EDIT: i hated this. well, not really. but it definitely needed an improvement so:

"Hey, Lyss!"


"I think you should sing at this competition."

He waves a bright blue flyer in your face. On it are brightly emblazoned words: Come sing at Furworth Hall! Spectacular prizes to be won! You blink innocently. He can't, shouldn't know you sing, right?

"I don't sing, Al."

"Don't act like that. I've heard you sing. You're amazing. Just please, sing for me, if not for yourself."

You tell him you will think about it and weakly smile. You hope he can't tell it's fake.


You never could resist those puppy dog eyes. Later that day, you two walk to the venue and register. When the receptionist winks at the two of you, whispering "Oh, dearies, you look lovely together! The wife, then?" you blush and the two of you, flustered, mumble incoherently.

It's forgotten by the end of the day but you will always think what if?

He's with you at the shops, searching for new clothes. He's filthy rich and makes you accept his gift of money. With that bonus, you get a flattering royal blue gown. He wants to leave immediately, but you make him stay to window shop. You will never forgive yourself later.

Somewhere along the way in a deserted alley, a man jumps out at you. "Your money or I take the lady."

He licks his lips. You shudder, and beg Al to give him the money. After the cash is gone, the stranger's gun points at him. "Oh, no. This woman will come with me."

Al steps towards him. The gun goes off. You're screaming and the man is running and blue-suited men are coming and Al is bleeding and your head hurts and you're screaming no not you not al please be alive and he's silent.

You wait, shuddering and crying and cold in the hospital. A grim-faced doctor steps out and you know what he's going to say before he opens his mouth. "I'm sorry."

The next sentence passes by in a haze of no not al please kill me instead and others stare. You don't care, because all along you loved him and never told him.

You are a statue throughout the funeral and the next month. People whisper but you don't look or give them condescending stares.

One day, his sister comes. "Lyss, I know you're feeling like shit and believe me, I loved Al like he was a part of me. But you have to let go."

You push her out. She, of all people, should understand.

Later that night, you lie awake and break down in bed because, you realise, she's right. The bastard who killed him can't bring him back.

For a moment, you consider killing yourself. But then you realise that it'd be an insult to his memory because he died for you and he would never forgive you for completing what the killer meant to do. So you wait and practise a song.

The day of the competition dawns and people are staring. This time, you glare back. They look away ashamed.

When the time comes, you step up to the podium and sing. Silent tears drip down your face but still you persevere. At the end, you are given a standing ovation.

You'll always be with me, Al. Forever and always.

and at the end, you swear you see a flash of green in the corner of your vision.

thank you