Life behind the mirror

As usual I woke up alone. Even though my family is there, I still feel alone. I see them, but I don't feel them. Except my younger sister Kaori. My mom and dad always argue, and my older brother Kai is always in his room. The only love I feel is Kaori's heart.

I left the house early to go to school. I'm a highschooler, Kaori's in middle school, and Kai had finish schooling.
I walk along in my usual path to school. I have brown straight hair that hungs below my shoulder. My white long-sleeve polo with blue ribbon was neat, my blue skirt hungs above my knees and neatly iron, I wear white long socks 3 inches below my skirt.

I arrived at school, believing in new hope. I saw my friends Akemi and Shouko. "You seems so down again, Kaoru." They said to me. Akemi and Shouko could easily tell my feelings.
I force a smile. "What's new?" I said while laughing to hide my pain.
The day have passed peacefully. I'm walking alone to my favorite path to go home. Before I open the door, I prepare my self for the daily distress, thinking new hopes. My younger sister Kaori greeted me as I enter. Mom is preparing dinner, dad is arguing with Kai in the living room. I went straight in my room to change, and rest for awhile. I cry upon my bed to cease the pain I feel. After a minute of crying, I face my mirror to fix myself and go downstair for dinner. I sat beside Kaori, infront of Kai and mom, and dad sat in the middle.
I live in a two-storey house. A house that keeps getting bigger and bigger everyday.
After washing myself to prepare for bed, I once face the mirror and cry infront of it. After my eyes can cry no more, I turn off my lamp and went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night by some strange light and a femine voice. I sat and saw the light coming from my mirror. I stood in front of it. "Come here my dear, and I promise you will be forever happy." The soft femine voice is the mirror. I jump back being startle by the happening.
"Did the mirror just spoke!" I shouted. I put my hands on my mouth as I realize I spoke too loud. But it seems that nobody heard.
"Shss. Nobody will hear anything you thought. Only me could hear them." The mirror said to me. I'm I only imagining things or I'm dreaming? She said she could hear my thoughts. "Come here my dear, and I promise you will be forever happy." the mirror said again. Her voice was so welcoming. So I close my eyes and walk through the mirror. There was a sudden darkness. When I open my eyes, I saw paradise. Mom and dad aren't arguing. Kai is playing with Kaori and they all welcome me with a smile. I run at them and hug them. This is what I'm dreaming for! Thank you mirror!

The next morning, I woke up and found out I was only dreaming. Mom and dad are arguing. Kaori's the only one who greeted me. "Good morning, Kaoru!" Her soft voice said to me. Kai is offsight again. The day have passed peacefully at school, and same distress at my house.

And again, I woke up in the middle of the night and talk to the mirror again. "Come here my dear, and I promise you to see your paradise again." Without thinking, I enter the mirror again. Just to see my family happy together. I have good times here. But when I woke up, it was just another dream.

That afternoon while me and Kaori were doing homework in the living room, mom came in. She barge in and shouted at Kaori. "Kaori! I'm so disappointed at you!" She said in anger.
Kaori didn't know what to do, I can't speak any words as I never argue with anyone of them. When mom starts hitting Kaori, my whole world stop moving. I know I got to do something. When I heard Kaori's cry, I acted fast. I put myself between them and let mom hit me. As soon as she did hit me, she stops.
"What are you doing, Kaoru?!" She shouted at me for the first time. But I didn't care as I check on Kaori. She's all I care about that time.

"You okay, Kaori?" Kaori nodded at mem, but I can feel her pain. She's scared. Her hug on me tightens as she cries. Mom tried to push me out of the way, but I slap her hand away from me and Kaori.
"Kaoru what are you doing!?Get away from Kaori!" My mom shouted at me again.
"No! You get away from her!" I shouted as loud as I can. Mom was shocked enough to stop. Kaori shakes in fear, Kai and dad rushed to the living room as they heard me shout. It's my first time to argue. "You get away from her! I won't let you hurt her!" I said with strenght.
Dad tried to calm mom down, while Kai assist me and Kaori in my room. "You two, okay?" His voice was full of emotions.
I was sleeping beside Kaori that night. But when I woke up, I was inside the mirror again. I forgot all my problems that time and didn't notice what's happening in my house.

"Kai! Kaoru's missing!" Kaori shouted as she knock on Kai's door. Her tears wouldn't stop falling. She keeps on shouting. Kai quickly search the house and found Kaoru nowhere in inside. Dad didn't know what to do.
"Let her. I'm sure she just went to get some fresh air." Mom said calmly. They all couldn't believe what they heard.
"Let her?! This is all your fault!" Kai shouted. Mom suddenly burst into tears. She just hate to admit it, but she cares for Kaoru, alot.

"You want some apple big sister?" Kaori asked me gently. But somethings wrong. BIG SISTER?! Kaori never calls me that! This isn't home! This isn't paradise! "You can't leave now, Kaoru!" The voice from somewhere scares me. So, I ran to my room and lock the doors. I shouted in front of my mirror."Help! Please help!" I shouted as loud as I can. Then I heard the voice again.
"You can't escape now!"

"Kaoru's voice!" Kaori shouted. "It came from her room!" They all run together to my room and saw me inside the mirror, shouting for help.
"Kaoru dear! Mama's here! We're all here!" Mom shouted hoping for me to hear.
My tears started to fall. I felt regret, loneliness, and hopelessness. I couldn't stop my tears. "I love you all. I'm sorry." My voice was shivering.
"Kaoru we love you! Don't leave us!" As they shouted the mirror begun cracking, and crash into pieces. I suddenly appear in front of them, unconscious. "Kaoru!"

Few days later. . .

"Kaoru, come on! It's about to start." Kai said as he sit in the floor. Kaori's holding a bowl of popcorn. Dad started the movie as I sit besides them. That night filled the air with the sweet sound of laughter.
After the incident mom and dad never argue again, Kai stop locking himself in his room. Me and Kaori became more close to the member of our family. We are always laughing together. We have love for each other.
At first, I didn't understand why the mirror broke when they shouted my name. But as I look around today, I've figure it out. The love from our family can outcome any obstacle in life.
The life behind the mirror isn't our paradise, it isn't our treasure. Our paradise, our treasure is our family. Sometimes we just don't realize it until nothing happens. And I finally found it!
I finally found my treasure paradise!