I was empty

I was full of nothing

I looked into myself

I saw that it wanted something

I told my heart to find it

It asked you to enter

It opened the door to myself

It became something, in its desire for more than nothing

It offered you all of myself

Asking for anything of yourself

Asking you to paint it

Paint it

Paint my heart with the colors of yours

What are the colors within your heart?

I trust you will give me the love I know?

I have seen you love, so surely this is all your heart can sow?

But, no

I did not know the depths of darkness within your soul

You painted it with your fear

You painted it with your anger

You told me I was worthless

Because you believe that you are worthless

You told me I was hated

Because you believe that you are hated

You told me to feel nothing

Because you believe that there is nothing

I was left with less than nothing

I was scared to feel something again

Suffering in the silence

Waiting for someone

But I know no-one is coming

And I'm still here

Doing nothing

Before I go to sleep, I pray that I may not see your face

Reflected in my tears

Reminding me

That you feel less than nothing

That the only colors you gave me

Were the colors of fear and anger

Vulnerable hearts

are the most delicate of all

Paint them with love

Or don't paint them at all