Hi to everyone who could be bothered to read this! Ok, so this is my new story. Enjoy.


Running down the dark streets of New York, I desperately tried to find somewhere to hide, but there was nowhere. It wasn't long before I accidentally found my way into a dark alleyway. No way out. I heard footsteps at the entrance, I saw a man coming towards me, with a dagger in his hand, the kind They reserve especially for killing us. He's grinning, the way They always do when They realise we can't escape. Despite the dagger in his hand, I knew he wouldn't kill me, not yet. They knew the truth now, and They wouldn't kill me until they had every single one of me, which wouldn't take long.

At the same time I was racing through Paris, another one of Them hot on my heels. The street lamps lit my way as I ran, hoping desperately that I would be able to lose him. No such luck. As I turned a corner I saw a man coming for me from the other way. There was more than one. I was trapped.

I was also somewhere in New Zealand, the sun thankfully hidden behind clouds. Drops of rain were falling on my face, but I didn't dare stop. They were catching up on me here, too. I had no idea how, I was normally safe somewhere. There were no roads nearby; I was in some sort of field. I heard laughter behind me, and realised that he was closer than I thought. Attempting to run faster I tripped over a rock, and went flying down a hill. Landing in a pool of mud, I struggled to get away, as he caught up to me, dagger in hand.

In Berlin I was frantically searching for shelter. Anything that might throw Them off. As I ran I caught a glimpse of movement next to me, but it was only my reflection in a window; a tall girl with long red hair. Unfortunately, I could see more than just me in that window. I could see him chasing me as well. I saw him raise a hand, holding the dagger, and throw it. I jumped to the side, but I wasn't quick enough to avoid getting a large cut in my arm. The impact of the dagger knocked me down, and I turned and watched as the man came closer. I couldn't escape now.

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