"Hey," I'm stopped by an unfamiliar voice, yet it sounded so similar to that of somebody else, just older and more mature. "What you did was a brave deed."

Shut up," I want to say. But I don't. Instead, I keep walking, down the trail to Nathan's village. This time, I take a different route. I cut through the thick, green foliage and find myself in the midst of a grassy terrain so magnificent one could only dream of. By a huge tree, the most fantastic waterfall I have ever laid eyes on appeared in front of me.

"Whoa…" The word slipped out of my mouth. "Whoa…"

"You like it?" chirped a tiny voice.

"Yeah," I replied absentmindedly. "Totally."

"Oh, I'm glad!" the voice squeaked. "Very, very glad! Why don't you go take a sip? It's pure Linaloma water! It would make me very, very happy!"

"Okay, sure," I say. "But first of all, who are you, and where are you? Second of all… uh… one 'very' is enough."

"I'm Rilora, a fluttering fairy!" chattered the strange creature. "I'm right here! Do you see me? Do you? Do you? I'm sitting on the toe of your yucky muddy boot! See me? See? See? See?"

"Okay, I see you, whatever, but I was hoping for… Arcradia juice?" I reply. Of course I'm joking, that was too much to ask for.

"Okey-dokey!" Rilora says cheerfully. "With a wave of my wand, I can do anything!"

"Um, that's… nice, I guess," I manage to get out. A wave of a wand? Anything could happen?

"Yay, yay, yay!" enthused Rilora.

Suddenly the clear water of the waterfall was tinted blue, telling me that my wish had been granted. I really couldn't see Rilora and didn't know if she was really on my boot or not, but I was so tempted by the beverage miraculously spurting from a natural resource, so I sprang forward and cupped my hands, dipping them into the freezing liquid.

"Oof!" I hear Rilora screech. "Meanie! You're going to pay!"

I took around four big gulps before I began to feel faint. The words, "You're going to pay" bounced off of the walls in my head. "You're going to pay! You're going to pay!" The repetitive high-pitched fairy seemed as if she'd haunt me forever.

"Gosh, I can't stand this anymore!" I screeched, seeing that the only thing I could do was to get into a fetal position and clench my hands over my ears.

"You're going to pay! You're going to pay!"

The voice somehow morphs into my mother's tone, clear and articulate. "Adelina Veerona, you will pay for all of the damage done to our dear country!" she yells.

"I'm sorry," I plead "I really am! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong, just that I have to apologize.

"'Sorry' is not enough, young lady! Look around you, Adelina. Don't you see? This was all because of you! It was your fault!"

"Mother, what are you blaming me for?" I ask, trying to sound innocent and sincere. I was, after all, her only daughter. She wouldn't want to lose me… right?

"Where are your eyes, daughter? Open them!" My mother's voice seems to blend with Queen Cypris's, so I finally stand up and look around me. It looks like war-torn Almino, the weak country that was always attacked.

"Almino?" I whisper.

"What do you think?!" bellows the voice that is now completely the queen's. "It's Aberson, stupid child! This is your fault! YOUR FAULT!"

"I swear, I didn't do this," I say assertively. I stagger back and slip on wet leaves. As if on cue, rain begins to pour, and I fall. I fall into a bottomless pit full of despair and sorrow.