The Future is Not Set…

"The future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves…" - Sarah Connor, Terminator 2: Judgement Day

To see the future, to feel it, to hear it spoken from the gods above
We are the beginning and end of our existence, the fall of mankind

We live off fear, we destroy our fellow man - we are humanity's end
Through our poetry of hate and our philosophy of pain we preach
Lying to the masses while lining our pockets with blood money
Spending more and destroying our wealth through destruction

We are obsessed with celebrities - the famous masks of soulless humans
Feeding off their words, pasting pictures upon our walls, mesmerized
We feed their addictions and greed and revere them with our money
Watching them on top while we sit alone and hungry at the bottom

The politics of old are now mixed in with religion and talking heads
Debating topics with the same voice, but with different meanings
Behind our backs they laugh at our cluelessness and unrest
In the end all the ideas are the same, and they will hold reign over us

Across the nation, across the world, across polluted skies and oceans
Through thickening brown air and manmade and natural disasters…

We can rise up and not be the end of ourselves, of our lives|
We can rise above and take control, foretell our own futures
We are the soldiers of fate and the enemies of submission
We will defeat those who stand before us as poor constructs of man

We are the future, we representatives of the past, and the conquerors of the present
We are the masters of our territories and believers in our words, our freedom
We will not submit to the terrors disguised as leaders and dictators
We are the voice of strength and opposition, and we frighten them

We will show our willingness to stand with our fellow brothers and sisters
We will protect those that are abused and torn and betrayed by their own
We will and shall conquer the nightmares that we see in the world
We will be the masters of our fate, and we will rise as one again