Chapter 3

Crimes are obviously done by criminals; people who decided to walk the wrong direction. These convicts are thrown into the worst prison there is, Satan's Hell. Now, no one exactly knows why these outlaws decided to go against the world government. But there was one conclusion that we can jump into: they risked their lives to do something. Or to attain something. For some prisoners, the feeling they achieved was higher than the sky itself. For some, it was a bitter regret.

For every careless actions that they did, there has to be at least one person being victimized. Whoever that person may be is up to the criminal. A helpless victim would sometimes do the trick. On some occasions, a stronger rival would cut out. In Marieby's case, however, a helpless, fragile, little girl was the best option. She clutched on her gown as she glance back to Oki and Biscuit. Nervousness took all over her body as she tried to hold back her overflowing despair.
Her lips were sealed. Oki and Biscuit's gaze were luring her to spill out the truth. It pressured her. She gripped on her sleeve and like a small puppy shaking, she immediately did the unthinkable.
She accidentally threw the omelet at Oki's face.

It was like a quick reflex when Marieby stood up, pushing the chair off balance and onto the floor.

"Uhmm.." She paused but then opened her mouth for a big yell, "I-I'M GOING TO SLEEP!"
And with that said, she quickly recoiled out of the kitchen floor.

Oki looked at Biscuit with the omelet sliding down his face. Before it fell down, Oki quickly slurped it up his mouth and swallowed it in one gulp. Biscuit watched as his round cheeks disappear.

"What's wrong with her?" Oki decided to eat the remaining rice off the table. His best friend responded with a shrug and flapped his wings.

"Maybe she -Crakk- just needs time." Biscuit grinned, "….For now."

The yellow haired boy smiled once he realized what the crow was implying on. Those two were simply not going to give up until they take a step on the new land. They were persistent enough to persuade Marieby to take them there, since after all, they have no means of transportation to travel with.

The grandfather clock rang. It was only 6 pm.

On the mean while, the boys decided to walk around the whole ship. All the doors, that made the hallway so small, were locked. That was suspicious. They tried opening each and every door that they passed, but it was useless. All of them were tightly shut. They did manage to open the room where Oki had been sleeping in, but that was pointless. They resumed exploring the huge ship that apparently, only had one resident.

They collapsed on the floor when they finally found out the meaning of 'tired'.

"This is so…" Oki yawned. He slumped down on the floor with his butt sticking out. He turned his face to look at Biscuit. "I'm dead tired, ugly bird." He muttered. His stomach growled.

"You're hungry again, stupid Oki?" The crow flapped it's wings. "You just ate omelet not long ago!"

"I'm hungryyyy." He whined.

"That was 15 minutes ago!"

"How would you even know time? You're a bird! I'm hungryyyy." He pleaded once more, but this time making sure that Marieby would hear it from her room.



A huge object fell on the floor. It came from somewhere. Somewhere deeper the hallway. Oki lifted his face from the floor to look at the crow.

"You hear that?" He asked.

"I'm not an idiot-Crakk- Of course I did!" Biscuit slapped his face using his mighty feathery tail.

Oki blew out the feathers out of his mouth.
"PPPPPBBBfft- I ate half your feather." Oki looked down at the small feather on the floor. A part of the hollow stick was missing. Biscuit's eyes twitched. He wasn't suppose to eat that at all.

"That tasted nasty-"

"THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO EAT FEATHERS!" Biscuit squealed as high as possible. He flapped his wings.


Again, something fell down. They stared at each other once more as if they just saw a ghost.

Oki suddenly stood up and walked down the hall. He stopped at the last door standing in front of him. It was the end of the hallway. There was no other possible door besides this.


Oki gulped. He stood in front of the door frozen like he had no intentions of opening. But he didn't have to, the door slowly opened itself to be seen. It was only a tiny creak but Oki felt a massive excitement flowing inside his body. He looked back at the bird jumping towards him.

Biscuit knew that what was behind that door was not something to be messed around with. The bird swung his head in a silent motion.
Oki didn't listen, however. We all know that it will come to this.

Oki opened the door widely to reveal a dark study room with tall bookcases surrounding the whole room. Except for one spot; there on the left corner of the room was a desk filled with papers. Crumbled papers to be specific.

A small lamp, sitting on the table, lit the whole room. It also exposed all the crumbled papers on the carpeted floor.


A book from the top shelf fell down. The boys walked inside the room with the door shutting close itself behind them.
Biscuit jumped on some books and glanced at them. 'Chapter III: Dealing with Prisoners', it stated on one book that fell.

Oki was counting all the books on the shelves, but he decided to stop one he hit ten. It was obvious that he has no idea how to continue. He went up to the desk and opened the crumbled papers.

'Dear Mama and Papa,' It was written in cursive but there were clearly some signs that whoever wrote this was struggling that time. He unraveled a few more papers only to see the same thing.
'Dear Mama and Papa,' yet again.

Fed up reading the same thing, Oki looked around the tools. There was only a thin metal stick used for writing. It was sharp on one side and what looked like black ink was smudged on it.

Biscuit flapped his wings to the desk to check out that papers. He pecked on it while Oki lifted the stick.

"There's black ink on it.. But there's no ink." Oki mentioned.

Biscuit looked at Oki in a serious expression and opened his beak to talk.
"I don't think that's ink….." He looked at the papers with the same written content. "I think it's dried blood."

"…." They didn't say a word. Oki just threw the stick back to the desk to wipe his hands against his shirt. He shrugged.


A thick book fell down to the carpet. Tons of pictures flew as it opened its contents. Oki and Biscuit decided to look.
The pictures that fell were old and wrinkly. There was a family photo consisting of three people. It was a noble family. They were wearing rich clothes just like in the old days. But there was definitely something off about it. Everyone's faces were scratched out. It was the same on the other pictures.

Oki flipped pictures by pictures. Everyone's faces were covered with white scratches. Biscuit turned his head over to Oki.

"These.." He opened his beak, ".. are not normal."

Oki nodded as he scrambled through the pictures then to the album.


"Hey!" The door slammed open. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"
Marieby displayed a gruesome face with her green face cream applied on. She was already on her night gown.
Both the boys clung onto each other screaming their lungs out.

"Don't kill us!"

"Have mercy!"

"We'll leave! We'll leave!"

"I swear we weren't doing anything!"

"We didn't see anything either!"


Marieby stared at them both with her eyes widening out of curiosity. Her long hair was tied up on a bun behind. She walked on over to the lamenting brothers tugging onto each other's arms. They were cuddled together near the desk. The only thing that she can do was get mad and pull on their ears towards the kitchen. The crying brothers was dragged by a fragile girl.

"Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow..!" Oki caressed his right ear. He sat there across the table from Marieby. She stared at them with crossed arms and intent eyes. Biscuit sat on the table just an inch away from Oki's elbow. Unknowingly, he was sliding closer and closer to the yellow spiked hair boy.

"So.." Marieby started. Both the boys jumped.

"Ahh… I- I.. We- ahem,- we didn't really intend to go in…" Oki pulled his shirt a few inches up so that it won't get in the way of his sweat.

Biscuit glared at him. He was obviously lying but Biscuit was a good friend. He decided not to tell on him.
Marieby's stare grew more intent.

"Ahhh- I mean- we were just.." Oki paused but then opened his mouth to blabber. walkingthenaloudthumpwashear dsowegotcuriousandlikeidontk nowbutitwasreallyscarysowede cidedtogotowhereitisbutitlea dustoadoorandthenanotherloud thumpfellwedecidedtoopenitan dwesawthebookshelfandthedesk andthelettersandeverythingal sothechairwegotsoscaredwhenw esawthelettersthenahugealbum felldownandpicturesflewoutwe couldnthelpbutcheckeverythin goutwesawthefacesbeingscratc hedoutandthen-"

Biscuit gave him a summersault kick on the mouth to make him shut up.

Oki fell on the ground along with his chair.

He decided to just lay there on the floor instead of receiving Marieby's intense gaze.

Biscuit stared at the claw-shaped dent on Oki's face. He chuckled. But the feeling of Marieby's glare gave chills on his spine, so he had no choice but to quickly turn his attention back.

Marieby sighed and walked on over to where Oki lay.

She inhaled, "My parent's decided to throw me out. For good." They looked at the girl, carefully listening.
"When I was a child, my parents loved me. We would always go back at our backyard to play and have fun. It came to a day were the local fortune teller foretold a prediction. She said that a young lady of a wealthy family would be one day be a bad omen, not just for the whole family, but for the whole town and business itself. A few days took over with that suspicion looming over my parents head. But one night, a thief decided to rob everyone in the town. Everyone lost their money and belonging. And as suspected, they turned to our family."

Marieby sat down next to Oki and continued. "Unfortunately, my parent's lost everything they had too. So with nothing to satisfy the people, they turned to the fortune lady. She said that she knew this was going to happen and that they could have gotten rid of me sooner. My parent's had no other choice. It was either to get killed by the people or getting rid of their only child. My parents chose the easiest one, get rid of me." She sighed.

"But they didn't want to completely get rid of me, so they decided to lock me inside this ship. They said that it was a way to protect me. But as I grew up, I find out that it was only a way to keep me away from them, since they were too afraid to kill a person. I've been their victim for about 15 years now. I got so lonely in here that I started writing useless letters to imaginary people. Books were the only ones that kept me company. Until I met both of you.." She sat their with her hands together giving out a smile.

Oki's face lifted. So did Biscuit's.

"…But you're request to go to land is still not happening." Marieby broke the excitement.
Both their faces turned back to a gloomy one.

"Come on Shrimp…" Oki plopped down on the floor. Biscuit went down the table to do exactly the same thing. It was their way of pleading.

"No. Not going to happen!"

"Whyyy noooooot?" Oki's eyes started to tear.

Marieby looked down on the floor. "Because Shoreline City is my home. So I don't want to go back and see th-"

"Alright!" Marieby looked up to see Oki standing in front of her. Biscuit was sitting on his head. "We'll go to Shoreline City and finally free prisoner Marieby!"

"Eh?" Marieby leaned back in surprise. "You'll- W-What?"