I'm Sorry Mr. Desperate.

What did I ever do to you?

I tried to be your friend.

We HAVE been friends since third grade.

You've changed a lot.

When we first met we both got sick.

On the same day

For the same reason

But now, you fake being okay even when you're sick.

That's just sick.

Not to mention how dishonest you are now.

Seriously, I know you failed a class.

Your dad told me.

You went to a week of summer school because you failed English.

When I asked you about it, you lied.

You said that you chose to do it to become smarter.

You said they put you in because your grades were too high.

I'm not stupid.

I'm Sorry.

I know you lied.

All to make yourself seem better

To who?


I was the only person around and you lied to lift yourself up.

That's when we went to different schools.

Now we're in high school.

We go to the same school.

You have friends who are mine.

But instead of sharing them,

You try to take them.

You had to get me to open your locker.

I was the only one who knew YOUR code.

But you told our friends that you did it because you hurt your hand.

I try my hardest to make friends.

You let me do the work and steal them with a lie.

I'm not an idiot.

You are.

I'm Sorry.

But you are hard to be by.

You take what you hear someone else did.

Then you change it up to include yourself.

You practically said something right from a book to me.

Like seriously, I read that book too!

I know how much you lie and I hate it.

All of this just to make friends.

Do you know what this tells me?

That you feel that you aren't good enough.

This probably is true.

I'm Sorry.

You are despicable.

You take what you want with trickery.

I don't want to be your friend.

But I have to be your friend.

But when worse comes to worse,

I'll probably sell you out.

I'm Sorry.