She strutted down the long school corridors, her ash black hair laid down and her blue eyes shimmering when the sunrays from the small windows hit her eyes. Nobody knew her name but her beauty struck everybody. She kept silence and had no friends. Some people thought she was stuck up, others laughed at her loneliness, some tried to be friends but she always turned her back. Her mysterious ways always were the school's biggest gossip on the first day of school. Nobody would see her in summer, she disappeared.

"Hi, excuse me, would you mind showing me were the biology lab is? It's my first day here and I'm kind of lost." Helena slammed her locker as she heard this voice behind her. "Ask someone else." She said subtly. "But I saw your time table and you have biology now." "I walk alone." "Fine, I'll just follow. I'm Keith by the way, and you are?" "None of your business." She walked off with her straight black hair flowing behind her like a piece of silk.

"So, how long have you been living here?" "Long enough." She answered to another annoying question asked by Keith. "I've just moved here this summer. I never saw you around in summer. Were you away?" "Can you please stop?" "I'm just trying to start conversation." "Start a conversation with someone else." "Can I at least sit next to you in biology?" "As you wish." Her cold monotone voice never changed. No emotions were ever delivered.

"Hey Helena!" There he was once again following her around when the last bell went off. "Why are you still talking to me?" "You seem interesting." Helena rolled her eyes as she started walking home. "You walk home alone?" "I'm always alone." "No friends?" "No." "Don't you ever get bored?" "No." "But friends are essential." "Not for me." "We can be friends?" She continued walking in silence. "You live far?" "Stop, walk home and don't dare follow me. I need no friends, I'm my own friend. Now go!" She said as she turned around and continued on her way, moving even faster than before. "Wait, you dropped your….never mind." He leaned down and picked up an envelope that had fallen off from her bag.

An address was written on the envelope and as he turned it around he saw a seal, an emblem that he never saw before. Underneath read 'Important. Don't dare not to read.' Upon reading this, Keith followed the address. He walked and walked until he got to the right place.

Before him stood a large black gate. He looked inside and saw a large house, dark and it seemed quite unattended to. He pushed the gate and it opened. A path lead to the main door. Some green hedges were on the side. "Some sign of life, at least." He walked up to the door and knocked but there was no answer. He tried knocking harder and this time the door opened slightly. He walked inside to what seemed to his expectations, quite a normal house. A large house, with light painted walls, a leather sofa, a TV. The only difference was all the windows were shut. In the distance he could hear a musical box, he followed the music until it came to a closed door. He opened it and inside was Helena. There were sobs as she was kneeling down next to her bed with her face in her arms.

"So much for the cold girl." "You can't be here." "You live alone?" "Maybe." "What's with you?" "None of your business." "Stop saying it's none of my business. You dropped this." "Thankyou." "What is so important in that letter?" "Nothing. You really shouldn't be here." "You don't want me here?" "Go. I'll see you in school." As he was heading out he saw a photograph. "Is this you?" "No, that's my mother." "She looks exactly like you." "I know." "She's beautiful, just like you." "You shouldn't be here Keith." "Why?" "Please go." "What's your secret?" "I'll tell you someday, not today though." "I want to be your friend Helena, let me be." "We'll talk in school, don't tell anyone you've been here." "I won't. I'll see you tomorrow then." "Yes, and thanks again for the letter." "And another thing, lock the door behind me." "I will."