This isn't your typical romance story. I'm not a prince or princess in a fairytale land, and I don't have any magic or fairy godmothers. I'm just a normal guy living an average life. Well, if you'd call an emo kid normal. That's right. I'm your typical 'fag' or 'goth boy' as I'm called.

I have a pale complexion, with jet black hair cut short in the back and swept aside in the front, cut in a way that it covers my left eye. Most goths or emo kids just do that for fashion, but I have it cut this way to hide the scar on my left eye. My violet eyes are outlined with eyeliner, and yes, my eyes are a completely natural color.

Most fairy-tales involve a princess and a prince living happily ever after. The prince fights a dragon, defeats an evil witch, saves the princess and they both live happily ever after. Well, my story's different.

I'm transferring schools today. I completely forgot about it, so I ended wearing my favorite black T-shirt with the red skull, my ripped gray skinny jeans, and my worn black leather boots. My mom was going to kill me if she found out I wore my boots. Good thing I walked today.

I got here early so I just sat down on a nearby bench and played with the metal buckles on my shoes. Not long after I sat down though, a couple of football players stalked over. The one leading the pack looked down on me with a smug face. I think he was trying to be intimidating. "Move it, goth boy. Seems you're new here, so let me explain something to you. This is our spot, and you're ruining it. So why don't you just move it."

I looked up at him apathetically. "Why don't you make me?" Angry now, he punched me and sent me flying backwards off the top of the bench and onto the ground. I probably deserved that.

"You should watch your mouth, fag." I stared back at him from the ground, undeterred. I opened my mouth to say something that would probably earn me another punch, but (thank god) the morning bell rang.

I walked slowly to my one and only class. Apparently, the principal didn't like the noisy halls during passing periods, so all the students stayed in one class while the teachers moved around. I had to agree with him on that. I arrived at my class on the 3rd floor: class 3-A. Everyone stared as I trudged in, the teacher smiling in anticipation.

"Hello there, Mr. Winters. I'm your advisory and history teacher. My name is Adolf Fuller. You can call me Mr. Fuller." His voice was sickly sweet, his eyes a piercing gray, and he looked kind of like the actor Spencer Boldman, with that hairstyle and all. I really didn't like the way he looked at me. I nodded in response to his greeting, and he gestured to the class. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

I turned to the other students calmly, hands shoved in my pockets. The jock who hit me earlier was there in the back, snickering with some of his friends. "I'm October Winters. My friends call me Kaige. I like punk music and I hate jocks. I'm bisexual, but overall I'm not really into dating or anything, with girls or otherwise. My eyes are natural, and for your information, not all emo kids cut themselves." After that, I sat down in the back of the class, earning a few stares from kids as I walked by. I sat behind some prep girl, who gave me a distasteful look as I sat down.

"Nice speech." I looked to my right, where some girl was grinning at me. She had hair dyed several shades of red, with streaks of blonde. It was one of those short, spiky-ish bobs, with her bangs swept to the right. Her blue-gray eyes were surrounded by thick eyeliner and 2 silver piercings just under her eyebrows. She wore a neon pink tank under a black vest, black-and-white checkered shorts over bright green leggings torn at the knees, and black ankle-high stilettos. She reached a black glove-covered hand out, her nails painted black, neon green, and hot pink. I shook her hand, grinning back. "My name's Rochelle Hawthorne. You can just call me Roxy."

"October. But call me Kaige." I replied. She nodded happily.

"I saw your little fight with Jason before school today." Roxy said, before diving into her pepperoni pizza. The 2 of us sat together outside, instead of the cafeteria.

"Yeah, well, they're the ones who came up to me." I replied, smirking. Roxy laughed in a very unladylike way. She was actually really cute.

"So, do you know who your roommate is yet?"

"Roommate?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, in the dorms. All students here are required to live in a dorm." She cocked her head curiously, wondering why I didn't know that.

I mentally face-palmed. Shit. I forgot.

"Wait, you mean you didn't know?" She pointed a greasy French fry at me in amazement.

"Well, I kinda forgot." I muttered in reply. Roxy laughed again, coughing when she started choking on the French fry. "Serves you right." I muttered.

"Anyways," she said, after guzzling down a soda. "Afterschool, you should head by the office to see which dorm you're in, and get your key." I nodded, planning to do just that.