There were many legends and myths that circled the island, Umagibra. An island that's located far away from the main island of Japakeko. An isolated island. Those were legends that come along way across the world. Some say that there were legendary mermaids; some say there were dwarves and others might say that there was a nest of cruel witch populating the weird small isle.
Beasts roam around and devour every single property and harvests that man had in their peaceful village. Monsters rampage as the devils chuckles behind them.

But those were fake. A sham. Or in this case are just rumors that got their facts twisted as one person from another passes it along. But there was one thing that the village of Karukawa believed to be the weirdest of all. It was a boy named, Oki.

Yes, unfortunately, he is our truly wonderful protagonist.

Oki was our boy from the water. He was washed ashore in a circular inflated basket that carried along a letter. Mama found him first. Just when the clock hit dawn, everyone in town heard a loud cry. A moaning cry for a longing mother. Everyone got out of their tiny wooden houses and started searching for that strange cry. And just weirdly enough, they found him sitting on the arms of Mama, being rocked back and forth.

Umagibra was an island full of bountiful harvesting fruits that came from the huge circular forest that surrounds the hidden village. Most people would think that the island was inhabited; once they enter, however, it was a blissful small home for Karukawa families.

The strangest one, indeed, was Oki. He loved water so much that Mama named him after the term "ocean centered" in Japakeko. Mama deeply love Oki. She treated him like her own child.
But Oki was a child of a mermaid; or that's how the rumor went. Growing up wasn't tough for Oki. He soon became popular because of his outgoing personality, and soon enough, he was known throughout the whole island.

Oki had a dream, a gigantic dream that everyone would consider to be bogus. He wanted to be the best mage in the world.

"I'll take over the world and be the best mage ever! One day.. you'll see!" Oki yelled the local public bar. "You'll see!"

Mages are a huge thing in the world. So huge that if you were caught doing magic, you..

Get caught and thrown to the worst prison of all time; Satan's Hell.

Yes, Mages are criminals nowadays. Using advantage of the magical fumes that people inhale into their body is illegal. Magic is banned all over the world. Except for a few who are rebels.
Yes, Mages are against the world government. So against, that they have a bounty on their head.
These mages developed their own groups and guilds to search for one thing;

The Mage's Throne.

It is the absolute heaven for mages. The land of fame and gold for people. And the land of freedom. But there was one thing that stand on their way; it's location.
No one has been able to find it until now. It is still hidden and left untouched at the island where Sherman V. buried it.
Sherman V. was considered to be the best mage of all time. He was an idol of everyone. And an idol of rebels. The world government hates it. They hated the mere fact that mages exists. Well in fact, no one can wish mages to be extinct. If they do then all the people in the world dies.
The power of mages comes from the magical air that everyone inhales from the atmosphere. It is spread throughout the body. However, only those people with special "Lakyrotical" cells are able to transport those magical fumes into magic. Those are the rebel mages.

And that is what Oki wanted to be.

Mama didn't stop him from aiming high. In fact, no one did. They knew that Oki would never be able to do such a thing. He was too naïve.
So when Oki decided to make a boat and venture out the sea, no one stopped him. However, Mama knew it was time for her to let go of Oki. He is a big boy now. He can make decisions for himself. She believed in him.

Mama waved her hand at the last sight of her dear mermaid child.
The child that knew nothing about the world nor how to use magic.
Everyone thought that he was coming back to the village. But he didn't.

And that's the start of his journey.

Chapter 1

"Aww, I should have asked the island leader for instructions on basic magic." Oki yawned as he stretches his hands behind him. He placed his hands up on the air, where he can see it. It covered the sunlight and gave birth to the small light that pierced through the slits of his fingers.
The boat rocked slowly due to the calm current of the ocean. He leaned out of the boat and started touching the water with his hand. He pouted.
"When is the land going to appear?"

"Croo~ Croo~" A bird flew over his head. "Croo~" It circled around the sky and finally decided to land at the tip of Oki's ride. The crow faced him with it's eyes staring widely from the opposite side of the boat.

"Hey, you're weird." Oki snickered at the bird. The bird squawked in response. It was as if it knew what he was saying.
"You want a biscuit?" The boy slowly stretched his hand with the butter cracker. The crow pushed it's beak forward and bit off half the cracker a minute later, when it finally decided that Oki was no harm to him at all. It slowly made its way for the other half.
Oki quickly pulled his fingers out of the hungry crow. He dusted his hands,
"You sure are hungry aren't you?"

The crow didn't answer but just continued on helping himself savor the cracker. Oki looked at him with his palm supporting his chin.
"Is there land on that side?" The yellowed hair boy asked the creature. He waited for a few minutes for the crow to answer. But it didn't.

"Augh!" He cried off as he stood on the boat, giving a more forceful rock. He stretched his arms one more. The red bandana across his forehead was getting loose; he hurried to make it tighter.
"Where is the land?!" He yelled out across the vast ocean. His shirt showed his armpits as he yelled. The air got chilly all of a sudden so he quickly placed both of his arms together.
"Wearing this shirts are the worst!" he complained. It was a plain black woven sleeveless shirt that Mama made for him. It was the thickest clothing that he can find. He shivered.
He turned to look at his good friend eating the crumbs off the wood.

"Croo~Croo~" It started a conversation.
"Oh so now you're talking." Oki said in a displeased tone. "You want more?"
"You're not going to have anything more. You ate all that's left." He dusted his loose knee length shorts. It was clutched together by the dark belt.
"Croo." The bird started making small jumps towards him.

His last plead was completely overcame by a loud screeching sound of a horn. Oki looked back.
His eyes were greeted by a large boat, running on full speed towards him. Definitely avoiding death, Oki took his paddle and quickly splashed water to make his small boat stray away from the oncoming huge devil. He was almost crying in terror along with his little buddy.
"Craak!Craak!" It screamed.
"I know! I know! I don't want to die either! Go- go help me get o-!" But it was too late.
The large metal steeled boat ran over his small wooden ride, causing it to split apart from the middle.

Oki fell into the water. The water that he deeply loved. Softly, the current hit his face. It was a good feeling. However, there was one thing that made this dream crumble down to shambles.

And that was the fact that Oki did not know how to swim.

Trying to breath in, he was stupid enough to open his mouth underwater. He accidentally gulped down some salty water. His eyes twitched from the nasty taste it gave.
At the corner of his eye was his tiny "Croo" best friend, who seemed to be having a hard time saving his own life. Both of them tried the doggy style technique of swimming.
It was futile. They stayed on the same spot.
Oki wanted to breath so bad that he, once again, gulped in salty water. And soon enough, he was unconscious and was drowning to death.

Those swimming lessons are needed in times like this, right Oki? But they sure are a pain in the butt, so you decided to ditched. You should have taken those basic swimming lessons from the island leader. Stupid Oki.