Never ever ever fall in love. It's a spies' rule. I stick to it. That is. I'll do my best to stick to it. I'm Ashley White. Also known as Agent White Tiger. It's a play on words, I guess. My last name is white, and I'm feisty like a tiger. We are Team Z. The best group of spies in the government. We are a secret to the outside world. Z stands for Zodiac. So, we are also the smallest team of spies. Only 12. Everyone else, can't be top notch as us. I am the number 1 in our 12. And-

"Agent White, come to the HQ office immediately." The P.A. buzzed.

I walked over to HQ office. I opened the door to our boss, Ms. Bosu. I kneeled down and bowed my head down. "Ms. Bosu. You called?"

"Agent White. You have been summoned. A new quest. Be honored. Be very honored." She pushed a file towards me. The file had red label on it. The label read: URGENT.

"Thank you, Ms. Bosu. I am certainly very honored." I stood up, grabbed the file, and walked out of the room. A quest? Without the Zodiac 12? Just me, alone? I may be number 1 in the Zodiac 12, but bu myself, I may be, no, scratch that. Am nothing. We work as a team. Without a team, we have nothing. No coordination, nothing. Ms. Bosu should know that! She was the one who taught us that! I wonder...I entered my room to read my quest. This is what I got.


Name: Unknown Hair: Light Brown

Photo: Unknown Eye Color: Hazel

Height: "6'11" Accent: New Zealand (sounds British)

Weight: 120 lbs

Member of Team A

Team Alpha?! What the heck? Our rival team? Team Alpha consisted of alpha males. I don't even know the name of the guy or his photo? How do we know if he dyed his hair? or wore contacts? He weighed more than me. What did I need from him? I shook my head. Alpha male or not, he was going down.

I packed my clothes for the long trip. I was going to New Zealand for this one.