Kayla and Darryl managed to escape no problem, which worried Kayla. They were at a clothing store. 'What are you going to do now?' asked Darryl. 'I'm going to London,' said Kayla. Darryl paused for a minute then asked 'Why?'
'Uh,' said Kayla 'Orders are orders, no matter what the situation is!'
'A textbook answer,' Darryl muttered 'Just what I'd expect from a school girl,'
'Hey, I'm not just any school girl, I'm-!'
'You may as well be, kid.' Darryl cut in 'I know what you can do but without any experience you can't use it. Masquerade will know you're on your way to London, what are you gonna do if one of his men get you there huh?'
'I-I don't know,' said Kayla looking baffled.
'Precisely, I'll give you a bit of advice, don't go to London, don't go to the hollow city and don't try to contact anyone.' Darryl said as he walked out of the store in his new outfit, Kayla couldn't help but think he looked particularly attractive in his simple choice of a blue shirt and skinny jeans.
'W-wait, I'm coming with you!'
Darryl gave her a funny look 'Uh, no you're not!'
'Why!' Kayla demanded.
'Because I don't need a little girl following me round everywhere slowing me down,'
'I'm faster than you!' Kayla pointed out.
'Doesn't matter, like I said, lack of experience,'
'What else am I gonna do, I'm not just gonna sit around and do nothing, my best friends in there!'
'I thought you would have learned by know, we can't have friends, yeah, I know about Sarah,'
'I'm coming with you no matter what you say!'
'Darryl sighed 'Fine, but you do exactly what I say or I'll kill you, got it!'
'Yes,' Darryl smiled and said 'This could be fun.'
'Why, do I remind you of yourself when you were younger?' she asked smugly.
'No, I was never such a pathetic little brat. It's just ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted a puppy.'
'Even one that bites?' growled Kayla.

'Soooo,' said Kayla 'Where are we going now?' Kayla and Darryl where currently standing outside an airport. 'We're going to Paris?'
'Uh, why, you got a girlfriend there or something?'
'We're going there because there are no records of that base in any of the other bases, not even the Hollow City. Plus from there we can contact any base we want; there are also video feeds from most of the bases leading there.'
'What if Knight told Masquerade?'
'Knight's dead.'
'Wh-what! How do you know!?' Kayla said, baffled.
'I saw from the ventilation shafts, Knight was just a piece on a chess board.'
'Seems rather fitting,' Kayla muttered as Knight brought their tickets. 'We've only gotta wait for half an hour,'
'We need to tell Dyre what's going on, we don't have any time!'
'We can't help that, kid, the only place we can get his number is Paris.'
'That sucks!'
'That's our situation in a nutshell,'

'How long left, I feel like we've been on this plane for days!' moaned Kayla. 'We still have ten hours to go,' replied Darryl in annoyance.
'What! Uh, I thing I'm gonna die,'
'If you do I'm leaving you here!'
'Heyey! That's rude!'
'I hate you!'
'The feelings mutual, I assure you.'