"We'll see you in, well, after summer vacay," I heard Alice announce as I walked away from her group of friends. I knew it wasn't true. We had drifted from the time we had broken up and now. We rarely talked, but she wanted something nice to say, since we would be graduating in a year. I smile quickly and nod my head.
"Yeah, you as well," I answer back. I walk towards the remaining cars in the student parking lot, where I find my best friend, Dodge's jeep and jump in, throwing my bag in back. It takes him no more than a minute, if that to even light a smoke, as we pull out of the campus parking lot and onto the main drag. He turns his phones mp3 player on turns it up.
"So summer break, and summer awesomeness, here we come!" he protests, knowing exactly what I was thinking.
"Oh come on now, don't tell me you won't be working at the Sea Shack all summer, just to make a buck, and have a little Ryan Atwood going on," he mentions to me before I can say anything. Let me just mention, at times, Dodge didn't know when to shut up, and at times, he would try to be Google or something. Aside that fact, that he probably has the highest GPA in the school, but still.
"Ok you win," I tell him as I throw up my hands in faux surrender. We cross onto Elm Lane and then cross onto Bronze Street.
"Whatever you say Leo. I know how your summers work. They've all been the same since junior year," he adds.
"Dude. Seriously, you try summer vacay once in a while. Surf. Go to the boardwalk. Try to date someone, who doesn't just want you for your sexual activities. If I'm Ryan Atwood here, than Dodge, try not to be the Fight Club sidekick," I tell him as he parks the jeep in front of drive.
"Fight Club? Really? Have you ever seen that movie?" he asks me sarcastically as he pulls out another cigarette. He knows the answer. We watched it together short after I started dating Alice. I haven't watched it since, so the movie really isn't that well in my mind anymore. Kind of like, how my mother left when I was four, and left my dad to take care of me. I haven't heard from her since.
"Well dude, I gotta get on the inside, and well, as you predicted get ready for work," I announce. It wasn't true, but he wouldn't figure that out unless he walked or rode down to the place. I doubted he would. I jump out and grab my bag from the back and head towards the house. I walk and dig my iPod out of my jeans pocket.
"Hey dude," I hear my cousin, Alto announce as I walk into the house.
"Yo. Dad know you're here?" I ask, knowing the answer.
"Of course he does, how else do you think I would stay here this summer?" he asks me as he turns and continues what he was watching on TV.
"Well yeah. True. Anyhow welcome summer break," I announce as I head upstairs only to find that he had taken my room. Thank God for the basement-turned-den.
"Thanks, also for letting me know that you occupied my room," I announce back to him, as I enter the door to head down below bringing a laundry basket full of clothes and my laptop with me.
"No problem little cousin," he answers back.

"Hey look who shows up. Guitar and all," I hear Scout announce as I bike up to beginning of the soon to be busy boardwalk. In which, tonight was the first night of summer freedom for most of the teens, and the tourists weren't due for another couple of days.
"Well looks like it's going to be a busy one tonight," I tell him stating the obvious. He just shrugged.
"So what you bring that for? So you could rob a few students who will listen to you do your acoustic shit?" Scout asks me as I get off my bike. I just smirk. I never thought of that.
"Nah, we'll save that for when the tourists come," I tell him. I pull out my guitar pick and pick away anyways.
Glory Days. I start strumming. I needed some Springsteen. I noticed I got to the boardwalk just in time for the sun to set, it's cotton candy colored sunset. That was the time that everyone would end up giving me their left over change. Oh well, maybe, perhaps I would be able to buy a pop afterwards.
I couple of people stopped and took pictures like, they had never seen someone playing guitar and walked away. A few even recorded me on video so they could show their friends or place it on Youtube or Facebook later. I look up and see a girl. A girl, in which, I had never seen before, and I knew just about everyone that walked on this boardwalk during non tourists days.
I take a sip of water, in which, I assumed Scout had gotten for me when I hadn't noticed. "Who was that?" I ask. I assumed he would know. He usually did. He scratched his bleach blond hair, and then played with his earring, and finally answered.
"Who the chick with the Coca-Cola shirt?"
I nod.
"Fuckin' Baby Jesus, you don't know who that was?" he asks again in disbelief.
"That was Starr Rollins!" he adds, after he looks at me for a moment, and then pretends to spike his dyed green hair up.
"You mean the Starr Rollins, as in top of the Beauty Chain Starr Rollins?" I ask in disbelief that I hadn't recognized her.
I go back to playing the last song of the night. Brown Eyed Girl and then pack up to head back home. I had a feeling tomorrow would be a long day.
"Well Skihoun, I'm out. I'll see you at work tomorrow," I tell him as I get on my bike and give a high five.