As regards the particular objector

The Government decided on a hitherto different approach

"He'll have the right to speak

To whomever, about whatsoever

And he may express any opinion he wishes

However, he'll be forced

Under pain of a hard sentence

To live in a six-room luxurious condo

In a trendy quarter of the city

He'll have at his disposal

In fact, we'll see to it that he actually drives

A flashy German sports car

No less that 3,5-litre-engined

And, most importantly

We'll have to make sure that everyone can see this

Press, television, foreign agencies, everyone"


And now the objector

A timeless Oriental smile on his face

Can be seen walking his dog around the block

Or sitting at his balcony

At the 14th floor

Drinking an expensive brand of coffee


And his friends

His once-friends

And followers

And lots of others, indignant and pessimistic and desperate alike

Now keep to the other side of the street

And don't look directly at him when they pass by

And in their covert text messages

And their encrypted e-mails

They ask: "what does he fight for?

Does he fight at all?

What does it all mean?"


And the Government prides itself on its success

That utilizing the timeless Oriental wisdom

Has planted into the hearts of the governed populace

The formidable time-bomb of doubt