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I could've slept in Chace's bed all day. And I virtually had. When I finally started to become lucid again, I worked up the muscle power to look at his clock. It was almost 6 p.m. God damn! He and I were in the most intimate position, too. I was wrapped in his arms and under the blanket (I didn't have the slightest idea how we got there), his hand rested on my thigh and his face was curled into my neck. I wanted to forcefully wake him and reprimand him for not putting me back in my room, but then again, sleep was the only thing that kept him from his daily pressures and I knew the whole topic was a lost cause.

Instead of getting out of bed, I settled into his arms. I faced him and admired his features. He had long eyelashes that had a slight curve to them. His nose was rounded, and he had a prominent jawline. But his lips were the real treasure. They were pink and looked smooth, little tendrils of saliva coating them. His lips weren't too plump yet they weren't scrawny, just right. All of him was something you'd see in a Men's Fitness magazine. The only thing I couldn't stop staring at was his lips, God were they enticing.

This time it was all me.

I gently grasped him by his shoulder, and leant in. His idle breathing drew me to him even more. I myself couldn't believe that I was going to do this. I instantly thought of Josh. I prayed to God that he would forgive me if he found out about what I was going to do. Our lips were almost together...just a tad more...and then he moved, turning onto his back. I mentally cursed him. And then there was another disruption. Gabrielle walked into the room. She saw first glance that we were in the same bed and freaked out. She didn't freak out angrily, it was more of an embarrassed reaction.

"It's really not what it looks like." I slid out of the bed, trying my best not to wake him.

"No, it's fine. Uh, can you just, um, tell Chace to come see me when he wakes up?" she stuttered.

"Yeah. Sure." I smiled and she left quietly. I reached for my phone and dialed Josh's number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey, I wanted to tell you how things went." I heard shuffling in the background and cereal clinking into a porcelain bowl, then milk splashing in with it.

"Go on."

"Okay, so I'm sitting there with my case manager and the judge asks my mother why she thinks she should have custody of me again. She says, 'Because she's my daughter and she's all I have.' I stand up and am like, 'That is a lie!' Anyway, I end up ratting her out for abusing me and the judge dismisses her from the case and says that the bailiffs will help schedule her court date for this ordeal. So it's basically between going on my own or going with Emily, just how we predicted."

"That's really good. Now you don't have to worry. You'll be safe and that's really all I care about." I smiled to myself. This was the warmest feeling I'd ever experienced.

"Thank you, Josh. You really care and it means a lot."

I could practically feel him smiling. There was a long pause, "Alicia?"


"…I love you…"

I was at a loss for words. I didn't know how to respond, so I just settled with, "I love you, too. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay. Goodbye." He hung up first and I mused about what had just happened. Was it a spur of the moment thing, or did I truly mean it? I was honestly confused, and as I looked over at Chace who stirred slightly, I dismissed the thought and prepared to alert him of going to see his mother.

I leant over and whispered in his ear, "Your mom wants to talk to you."

His blue eyes opened slowly. "'Kay. Hold on." He dragged himself up and towards his door. He looked really groggy and a massive case of bedhead. Rubbing his eyes and stumbling out of the door, he shut it behind him. With the TV turned off, the room was so silent that all I could hear was the air conditioning coming through the vents. But when I closed even that out, I could hear their conversation.

"I've got some news I don't think you'll like." That was Gabrielle speaking.


"Dr. Simon called. He wants you to come to the office to see him tomorrow. He wants to wean you off of the Zoloft."

Zoloft? That was an anti-depression pill.

I couldn't distinguish Chace's reaction, but what I could notice was Gabrielle's lilting voice saying, "It's okay, sweetie. You'll be fine. I'll help you through this," just like a mother should.

Then, the knob of his bedroom turned and he came walking in with bloodshot eyes, tear stained cheeks, and scuffed up locks. Once the door shut, he tugged me by my wrist and we climbed back into his bed. We covered ourselves again by the comforter. "Are you okay?" I asked him.

"No. But I guess I will be."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"


"Then I don't know what to tell you." He turned his back to me and I stayed completely still.

"You forget that I have ears and a sense of perception. I'm no idiot. I know you tried to kiss me, I know you told Josh you love him, and most of all, I know you didn't mean it."

"Who are you to tell me what I do and don't mean?" I left the bed and headed toward the door. "For all I know, you've got so much shit going on and you don't want anyone's sympathy. So, fine, I'm not gonna give it you." I treaded into the hallway and he released frustrated scream followed by an immense, hefty sob. No sympathy, no sympathy, don't do it. But I couldn't resist the impulse and ran back in there, comforting him until he once again drifted to sleep.