"So, why did we have to come here?" Ryner asked, looking around the street him and Jessa were walking down, her two steps behind him as always.

Jessa didn't answer, causing him to turn around to see why. She was glaring down at one of the many sheets of paper that his mother had given her before they'd went through the portal. They'd been there for almost an hour, and she still had yet to say a word.


"-It's 'Jessica'" she cut him off in a harsh tone, still not looking up at him, "You have to call me Jessica so that we don't stand out to much."

Ryner sighed, "Alright, Jessica, why are you ignoring me?"

"Because I'm mad at you." she still didn't glance up.

Ryner rolled his eyes. Obviously, "Why?" Jessa didn't answer, "Don't make me make that an order, Jess." he threatened.

Jessa sighed, shaking her head, before turning her glare up to him, "Because you're an idiot!" she hissed, "This place is dangerous! It's no place for a prince!"

"Or a little girl!" Ryner shot back.

Jessa rolled her eyes, "I'm seventeen years old, Rob." Ryner guessed that was what she was supposed to be calling him, "I'm hardly little." she clenched her hands into fists, causing the paper she was holding to crumple up, "We've been planning this for weeks. You weren't supposed to figure out until it was too late." she shook her head, "But of course you did. I should've known. Things never go to plan when you're involved."

Ryner sighed, turning back so that he was facing where he was walking, "You know, it probably looks weird-the fact that you're walking behind me. Come up here."


"I wasn't asking, Jess. It was an order."

A sigh came from behind him, and a few seconds later, Ryner could see her falling in step beside him out of the corner of his eye. He smirked slightly, as she continued to stare down at the sheet of paper. It was a map. Of the city they were currently walking through, he assumed.

"So, you never did answer my original question." he murmured after a couple of minutes, in which they turned quite a bit. He didn't know where they were going, but for some reason, it felt good to follow her around for a change instead of the other way around.

"Which was…?" Jessa's voice signified that she truly had forgotten. She still had yet to look up from the map.

"What are we doing here? I know it has something to do with my brother and your sister, but other than that, I have no clue."

Jessa sighed, "The two of them ran to this world a few months ago. We believe they may have eloped. It's my-"


Jessa sighed, "Fine. It's our job to find them before they do something that can't be undone."

Ryner glanced back down at Jessa, before his eyes grew wide, "Hey, Jess?"

Jessa sighed, "What?"

"Why's your hair long, all of a sudden?"

Jessa sighed again, "You can't seriously be that stupid… no offense. When we passed through the portal, it altered our looks to fit this world more. In this world, I would have long hair, and your hair would be short."

Ryner touched the back of his head, where-sure enough-his ponytail had disappeared. Now, his hair was really short. Shorter than Jessa's had been.

"But, won't that make it harder for us to find Auslin and Shibo?" he asked. Auslin was Jessa's older sister.

"If you recall, Auslin looks like a red haired version of me. So just look for a red haired version of this me." her purple eyes narrowed, "And, if we're correct, then Shibo should be with her." she shook her now waist length hair out of her face.

"So… are we just supposed to wander around until we find them?" Ryner asked.

Jessa shook her head, "No. Right now I'm trying to find the hotel we'll be staying at. We have reason to believe that the two of them are in this town, so we'll be staying here until we're certain that they're not." her eyes still refusing to leave the paper.

"Are you ever going to look at me?" Ryner, putting an arm around her shoulder.

Jessa shrugged it off, "Are you ever going to stop asking questions?"

"You sure are being rude to your master."

"If I acted like I usually would, it would draw attention. I apologize in advance."

"Fair enough." Ryner smirked, "Tell you what. If you at least look at me while we talk, I'll stop asking questions."

Sighing, Jessa glanced up at him, her purple eyes drooping in slight annoyance.

Ryner smiled slightly, "Well that's a st-hey!"

He turned right after someone bumped into him. It was a boy with shaggy orange hair and eyes of the exact same color. He had ear rings running up and down both ears and looked to be the type of guy that people form the world they were currently in would call a "surfer boy" or something.

"Sorry, bro." the boy smiled apologetically, before hurrying on."

Jessa sighed, as Ryner turned back to her, "I won't look at you again if you keep running into people when I do. Remember we don't want attention to be drawn to us."