Chapter 9

Hello….I've Waited Here for You…..


"I'm gonna head out," she announces to me as she gets up and throws on my faded USC hoodie.

"Alright. Will I see you after work?" I ask in an offering voice. I was hoping for a yes, but instead I just received a smile, which, was good enough for me.

"Play me a song," she joked and then gave me a wink.

"When? Now?" I ask thrown off guard at this request. I would have to think. Quick. I grab my guitar getting ready to play a song I had in mind. But she grabs my hand and stops me.

"Don't need to be right now," she admitted with a little giggle, and then she got closer to the door. I didn't know how or why, but she had reminded me of the girl from the video and song Everlong.

"Well. Yeah, of course, I'll work on that," I promised. I wasn't sure if I would though. I neglected to tell her that part. Finally I had to watch as she left. I just sat there, as she refused me to escorting her out. After she faded out of sight, I looked through me tab and chord books for something. Any song that would seem to fit. A from Hey Monday looked great, but not what I had wanted.

Looking over at my digital alarm clock, I realized I was late for work. I would have to think of something on the way. I would get an idea. Eventually.

"You're late!" I hear my boss announce as he sees me, as I am punching in. He seemed ticked off about something, and I'm sure my showing up late didn't help any. In the background, I heard a techno beat come out of the speakers.

"You were late. You're never late," Scout reminds me of the palpable. I heard someone's Spotify account play a pop song about promising that they would be their girlfriends' everything. It had a catchy promising beat to it, though, I had no idea who the band was. I notice that Scout changed his hairstyle again.

"On second thought, you should play a song or two on your break. We're slow today," he tells me. Hinting about something, as he wipes down the table beside me. I could see why. It was a beautiful day, and most of the local were taking our surfing time, and the tourists were taking in the views or shopping.

"I was planning on that anyways," I tell him, as I notice a couple of customers walk in. In all honesty, I wasn't sure if I wasn't going to or not.

"Good morning Misses Wollis," I greet as she sat down and I noticed our newest worker take her order.

"Mornin' boys," she greets us as she sees both of us. Neither of us bothered starting a conversation. I headed back to the dishwasher.

"You know, you should ask her to the Beach Ball," Scout announces as he walks in. I knew he was hinting at something earlier.

"We're not ready for that," I announce. "We're just friends," I add before he had a opportunity to say something else before I was done.

"Just friends? Right," he answers back in disbelief.

"Believe it or not, it's true. By the way, you sound like your step-brother," I tell him hoping that would throw his off a bit.

"Dodgey would tell you the same thing. Besides, everyone in town, attends the Beach Ball," he admits.

"Ok. Fine. You win," I announce my surrender.

"Awww. You surrendered for her. How romantic?" he remarked and walked back to the dining room.

My break finally approached. I grabbed my guitar and headed outside. I still hadn't had anything in mind to sing. Then it had dawned on me. Duh!

I began to sing the song and then I had a few people. Enough to have an audience.

"Auditioning for Idol?" I heard someone ask. I look up and just smile. I continue to play.

It was odd to think that in just a few hours the beach would get a make over, even though it would be long enough for someone to get on the front paper. I focus back to reality and watch as a few people throw some money into my money jar and leave. It was final: Scout would have his way. I would ask Starr to the Ball.

"So what did you decide?" Scout asks.

"Are you and Tianna going?" I ask hoping he would take the hint.

"Well yeah. I asked her the first night. She's a wild child," he states as if it were something I really needed to know.

"Ok there Eagle Scout, turn it down a notch. I don't need to know about your bedroom life," I sarcastically tell him.

"Alright, well I need to catch up with Dodge and Raven," I announce to him as my shift ends and I head out.

"Text me how it goes," Scout announces as I stand by the door.

"I'll do that," I answer back quickly.

Outside I meet up with the two by his jeep. I didn't feel like leaving the beach right that moment. I almost take my surfboard out of the back of his jeep but I don't.

"What do you want me to do?" Dodge asks, suspecting the answer as he pulls another cigarette out of the box, and lights it.

"Well Scout convinced me to ask Starr to Beach Ball, and I believe it worked," I admit it.

"What else happened last night? Did you two kiss?" Raven asked half teasingly. "Shit. I have to jump ship. Hotels have hours as well," she announces as she looks at her watch and kisses Dodge.

"Well sing to her and then ask her," Dodge throws in his suggestion. "I mean, you have two days left to ask her, and I'm sure that she'll say yes. I'm headed to the beach to set up," he adds.

"Nah. I'm good, I'll head back to the house, and figure something out," I tell him as I head towards home.

"Alright I'll see you later," he tells me as he gives me a high five and then heads to where they are setting up. I leave.

When I got home I grab my PSP and begin to play my zombie game that had been in it for who knows how long, then it came to me. I would invite her to the carnival and then ask her there. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to kiss her. I sent her a text to meet in a half an hour.

She arrived early and I hated my tux, but it was too late to change now.

"I wasn't aware that I had to dress up. You look nice though," she tells me with a smile. Her band t-shirt and faded blue jean shorts looked better than what I did in this tux but I wasn't going to tell her that.

We barrowed my cousins' Land Rover, I doubted he would miss it, since he wasn't home, and he was probably using dads' car anyways. When he got to the walk, and I got out.

"What are you doing?" she asked surprised on the unexpected stop.

"I owe you something," I announced to her, as she looked embarrassed.

I begin to play, aware that people were watching and more than likely recording to place this on YouTube later.

"Oh. My. Gosh. I effing love this song!" she explains and then shrieks and then hugs me, making me almost mess up. She waited until it got to the chorus and then began singing. Then she began a hip hop version of the song, I wasn't sure how the band would think of the Everlong remix. When we were done, we bowed and then bowed. We looked at each other, wondering if it had made it to the internet yet. We also knew what others were thinking.

"Lets' win you a teddy bear at the carnival," I offer her my arm.

"The carnival sounds fun, especially after that," she answers back. The breeze slowly came up and played with her hair. It was a little cool on me, but it sure felt nice.

As we pay our ten bucks to get into the carnival, she holds my hand tighter than usual. The smell of the sweet treats plays with our noses, wanting to win our money. Carnies shouting that the games were only a dollar and anyone wins.

Finally we gave in and bought some cotton candy. We shared the bag and it was gone quickly. My sugar rush was set.

"Where's the teddy bear you wanted to win me?" she asks in an innocent voice.

"How about that one? The Stewie one?" I ask. I think I had her sold. For a dollar I could throw darts at the balloon. I usually hated these games, this time it was an exception. Somehow with luck, I popped the balloon on my first try. Even the carnie couldn't believe it.

"You won me a Stewie!" she exclaimed more excited than what I would have thought. I thought a kiss would happen but it didn't. We walked away towards the tilt-a-whirl.

"Want to go on?" I offer.

"Why yes, my good Sir, I would love to," answers as we stand in line and give the operator our tickets.

When the ride was done, we went and took some random photos that wouldn't make much sense to most people. Then the announcer on the loud speaker announced that the carnival would be closing in an hour.

"Would you like to take the Bill Drive on the way home?" she asks. "We could take some more photos of us being random," she offers.

"Sounds great," I answer. Now I regretted take the Land Rover. Oh well we would read as I drove. We saw one announcing that the best tour was coming to town for a concert. We got out and took photos of each other. Her held my iPod up in front of it and made it look like a heart around the bands name.

Then on the next one, she spiked my hair to make it look like chicken hair and made me stand in front of it with my hands up as though I were a referee. Then she took the shot, only after did I realize what it was. It was a billboard for the Beach Ball.

"Would you like to go?" I ask getting down on one knee, pretending I was going to ask her to marry me.

I watched as her eyes lit up. "I would love to," she answers as she hugged me. Then she stood in front of the billboard and pointed at it, as I took a photo. We finished the film and headed home. She took my hand and held it all the way home. I smiled to myself.