I met you on a Monday

I was jaded, you said

My walls climbed up around me

But you knocked them dead

The next time it was a Tuesday

You called me pretty

I felt like a faker

Until you made me real

Wednesday was a day of chances

You loved me

You spoke

I thought too much

And adored you

And too much you took

Thursday was a rainy day

You gave it all back

Your words of honey

Soothed me

And put me back

On track

Friday was a holiday

We danced in the park

Rejoicing in the thrill of

Being innocent

Saturday was doomsday

My world came crashing down

You carried me

And healed me

Until I built it up

Sunday was the last day

That was when we married

My life was always better

Once you were in it

a/n: i'm writing lots of romance now.