He is standing in a room not unlike a kitchen. It is dark and gloomy outside, and rain is coming down heavily. A small boy is staring up at him with terrified eyes, in which he can see a cold, apathetic child's face which is not his own, though it seems familiar. He is holding something in his right hand, but he cannot see what it is, because all his attention is on the boy in front of him.

"Tora." The word comes out of his mouth with an icy calm. "I can't find my cookie anywhere. The special cookie which I was saving for myself... it's gone. It disappeared, Tora. Where is it?"

"I d-don't kn-kn-know what y-y-y-you're talking about," the boy replies fearfully, shaking like a leaf.

"Don't lie to me. Matron said you shouldn't lie, Tora. She said that liars never prosper. Why are you lying to me, Tora...?"

"I-I-I-I'm t-t-telling the truth, I swear!" the boy cries, on the verge of bursting into tears; indeed, he could see them gathered at the corners of the youth's eyes, threatening to flow down his face. "I d-d-didn't t-t-touch your c-c-cookie!"

He feels his eyes widen slightly.

"I never said you were the one who took it, Tora. I was hoping you would at least tell me where they hid it. It looks like I know now, though..."

He feels something welling up deep inside of him, a horrible, wonderful feeling that is starting to stir inside.

"Tora... Why did you eat my cookie...?"

A flash of lightning illuminates the room for a split second, followed almost immediately by a loud crash of thunder. The boy starts shaking even more violently and shrinks under his gaze.

"I just asked you a question, Tora. Answer my question."

"B-buh-buh-but I already t-t-t-told y-you, I n-n-n-never t-t-touched it –"

"SHUT UP!" His free hand smashes into the side of the boy's face, throwing Tora back into a wall. Tora grimaces in pain for a moment before slowly pushing himself up and nursing his bruised cheek. He is trying hard not to cry.

He doesn't care, though. In fact, he starts feeling a sick happiness at the sight of the younger, smaller boy in front of him. It wasn't like he was even doing anything wrong, anyway. What was happening right now, this was justice. Tora deserved what he was about to get. Tora was the one who had stolen his cookie, the one he hid especially for him.

Anger starts to swell up inside him. He knew he had made a mistake, telling Tora about his special stash. The one person who he thought he could trust had played him. Pretended to really want to spend time with him. Pretended like he would never, ever, ever do something to hurt him. All the other kids stayed away, had left him alone. All except Tora. And now he saw why.

"Even after I've found out... even after practically screaming it at me... even after all this, you're still lying." He slowly draws closer to Tora, and with every step he takes, the boy's face becomes more and more horrified, and whimpers of terror escape from him. That makes him even happier. "You're a horrible person, Tora. You're a really horrible person." He stops just in front of Tora, who is now shaking so much he looks like a rattle.

"P-p-p-please d-don't h-h-hurt m-m-me..." Tora sobs.

He must have known it would come to this.

"You know what happens to bad people, Tora?"

He must have known this would happen.

"They get punished, Tora. That's what happens to them. That's what happens to people who steal and lie."

Another flash of lightning, another crash of thunder. He raises his other hand up, the one that's holding onto something. Tora's eyes widen, and he tries to get up, but a foot slamming down on his legs stops that from happening.

"That's what's going to happen to you, Tora."

He brings his hand down as Tora wails, and a sickening sound comes from the small boy's body. Another flash of lightning shows him what it is he's holding – a butcher's knife. He tears it out as Tora screams in agony. But he doesn't stop. He just keeps bringing it down over and over again, even as Tora's screams get louder and louder, as his hand and his face get covered in wetness. A sickening smell starts to fill the room as he continues, making him giddy with joy.

Soon Tora starts to quiet down, only able to manage a few pathetic wails. But he still doesn't stop. He keeps stabbing and slashing and ripping and tearing. He feels a grin start to stretch his face as the sickeningly sweet smell gets stronger. This... this felt so right. Why had he never thought to do this before?

Well, it didn't matter. This wouldn't be the last time.

He would make sure of that.

Eventually, when he starts to hit the ground with the knife, he stops to admire his handiwork. Tora is unmoving. He looks into the boy's dull, lifeless eyes and sees the face of a child twisted by a psychotic grin. He raises the knife and licks the blood off the blade.

It was all Tora's fault.