You took my soul
You branded my heart
You have my body
And you own my mind

Perhaps I have not been entirely kind

You say I deserve punishment
You call out that I am your everything
You tell me that I am your soul
You state that I am your angel

I am no savior
I am no survivor

I wonder if you can feel my pain
When you try to tell me that I am beautiful
I wonder if you can feel my agony
When you convince me that I am sweet and kind
Your words, I think, are just a trick of the mind

Your a million miles away
I'll never know what your saying
I wake up every day
with tears running down my face
waiting for that moment where it becomes a race
for the one who will meet the other first

My heart beats at a steady pace
as yours takes its time to die
Breath growing cold its another race
to see who dies with a smile on their face

Fingers numb
your breath is growing cold
You remember all the thoughts you hold
Take your time to fly away

You remember the poems your wrote me
The ones hanging on my door
Think about the time where there was someone else I adored
Take my heart
Keep it as your own
Let me die
to be your dying angel

You wanted to be free
And thats what we agreed
I sighned your forms
as you took my heart
borrowed my soul
and wned my body

Just take your time...
Flying away.