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Then, as now, the hotel room didn't matter. The curtains, the bedding, they were all still completely irrelevant. The players were once again, and as always, all that mattered: two women and two men.

The men were Japanese, plain, simple, and familiar. They had become two of Maggie and Sonya's favorite clients these past few weeks. Their hair still neatly cut and styled, and their post-meeting suits still top dollar. Their expressions however, they were far more serene then they had been their first time, largely because Sonya's Colt lay dormant in her purse. The weapon was no longer necessary with these two, and was there only out of habit.

Maggie and Sonya had agreed to rendezvous at LAX to once again play hostess to the two tourists on and off throughout the day. Today's list of venues included a studio tour of Old Hollywood, Universal City Walk and a round of drinks on the verandah of the J. Paul Getty Museum as the sun set over Malibu. As a courtesy to their patrons, the evening's entertainment was complimentary, as they had already been well paid for their company that day.

And here we are again, Maggie thought as she sat up on the bed. No, I haven't gone back to men; my heart still belongs to Sonny, will always belong to Sonny, and only to Sonny. But, people gotta eat, right? We agreed to have out this next year of work, and then, it's the end for me; I'm starting the dream a full seven years early. It won't do us quite as well as we'd hoped, but we've got a pretty good arrangement planned out.

The men shared a smile with Maggie, and as Sonya happily watched the dance, she smiled too. Did she feel left out that today, they only asked for Maggie? Maybe a little, but, for the most part, she loved watching these two tear her lover apart. It was stimulating as all hell, and only made her lust for their own evening activities that much greater.

They removed Maggie's top, followed by her bra, and as the man behind her pulled her onto her back, the other lifted her legs and removed her skirt and undergarments.

Wasting no time today, I see. Oh, and you've learned how to use that little thing, haven't you! She placed a hand on his thigh, just to keep him in check. That's how to do that. I know it's a little weird of me, maybe a little perverted I suppose, but I do enjoy this. I think what it is, is a matter of pride. I can't imagine there are a lot of girls out there who spend time training their gag reflex, solely for the purpose of letting a guy screw their throat.

The second man began his leg of the party, bringing Maggie to groan, and therefore cause a vibration in her throat. Near immediately, she gave the man behind her a tap of the thigh, his pace having instantly become more fervent. He pulled back, and glanced at Sonya to find her nodding in approval. Within just a few minutes, Maggie's very audible nasal breathing slowed a bit, and he plunged a bit deeper once again.

Good boy. Nice and long today too, very good indeed. I wonder what Sonya will want to do tonight? We have to meet with The European at seven o'clock sharp… she looked to the nightstand as best she could, the hips of her client sporadically in and out of her view of the clock. Gives us about an hour here, and thirty minutes to get to the hotel. I hate eating so late, but what can we do? You even started eating the vegetables didn't you! Much better than last time.

The men switched positions, and once again, Maggie groaned in satisfaction as she took them both in. And you're hitting deeper there as well! Whatever you've been doing, keep on doing it. We're going to have to have a discussion about hentai you and I, because whatever you're watching, I need to be watching.

Within a few more minutes, the act came to a close. While she enjoyed the act itself, the ending they requested wasn't her favorite. As the second man removed himself, he spilt from her open lips, trickling down her cheek. This is really fucking disgusting, even for me, but for these two, for the money they pay, I can deal with a little humiliation. Besides, it's just protein; it wipes off, and, well, it's good for you.

Maggie quickly retreated to the shower as her satisfied clients got dressed, this time, with far less awkwardness. Sonya had also become quite fond of them. It seemed they had it in for Maggie in the end, largely because of her "special talents", but that Sonya expressed interest in business made them very happy.

"The Yen is sagging a little these days," she commented as they fixed their ties. "Care to elaborate?"

"Things are still very difficult," the older of the two men said. "Nothing is easy, but we all do our best."

"I can see that," Sonya provocatively said.

The younger of the men blushed and commented with a laugh, "We're stimulating the economy. We give you money, you buy things from our country."

"Yes we do," Sonya replied with a grin as she accepted their envelope. "My partner is actually looking to trade the Carrera for a new sports car from Toyota."

"Ah!" the older man commented. "Toyota, very good car!"

Sonya chuckled, "It's going to have a lot to live up to!"

"It will," they replied in unison, smiling and bowing.

They headed to the door, and Sonya asked, "So, will we be seeing you two again anytime soon?"

"Next week we will be in, and after that, next month as well," the older man replied.

"Excellent," Sonya said. "Feel free to give us a call any time and we'll set aside all the time you like."

"Arigato gozaimasu!" they said with a deep bow.

"You're very welcome, have a safe flight!" Sonya said as she waved them goodbye.

The door closed and locked behind them, Sonya headed to the bathroom where she found the door open as usual. She took a seat on the closed toilet and asked, "Well?"

"That was far more enjoyable than the first time," Maggie commented amidst the pelting of water.

"Not too enjoyable I hope," Sonya remarked, mirth creeping into her voice.

"Shut up," Maggie calmly spat. "I'm glad we took the time to train them. Much better action, deeper, longer, just plain better."

"Did you get off?" Sonya asked with a devious grin.

"After last night, nope," Maggie reassured her. "On top of not having anything to worry about in that department, you just plain don't have anything to worry about. I don't think The Hulk could top your moves."

Sonya laughed out loud and checked her watch. "We've got about forty minutes before we need to see our European friend."

"Did you talk to him about that idea we had?"

"I did, and he agreed to it."

"Awesome, are you alright with it?"

"My tushy will be a little sore tomorrow, but yeah, I'll live."

Maggie stuck her head out from behind the curtain and said, "I know you'll live, but will you be alright?"

She smiled, "I'll be fine, Mags. Besides, he's got business in South America coming up, and we won't be seeing him for a couple of weeks."

Maggie slipped back into the shower and lightly commented, "I didn't know that."

"Only came up when we last spoke," Sonya replied. "I marked it on the calendar so it should sync up when we get home."


Before long, Maggie was dry and dressed, her hair a bit messy, but in a fun way, wearing a white spaghetti strap top, with a pair of denim shorts. Sonya on the other hand had changed into a long black dress, one piece from neck to calf. As she changed her earrings out, Maggie stood in the doorway of the bathroom, simply watching her.

"What?" Sonya asked with a laugh, as she saw Maggie's eyes on her in the mirror.

Maggie said nothing at first; she just smiled wider, and wider. Finally, after a lengthy gaze, she replied, "I love you, Sonny."

Sonya smiled, and for the first time in her life, responded with complete and unwavering confidence. "I know."

With that, they left a few dollars for room service and headed down to the garage. As Sonya slipped the shifter into neutral, Maggie slid a hand onto her thigh. "I think I'm in the mood for Austrian tonight," she provocatively commented.

"I think I can help with that," Sonya replied. "What do you actually want to eat for dinner though; I'm starving."

"What do you feel like?"

"Whatever you want, Mags, and you know why?"

"Because you love me?" Maggie cutely asked.

"Because you're paying."

Maggie gasped, "Bitch!"

"Sorry. I paid last time you got your throat plowed by those two; it's your turn."

"Ohhh…" Maggie groaned. She folded her arms across her chest and suddenly raised a finger. "In that case, we're getting Mexican!" she declared.

"Oh come on, again?" Sonya whined.

Maggie glanced over at Sonya and then quickly looked away again as she was caught. "Maybe if you tell me you love me, I'll consider getting Chang's instead."

"I love you!" Sonya playfully replied.

Maggie glanced at her again, and finally let herself smile, "Chang's it is."

On all fours again, Sonya thought as Ulyanov once again walked around her. She was perched on the ottoman again tonight. He said that it made the experience a bit more thrilling, plus, it made for an excellent and comfortable "alignment". I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I love the way this guy gets me. Yes, I love Mags; I love her so goddamn much it makes me shake when I really think about it. But, she still has a bit to learn about touching me. At least touching me the way he does. That's not to say I don't love the way she touches me, just that it's not the same. There are things she doesn't know, but I don't mind, and I'm in no rush. Learning what one another likes is the sweetest part of a relationship, and I plan on savoring every second of it.

Aside from all that though, back to business. What Mags said before? About something we discussed earlier? That's about this right now. Maggie and I are going to give this guy a show while he's banging me. He's paying us double his normal rate, so he's allowed to go as long as his heart will hold out for, at least within a two-hour period. Gah, my ass really IS going to be tender tomorrow. Maybe I'll ask Mags to come through on that donut pillow finally. Speaking of Mags…

Maggie knelt in front of her friend, just as she had a few days earlier. She gently stroked her cheeks, and then ran her fingertips over her eyes and ears. Sonya's eyes fluttered shut as she accepted her friend's playfulness. Suddenly, she received similar sensations along her backside. Ulyanov had begun his own bout of ministrations, and was as gentle as always.

"I love you," Maggie mouthed as Sonya's eyes found her.

"Love you too," Sonya mouthed in reply.

Sonya gasped as he slid a finger into her, and Maggie consoled her. "Shhh…it's going to be alright," she said, mostly to egg Ulyanov on further. A second finger, a second gasp, and without warning, Maggie removed her shirt. Her white bra kept her decent for the moment, but upped Sonya's excitement tremendously. A third finger, a different place, and Sonya groaned. Maggie gently held her face to her chest, rubbing the back of her head, cooing out sweet nothings to relax her friend.

"Absolutely amazing," Ulyanov commented of their display. "Shall we begin?"

"Please," Sonya begged, eyeing up Maggie, and giving her a wink.

The sound of the emptying tube was muffled today, and was followed by the sound of air being pulled through teeth. Maggie again stroked her hair, gently relaxing her in the moment, and increasing Ulyanov's visual stimulus a thousand times over. He began his rhythmic pace, watching as they consoled one another. Sonya was in pain, but as usual, pain that wasn't great enough to bring real tears to her eyes. However, contriving tears, giving him the illusion that he was hurting her, it did turn things up for him.

C'mon, Mags; give me those lips. She tastes so good; her lips feel so good, so warm and soft. It's funny; you see those old biddies on TV, and even younger women going on about how homosexuality is a sin. Not that I really give a shit what their god thinks, I just can't help but laugh. If any of'em knew how sweet it was to kiss a woman, how tender and infinitely more loving it can be, they'd be turned in a second.

Maggie gently nibbled on Sonya's lower lip, rounding our her thoughts, To each their own I guess.

"Ah!" Sonya gasped as she broke away from Maggie's lips. His pace had intensified once again, and while she wasn't quite in pain, Sonya forced her tears.

Maggie gently placed her hands on her cheeks and quietly spoke, playing completely into the act. "Look at me," she said, keeping Sonya's eyes locked on her own.

I know she'll be sore, but I don't know that I won't be able to not have her tonight, Maggie thought. Those lips, those eyes, I could have them all day and never tire of them.

Ulyanov's actions became more and more aggressive, finally introducing a real measure of pain into the mix. The tears were real, though the pleasure was undeniable.

So good, Sonya thought. If only Mags would just…that's my girl. Hold me.

While she said nothing, Maggie slowly coerced Sonya into an upright sitting position. Ulyanov slowed his pace slightly and nodded. Maggie grinned at her friend, a hint of malice glinting in her eyes. Sonya stifled a whimper, but allowed her friend to do as she pleased. The change in position brought her to be more deeply impaled by him. Maggie leaned forward, making her way to Sonya's breasts, and gently kneading them, eliciting a squeak from her. Behind her, Ulyanov's pace quickened even further still.

While they had given him two hours, inside of forty-five minutes, Ulyanov was completely overcome with physical exhaustion. Not only was he lying on the bed and gasping for air, but a completely unclothed Maggie sat on the chair across from the ottoman, and Sonya lay atop the ottoman as well. Though her knees were on the floor now, she simply lay on her chest, gasping for breath. Things had escalated immensely once Maggie removed her clothes.

"Never…in a million years…" he rasped as he lay there. "I never thought…it could be…that good."

As she too struggled to regain her breath, Sonya asked, "Are you…done…for today?"

He lifted his head, finding Maggie and Sonya looking to him, their heads clearly struggling to remain upright. "Are you trying to kill me?" he playfully asked. "Not even the army was that intense."

"Just making sure…you got your money's worth," Sonya replied.

"I cannot even begin to express the value of what just transpired. If anything, fifteen-thousand hardly covers it."

"Your generosity is always appreciated," Maggie commented as she reached to the floor to pick up her top.

"No reminder is necessary, my dear," he replied with a smile.

He and Maggie clumsily got dressed, while Sonya merely lay there. After slipping her top and shorts on, Maggie knelt down and checked on her to find that she had legitimately passed out. She was asleep where she lay, and Ulyanov concernedly asked, "Is she alright?"

Maggie smiled as she fixed her friend's hair. "She's fine, just asleep. I imagine that took more out of her than either of us combined." She tried to get around Sonya as best she could, in the hopes that she could pick her up and get her to the bed, but it was completely fruitless. She was too weak unfortunately, but Ulyanov had seen what she was trying to do.

He carefully and respectfully scooped her into his arms. As he lifted her without her so much as batting an eyelash, Maggie gasped, "Ah! Please-"

Before she could finish though, he laid her down so very gently. He turned back to Maggie who still knelt at the ottoman and commented, "Your lady, my dear."

Maggie smiled, "Thank you." She covered Sonya up as best she could, letting her have her sleep. After once again fixing her fringe, Maggie placed a kiss on her forehead and stepped over to Ulyanov.

"You love her very much, don't you?" he asked.

"I wouldn't even know where to start," she replied with a grin. She looked back to her and commented, "She's my best friend, she's my lover; she's my everything."

He placed a hand to Maggie's cheek, startling her cold for a moment. Her eyes widened as he told her, "It is beautiful for you to feel so much love for her. Do not ever let someone tell you otherwise. Do you understand?"

Her surprise faded into a confident smile. "I won't," she replied.

He placed a very thick envelope on the nightstand and tipped his head to her as he passed through the door. Maggie turned back to find Sonya still completely passed out, and let out a sigh as she cracked her back. She lay down next to Sonya, careful to not disturb her, and ran her hand over her covered curves. I'll always be by your side. You'll never walk alone, and you'll never have anything to fear, I swear it.

Maggie smiled for herself, and lay back against the padded headboard. She checked her e-mail on her phone, and flipped the television on. We get these lavish rooms and we never enjoy them. I think we'll sleep here tonight. She looked over to the mini-bar, and turned back to the TV. Not tonight, she thought. Never again so long as she wishes it.

For a few moments, she sat there watching TV, relaxing and letting herself melt into the mattress. She turned to look over at Sonya once again, her eyes flickering and her eyelids heavy. See you tomorrow, Sonny.

The following morning, Sonya woke up first. As suspected, she was sore, tender even. Just trying to shift from the position Ulyanov had placed her in caused her a considerable amount of pain. She grimaced in discomfort and looked to Maggie who had fallen asleep with the remote still in hand. I don't want to wake her, but I really have to pee! She reached to Maggie's shoulder and gave her a gentle shake.

Maggie's eyes creaked open and she found Sonya looking at her. "Hey, Sonny," she said with a smile.

"I need to pee but I can't move," Sonya replied, lacking any and all filtering this morning.

Maggie's eyes instantly opened wide. "Oh, uh…shit. Can I help you up, you think?"

"I don't know," Sonya groaned. "My ass is on fire." Her friend hated herself for it a little, but Maggie couldn't help but chuckle. "Don't laugh, bitch!"

"I'm sorry," Maggie replied, still laughing slightly.

"It's not funny, Mags!" Sonya spat.

"If you said it any way other than, 'My ass is on fire', yeah; I'd agree with you."

Even though she was in agony, Sonya let out a chuckle as well; it was pretty funny indeed. "Okay, fine, just help me to the goddamn bathroom!"

As requested, Maggie slowly and carefully helped Sonya from the bed. The trick was keeping her legs together as much as possible. Soon as she had to move her legs apart, that's when the pain came. It was a slow and painful move, but finally, after nearly three minutes of shuffling, cursing, and groaning, Sonya's still bare form plopped down on the toilet seat.

"Feeling any better?" Maggie asked as her friend relieved herself.

"Much," Sonya replied. "When did I pass out?"

"Before he was even out of the room," Maggie said. "For what it's worth, he was very pleased."

Sonya recognized that subtle overtone in her voice. "How pleased?"

"Five over our agreed upon price," Maggie answered with a grin.

"Twenty grand?" Sonya asked in disbelief.

"Twenty grand; does your ass feel better now?"

"Not really," Sonya said as her face fell into her palms. "But, twenty grand for what was that, forty-five minutes of sex?" Maggie nodded and Sonya continued, "How is this not the greatest profession in the world?"

"Because not everyone can afford us," Maggie replied with a wink.

Sonya merely smiled as she balled up a wad of toilet paper. After cleaning herself, she asked, "Can you help me into the shower?"

Maggie smiled and without a second thought, removed her clothing, much to Sonya's obvious delight. "I think I can," she said.

It was but another slow and clumsy process into the shower, but it was more than worth it. Sonya sat on the convenience curb as Maggie turned the water up just a step hotter than comfortable, eliciting a rasp from Sonya. She couldn't move much on her own, and she had no choice but to deal with the scalding water. Still, once Maggie began to carefully wash and scrub her, Sonya felt much more at ease. All she had to do was keep herself upright and enjoy her lover's hands on her skin.

"Feeling better?" Maggie asked as she knelt down and placed a kiss on Sonya's lips.

"A little," she answered. "Do you want me to-"

"You're kidding, right?" Maggie interrupted. "Any other day I'd say yes, but with you like this? Don't even worry about it, Sonny. There's plenty of time for that when you're feeling better."

"I fuckin' love you, Mags."

"You too, Sonny," she affirmed with a kiss.

The day came and went with little fanfare. Maggie took a ride to the mall to pickup a comfy cushion for Sonya, while Sonya simply spent the rest of the day on the couch, enjoying her well-earned relaxation. It was a bit odd though. Maggie had been gone for quite a few hours, and really, her trip to the mall shouldn't have taken more than an hour, tops.

Where the hell is she? Sonya wondered, when almost perfectly on cue, the front door opened.

"I'm home!" Maggie called, letting Sonya breathe a sigh of relief.

"What took you so long?" she asked, not angry, just curious and concerned.

She came around the corner into the living room carrying a few pink bags with a popular lingerie boutique's name scrolled across them. Sonya eyed up the bags then looked up to Maggie as she spoke. "I thought about what you said a few weeks back, that my underwear was too boring."

"Did you now?" Sonya asked.

"I did," Maggie replied matter-of-factly. She set the bags down beside Sonya and removed a few racy undergarments for her to see. "What do you think? I tried to pick things I thought you would pick."

Looking through the piles upon piles of underwear Maggie purchased, Sonya laughed. "Well you did good not buying any more of those grandma undies," she said. "But, you could stand to lay off the animal print." Maggie looked to a good half of the items in the bag and Sonya continued, "Sometimes, it really pays to just keep it simple; whites, blacks, maybe reds…hmmm…" Sonya eyed Maggie up and down, undressing her milky white skin with her eyes as she spoke, "Yeah, definitely reds on you."

Maggie smiled, "Reds; got it. I'll exchange some of the prints tomorrow."

"Well…" Sonya began. "…don't take back all the prints." She held up a pair that legitimately looked like cheetah print, and commented, "We could probably have some good fun with these, and maybe some body paint."

Maggie's eyes widened in surprise of Sonya's odd request. "I don't even want to know, but if it'll work for you, consider me your canvas," she said with a bright smile.

"I'll hold you to that," Sonya deviously replied.

"I wouldn't have offered if I didn't expect you to," Maggie answered, leaning down to give her lover a kiss. She continued on to the kitchen a moment later and called back to Sonya, "Dinner?"

"Whatever you feel like, Mags," Sonya answered as she flipped through the channels. "Day After Tomorrow, National Treasure, or-"

"Of course, National Treasure," Maggie interrupted.

"I'm just checking."

"I'm gonna throw a bunch of stuff together for dinner, gimme twenty minutes?"

"Certainly," Sonya replied.

Nearly to the second, Maggie finished plating their meals, or as it were, bowling them. She stepped into the living room, two bread bowls in hand and Sonya commented, "Jesus, Mags! How the hell did you do this?"

"It wasn't much. I boiled the pasta in the sauce so it went twice as fast, I nuked the bacon so that took no time, and we had the bread. All I had to do was gut it, fill the loaves with the pasta and sauce, cover it with cheese and bacon and put it in the oven for a few minutes."

Sonya's eyes twitched in disbelief and she looked back to her meal. "I picked a good one when I picked you."

"The feeling's mutual," Maggie replied and placed a kiss on Sonya's lips.

After sharing a smile and grin, they lay back with their meals, and enjoyed the movie for the umpteenth time.

This is it, Maggie thought. This is what I've wanted for so long, and she's just been sitting here, silently, patiently waiting for me the whole time. I'm sorry, Sonny. I'm sorry it took me so long, but I promise; I'll spend every second of every day, for the rest of my life trying to make it up to you.


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