There once was this girl

She thought she loved somebody

So that girl fell




And that girl loved the feeling

She got while free falling

But that boy that she loved

Didn't fall with her

He was watching her fall

And not falling himself

She was so caught up

In the feeling that she didn't notice how fast she was plummeting

So when that girl was close to the ground

She finally noticed that there was no love to fall in to

And that there was no boy next to her

But it was already too late to turn back

And when that girl plummeted down

She shattered on impact

It took a long time for her friends to

Piece her back together again

And when they did

She still had a few pieces missing

Because they were damaged beyond repair

One of them was her heart

But then this boy came along

And she felt herself falling

But she stopped herself and made sure that he fell

With her

And when she was close to the bottom

She noticed that he was still next to her

And that there was the love to fall into

And her heart was fixed

They were in love

A/N: Hope you liked this poem. I wrote it last month and diceded to put it up on Fiction Press. Merci beaucoup! :)