By: Lain Alastair

SCHEME 01: guys aren't pretty

"Logan, I really hate that you're prettier than me," Chantal, Apollo's girlfriend told me on a typical night at the motel. Nothing particularly unusual had happened aside from Apollo wasting almost ten bucks on a few tabloid magazines.

"Guys aren't pretty," I mumbled. Even though Chantal and Apollo have been dating for almost three months I still can't get use to her or her constant clingy-ness to Apollo. Even now they laid snugly together on the other bed sharing a bottle of beer. Something Apollo only does with me...Minus the cuddling.

"You're jealous of my little brother," Apollo snickered before gulping down the rest of the liquid.

"Please," she snarled, "like I have anything to be jealous of." Then she leaned over and pecked him on the lips as if confirming her statement. I pretended not to care and rolled onto my side. I still can't understand why he wastes his time with her? She looks like the ultimate definition of a slut and I'm not saying this just because she irritates me. For example, she obviously has large breasts and a nice body yet she finds it absolutely necessary to wear shirts that only stop above her belly button and skirts that should be illegal.

"Logan, come here," Apollo called. I hurry to his side hoping he doesn't notice how thrilled I looked, he's finally acknowledging me! He suddenly cupped my chin and pressed his fingers into my cheeks. I deeply gulped as his hazel eyes traced over me.

"Baby, what the fuck are you doing?" Chantal questioned as she caressed his back. If he doesn't let go soon I'm going to burst into flames, I think trying to avoid his gaze.

"You are pretty," he whispered, "pretty like a...a girl." He finally released me.

"Y'know today I came across this article about this rich kid, he just died, he was a plastic surgeon or some shit like that." He explains. "Get this, somehow this dude was worth billions."

"I didn't know surgeons got that much money," Chantal exclaimed.

"They don't, this dude opened a bunch of plastic surgery clinics all over the world... Everyone cares about their looks, apparently," He giggled. I smiled with him wondering where his speech would lead.

"Originally, when this kid would turn twenty-one he'd inherit a few hundred million, the usual." Apollo pulled a white cigarette from his pocket and placed it between his lips, "But now that the old man is dead, and this lucky bastard being an orphan since his mom died years ago, he gets every fucking thing. Which is a cool thirty billion."

"Damn, he's up there with Donald Trump!" Chantal gasped.

"What does this have to do with us?" I brought up. Apollo's thick eyebrow lifted.

"Logan we obviously know you're a guy but on the outside you look like a woman. Shit, my friends think I'm joking when I tell them you're my brother they-"

"What are you trying to say?" I quickly interrupted him.

"Logan…I want you to get Peter Eadric to fall in love with you," he revealed.

"Fall in love with me?!" I repeated. He nodded, I squeezed my fists.

"No fucking way, that would never work, that's weird!" Instead of waiting for Apollo's reply I bolted outside into the windy night. Cold air wrapped around me as I rushed into the parking lot. How can he ask me that?!

"Logan!" I heard Apollo holler behind me.

"You know fucking better than to walk out on me!" He grabbed my shoulder.

"This idea is crazy," I didn't face him, "It's insane, so many things can go wrong. I...I can't do this!" I suddenly felt his arms wrap around my waist.

"Apollo?!" I squealed. My muscles tightened as he brushed his lips against my ear lobe.

"If you do this...I'll be with you," he whispered.

Be with me?

Be with me?

With me?

"You think you could trick me, I know how you feel about me," he said in a soft voice.



How the hell does he know?

"I said no!" I broke his hold and hurried toward the street.

I can't trick someone into falling for me, I just can't!

But this might be the only way I can have Apollo.

And I want him... Badly.