You open your eyes and stare wonderingly at the ceiling. Look at those amazing dots! you think, and immediately chastise yourself for being so naïve because dots are not wonderful nonono and isnt that the kind of behaviour youre in this institute for? and then you stop. Then you wonder about the voice in your head. i think like mrs cole is that bad? and then nonono its good youll be out in no time now!

You stretch, luxuriating in that almost feline stretch you take. Slowly, as if every step pains you, you pad towards that small greenredbutton and press. You wait. Mrs Cole (don'tyouknowshe'syourcaretaker?) hurries up. You think why is she so worried? does she not like me? and then you make yourself (becausethesearebadthoughts,yes) stopstopstop.

She helps you and together you go to the dining room. You smile when you reach, this being a privilege you had only received the previous week after weeksandweeks of good behaviour. There are two other inmates nonono not inmates friends who select their food together in that room (becauseitssosmall). You help yourself to those delicious carrot sticks and Agatha, the annoying one nonono noone is annoying we are all friends!, sneers at you.

"Rabbit food again, honey?"

She is complimenting you. You know this, and smile genially at her to show that yes, you know she respects the fact you eat healthy. Seeing your smile, she frowns angrily nonono never angry only mocking yes mocking think mocking (isitasbad?badthoughtsgoaway). "Cupcakes never hurt anyone, bitch."

You are a human, not a female dog. You tell her so. "I am a human, Agatha. Not a female dog."

She sneers at you. nonono not angry please not angry she is bad no dont give in but that's it. You jump at her, screaming bloody murder and what is wrong with you?! and profanities wait nonono bad language no and tell her she is not fit to live. Mrs Cole, who had stepped out to get some water while trusting (suchafickleword) us to keepcalmcalmdown rushes towards the doors but they've been locked (whysostupidnolocksinaninstit ution) by Jace.

He is munching on popcorn ooh aah all the crunching sounds like necks snapping and then something cracks. Loud. You jump, wondering at the limp body in your hands. By now the doors are open bangbangbang your head hurts and there's a pointy thing inside your arm and you're so... sleepy...

Murder at Westerfeld Institution for the Criminally Insane:

Agatha Murdocke (a WICI wardee) was murdered yesterday by another wardee at the Westerfeld Institution for the Criminally Insane (WICI). A spokesman for WICI has said, "This is a horrible accident. The murderer, Alison Wanbeck, was bipolar and slightly schizoprenic. She has been knocked out and is in a maximum security ward. We hope to see justice done.

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