I'm Sorry Mr. Hurry.

I didn't get to class the day of the test.

I was sick but I really, really tried to make it.

My mom wouldn't let me come though.

I know I was supposed to make it up on Monday.

But when I got to school, I had a nasty cough and the nurse sent me home.

When I came in yesterday, you weren't there.

I'm sorry Mr. Hurry.

But I need that grade so I don't fail.

I know all the answers!

I really do try!

But you won't let me.

I have a doctor's note.

I have proof that I honestly couldn't come.

Yet you still tell me that it's too late.

You tell me that I should've been here yesterday.

But you weren't.

You still tell me that I should try harder in class.

But I study harder than any body else in the class.

You tell me that my test grades are super important.

But you won't let me take it.

I'm sorry Mr. Hurry.

Why do you hate me?

Why do you avoid my gaze?

Why don't you let me answer any questions?

Whatever it is that makes you despise me so,

I'm sorry.

So this is my first poetry ever. I just wanted to give readers a synopsis or whatever of what this is going to be. Basically I have hated some teachers or people because of how they treat me. You all know what I'm talking about. I like writing to vent out my anger. But I write like I'm writing them a letter and eventually tell them "I'm Sorry". So read and review and I'm going to have more chapters soon. Maybe even later tonight..