We have evaluated your inflated ego

Your outlandish thoughts and aberrant nature,

Your "confidence" as you callously call it

And have come to you with this

An intervention

Calling for reinvention

of your person and "ality".

You are not a religion

Nor are you personally funny

Unless it's us talking about you

than vice versa from your stew.

You say you could do it if you tried,

But we know it ain't possible even if you did

In the reality in your own mind.

You aren't the king of all things

Except for the mountain of your own shit

Full of it and shameless arrogance

Instead of actual confidence.

It's a scientific fact that

Earth revolves around the sun

But your head is so fat

We can see your bullshit orbit

Go and throw that temperamental fit

When we call you out.

We're right, you're wrong

Even if our right isn't right.

Know your place,

Not at the top of the mountain,

But at the city basing it.

You're in the six bill like everyone else

including us,

"The people in second"

You aren't a shining star,

You're just as textbook and statistical,

Insane and egotistical,

A leader for your army of dumbasses

Educated by your low-level bull called "your life"

Right now, King High and Mighty Colorful,

You're wasting our time and eyesight,

Your version of introversion isn't becoming to anyone,

As much as your abrasive extroversion.

This is why we're here now and forever.

If you can love others as much as yourself

We'd be better off without you in your head

Thinking you're Top Gun

When you're really The Ex-Wife.

You're entitled to your talents

But that's all, you un-magnificent bastard.

You're not that big or better,

You're ridiculous with every letter,

You never truly connect to the people,

The same that you shame by the sound of your name;

You're as empathetic as you are pathetic.

Quit lying to yourself and your life.

Now get away from this mirror

And actually do something, dammit.