Alright although this is my first story on FictionPress it isn't my first story. I always do start things off with a little message at the beginnig of the chapters. So here it is!

Hi! This is a random story with which I mixed a few story ideas, including something I've had in mind for almost 10 years, along with extra add-ons thanks to the friends I've made in these past few months. I don't have my normal laptop so it might take some time to update but I will write, update and finish this story!

More info soon but until then enjoy the 1st chapter/Prologue of this story. I have to alert you guys that this story won't be a chat room-type of story (like you will see in this chapter) and the characters are BASED on some people I know. You know who you are.

Chapter 01 - Meet Alexis

Name: Alexis
Age: 23 years old
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Here's the one thing you should know about me...

... I hate people who "role play".

Okay, I get it: sometimes you like to get kinky in the bedroom. Who gives a shit? It's the ones that would rather be the jerks who can apparently stab you or put you on fire during a nice chat room conversation about the new animated film release that piss me off the most. I mean it's not like I don't sometimes role play but as an arts teacher in a school one would think the idea of writing a play would involve being in character and all...

Why am I rambling about this, you may ask? Easy.

It all began just a while ago. Mind you it's a strange story, even for me still. But in order for things to make sense I guess I have to backup a little.

You see every Friday when I would be done at school for the weekend I would follow this one simple routine: get home, prepare dinner for the family then head to my room and turn on the good old laptop. It may sound super childish for a 23 year old, but once you get to know just how much I do not go out on Fridays you understand that going online is still better than having to deal with your aunt who still needs her weekly pedicure.

It is just as gross as you have just pictured it.

But back to the point.

It happened about a year back, when I first found this website with random small chat rooms. Being the anti-social at the time I hadn't wanted to make outside of work friends with my coworkers (none of them have me on their Facebook and I don't plan to change that fact). Why not just go in a random chat and say hello? I had thought at the time.

But that chat room quickly became my little to go to place when I needed someone to chat with.

It was strange really at first: an average 40 people would attend this Friday to Monday chat to speak of random news and such. It was sort of nice how one quickly felt at home in this chat, and I guess I would have something to do with its chatters really.

[NorthGirl413: Hi guys! TGIF!]
[Laila1348: Good day to you, NG! What's up?]

The finest example would be this Laila1348. Not only is she the host of this chat room but she is also the reason we all hang out during the weekends. Not sure this would be considered a bad thing since I didn't go out before I found this chat room but while some people in my family do concern themselves with the fact that I don't go out as often as I should I do rather enjoy myself more in this room than I would outside. Thanks to Laila.

[NorthGirl413: Hey Laila! Not much just enjoying some fun time on this chat. I'm surprise the others aren't here yet.]
[Laila1348: I wouldn't stay surprise for too long though...]
[Red1sh: Everyone calm down I'm here now.]

Now here's a treat: Red1sh. We tried to get him to explain exactly what his username meant once, and ever since the awkward, random and pointless discussion about ducks walking on the side of the road (he was trying to ignore the subject by the way) we decided to simply call him "Redish".

[Vroneka6: Ah Radish, shut up already! ;-) ]

Well besides this girl; she gets to change his name whenever it pleases her. Cute as heck, but after a few weeks with her (gotta admit she quickly got through the ranks in the chat though she deserved it) you can but only admire just how quickly and easily she fitted with the remaining of the group.

[Red1sh: V! It's nice to see that you've missed me. You know I missed you too, right?]
[- 2Mac2bWin arrives in the chat on his rocket fueled bicycle-]
[2Mac2bWin: Now now! Didn't anyone miss good old Mac?!]
[Werd74: And what about me?]

Now if you needed entertainment in the house all you needed were those two guys. While Werd, who was the youngest in the group, pretty much came in the chat to meet girls, Mac had been the best one to come up with the silliest of ways to have fun there.

[Laila1348: I see the group's all here. I think this is a record time for a log in on a Friday evening.]
[2Mac2bWin: It's because I missed you guys so much!]
[Vroneka6: He does have a point. So anything happened during the week?]
[Red1sh: Work.]
[Laila1348: Work.]
[Werd74: School.]
[NorthGirl413: Work in a school. :P]
[Vroneka6: Ha! I see what you did there!]

Sounds dumb if you're not into this kind of stuff, but these guys aren't actually that bad. Until…

[BlueDragon7: Hey everyone.]

BlueDragon. It's hard to imagine a day when this guy doesn't bring this… how to call it… uneasiness to the chat room. I won't be spending much time explaining the situation with the guy, but if you guys know what trolling on the internet is then you should understand: I did thanks to him.

The usual awkward silence sets in and we wait, not knowing if it's safe yet to speak. I know that's how the others think as well because we've all been through this many times. Yet we still don't understand why the guy remains in the chat room.

The mysteries of the internet.

[BlueDragon7: Hey Laila! I finally got my own RPG game to work! It's amazing and it's super hard to play! You should definitely check it out sometimes.]
[Laila1348: Sure thing. What is it about?]

I sigh as I look down on my keyboard, not knowing what to say to the guy. I feel bad for Laila as she's the one who's been picked on this time, but at the same time there's a little selfish feeling inside of me where I cannot help but to be happy that today isn't my turn.

But as I've said before, I hate role playing.

[BlueDragon7: The main characters have to each defeat temple dragons through the land in order to get to the main dragon island to defeat the master of the dragons.]

Fun, is it not?

[Red1sh: I'm starting to think that the guy has some weird dragon fetishes we don't know about.]
[2Mac2bWin: Yeah I think if I'm going to hear about dragons one more time I'm going to go crazy, man.]
[Vroneka6: Agreed.]
[BlueDragon7: Just because I love dragons doesn't mean I want to do weird things to them.]
[Werd47: Something tells me that you do, dude.]
[NorthGirl413: Seriously.]

And then it happens. Out of nowhere a strange vibration came out of nowhere, like a small yet strong earthquake shaking my whole house. I notice that the light is flickering and even my computer monitor is acting up.

The chat remains on the screen though, but only with one message that I barely managed to read before everything went black.

[BlueDragon7: You will all regret this.]

It was when I woke up that everything that made my life a something changed forever.

More soon!