can't put everyone in possible danger."

"Before I engage the engines everyone needs to be in a shielded safe place, either personal quarters, eating chamber or in the control centre where I am. If you are splitting up please take a DRD with you. I have sent several to your position."

"Alright, everyone get to the nearest safe place that Pelham just told us about. Take a DRD with you." Amelia instructed.

I grabbed the robot that we had all been sharing and ran, trying to reach the control centre, which was at the other side of the sector.

Pelham was counting down over the robots. I was at the corridor I needed to be at when Pelham reached 5. The door just as he was saying 3. And the door closed on 0.

"Rag, check everyone is safe." Pelham ordered.

With the ground shaking under my feet I tapped the radio to bring it to life. "Amelia? Can you hear me?"


"Yes I can Ragna." Finally came Amelia's welcome reply.

"Is there anyone else with you Amelia?"

"Yes, Nicodemus is here with me."

"Rag? Are you safe?" Gigi asked. "We saw you run off and we didn't know where you were going."

"I'm in the control centre with Pelham. Is Dario with you Gigi?"

"Yes he's here though he is a bit distressed. He dropped his weapon as we started – Woah."

I was thrown against the wall.

"Pelham, what was that?"

"We just broke the atmosphere barrier. Hold tight everyone. I'm going to try to thrust us out of orbit so we can't be attacked by their weapons."

I held on to the door handle so tightly I thought that my hands might get fused to it. The building was shaking violently, it went on for so long I was starting to think it would never stop. When it stopped I let go of the door handle and collapsed on the floor.