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Also, I wrote half of this on a receipt after the reading STAAR. :P …Yeah. Did it before the last chapter too.

"Finally, now we can get this day over with…" Kaige grumbled as he and Jason trudged reluctantly towards their classroom. The halls were filled with students frantically getting their haunted house or café ready for the Festival, excited.

"There you two are! Hurry up and get over here! We've got one last dress rehearsal!" Roxy called, running up and dragging them towards the door of doom.

The moment the rest of the class saw them, the girls pounced, practically dressing them and fixing their hair, adding some extra touches with makeup and so on. Then they were quickly rushed to the cafeteria, onto the stage to start the last rehearsal as the rest of the class set up chairs for the audience. It all went by in a blur… until, of course, people began to pour in the doors.

"Why the hell are there so many people?" Jason muttered, peeking out from behind the curtains.

"Because Reyn here is such a good advertiser and artist~!" Roxy replied, grinning. The curtains began to open, the clapping thundering in the echoing room. "Now go out there and make history!" She whispered, giving them both a gentle shove. Both boys took a deep breath, and walked into the blinding lights.

"Brennan… I'm sorry… I'm so, so sorry…" Jason's voice whispered, though plenty loud for everyone to hear, believably cracking and trembling. October rolled his eyes from backstage, seeing many in the audience and even a few of his classmates tearing up.

Finally, the curtains closed on the last scene, and the stage erupted in clapping. They all went out, small groups at a time, each getting another round of applause as they bowed. Finally, it was his turn to go up, along with Jason. The mentioned blond threw him up onto his shoulders without warning, Kaige himself almost falling backwards.

"What are you doing?" He hissed.

"Aw, c'mon. The crowd will love it." He replied, running out onstage. The crowd erupted in cheers even louder than anyone else had gotten when they came out, and a few people even stood. Then another, and another, until all-what, 50?-of the audience was standing, whistling and cheering like mad. The two bowed as best they could, October more than Jason, before the raven-haired boy got down, hand in hand with both Jason and Reyn as the whole class took a final bow.

October had never felt anything like this. The fluttering in his chest, adrenaline still pumping from his previous actions on stage. Hearing the crowd go wild… He had never before been the center of attention, and he never knew it had felt so…

"Nice, right?" Jason whispered next to him, smirking.

"What?" Kaige asked, breaking out of his thoughts.

"I can see that stupid grin on your face. See, isn't being the center of attention worth it?" He replied, raising an eyebrow knowingly.

"…Only if it's in a good way." The violet-eyed boy muttered, for once receding to the other's smug remarks.

"Cheers!" The group shouted, the sound of clanking glasses ringing through the air, followed by laughing.

"Great work everyone! Now let's party!" The class rep called out, holding his drink up still in a salute. A loud cheer followed his words, glasses also raising again. The class dispersed around the reserved restaurant, talking in random groups, no particular order like there usually was.

October took a sip of his punch, which tasted strange, making a warm, fuzzy feeling in his throat. He dismissed it as part of the drink. "You're a great actor, you know that?" He turned around to see one Gavin Dean, short brown hair lazily swept to the side, green eyes looking at him coolly. Like Jason, he was tall and muscular, with a damn smug lazy grin on his face.

"Uh… thanks." The 'emo boy' replied, feeling slightly awkward.

"Also, uh… sorry about the first day." He muttered sheepishly, and October shrugged, showing he didn't really care. "You know, you could hang out with us more often. I know we may seem like jerks, but there are some pretty nice people. Just gotta keep up our image, I guess." Gavin rolled his eyes, the other snorting in response.

"'Image', huh?"

"Yeah, well… I guess Summer might not count, but I can always point out a few others. I'm sure you've already formed your own opinions about Jason."

"Yeah. He's a real smug bastard." Gavin burst out laughing at the comment, and Jason nearby looks over, raising an eyebrow. Kaige shakes his head, and Jason gives him one last confused look before turning back to his conversation. October took another swig of his drink as Gavin calmed down, his head beginning to feel a little light.

"So Jason said you could sing?"

"Yeah." October giggled as he took another swig of his drink. "Never around others though. I write songs too. I can sing some if you want, though." Gavin blinked in confusion.

"I thought you said you didn't sing in front of other people."

"I don't. But I'm feeling up for it today." The raven-haired boy frowned slightly as he realized that his drink was almost done. "Ya kno', I used ta' live in Houston. Had a cat too. He got run ova' by a truck tho'." October giggled again, beginning to feel dizzy.

Roxy and Reyn walked over then, each holding a bunch of papers. "Hey, Kaige. I didn't know you were friends with Gavin Dean." Roxy raised an eyebrow at the two of them, and October grinned goofily.

"We're not. We jus' met." He replied.

"Are you feeling alright, October?" Reyn leaned in, as if to get a better look. October attempted to back up, but his legs didn't seem to listen, and he leaned back, sagging into Gavin's arms.

"I'm fine~!" He drawled, still giggling. "Jus' a lil' shizzy. Dizzy."

"…I think he's drunk." Roxy muttered, ignoring the giggling fit as she examined the drink. Reyn joined her.

"Did someone spike his drink?"

"Yep." By this time, pretty much the rest of the class had gathered around, intrigued by the spectacle.

"Here, do you want me to take him back to the dorms?" Jason asked, the rest of the class making way for him to head up front.

"You sure? Reyn or I could always take him back."

"No, it's alright. I was going to head back soon anyways." Jason replied, gently grabbing October, swinging the boy's arm over his shoulder. He stumbled slightly at the weight, trying to ignore the uninterrupted giggles coming from the other.

"…Well, alright. Be careful though."

"We will!" He called, slowly walking out the restaurant.

"Jason… where are we goin'?" October slurred, stumbling as he attempted to walk. "An' why is tha' road spinnin'?"

"You're drunk, Kaige. I'm taking you back to the dorms." Jason replied calmly, adjusting his hold on his drunk roommate.

"What if I dun wanna go back?" The raven-haired boy hiccupped, causing him to giggle for a moment.

"You're drunk, Kaige." They trudged/stumbled along quietly for the rest of the trip, until Jason finally managed to get inside the room. He helped Kaige sit on the edge of his bed, before getting up to find some pain-killers for him tomorrow.

"Ya' know… You're a real bastard." Jason paid no mind, dismissing it as drunken rambling.

"Am I?"

"One minute ya care, an' the next you're tryin' to beat my damned brains in."

"I believe you're exaggerating a bit."

"No I'm not. An' ya know what I hate most?"


"You make me feel weird. I can't breathe and I feel hot…" October left off in a murmur, appearing to be sobering up a bit, scowling slightly. Jason turned around, and walked over to where his roommate sat on the bed, planting his hands on either side.

"You want to know what that means?" He whispered, getting closer to the other's face. The scowl deepened as he did so.


"I think it means you're falling in love." He leaned in, kissing softly. It started out slow, quickly growing in passion.

Obscenities… Arguing. Curses. All memories of minutes before and all sane thoughts drowned in his now murky mind, all rationalities and protests gone. It didn't matter how wrong it was. It didn't matter what anyone else thought. He wanted it. Right here, right now.

His roommate's black hair was a mess, but the haircut still effectively hid the scarred left eye. His other, beautiful violet iris, untouched by scars, stared back into his own blue eyes, looking almost as clouded with desire as his own surely were.

"Jason…" He started, but whatever October had wanted to say was lost as Jason pulled him forward, their lips crashing together.

October melted into the kiss, grasping with need at the messy blond hair, pushing the all-too-familiar body closer. Hands snaked around his waist, gently massaging his back, slipping themselves under his shirt. What was only a minute felt like eternity, until the other finally pulled back, panting.

Lust was clear in those captivating eyes, and in the breaths coming out in short gasps. All at once time seemed to stop at that precise moment, and they contemplated what they were doing… what they were about to do.

And the time sped back up again as Jason pushed him back, falling onto the bed, unaware of anything else as lips met and doubts died completely, their corpses swept back in the dusty resources of the fogged up mind. Never before has either felt like this, wanting nothing else but the warmth of another body.

October gasped for breath as Jason pulled back, allowing the blonde's tongue access to the now-open cavern. He willingly let the other explore, mind drifting in and out of focus, fingers tangled in the head of golden silk.

"You belong to me now." Came the breathy whisper that traveled its way through the ear canal, making the raven-haired boy shiver in delight. He could feel the familiar smirk as those lips brushed his ear, a hand having made its way down to the hem of his old jeans, unbuttoning them slowly.

"What about…" The violet-eyed boy started, breaking off in a quiet moan as the hand slipped inside his boxers.

"Focus only on me, October. Right here, right now." The order was sealed with another, though gentler, kiss.