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-Queen Sea

Chapter 1

Finally, I was free. I could run, I could walk, I could jump. And last but not least, I could use my power as I pleased. I had wing, super fast feet, super jumping legs, super strength, the ability to breath under water, can make anything appear by thinking hard about it. and super hearing. Now I could use them without getting zapped for using them.

My name is Aqua. I am 6. I got away from the evil men that had me, but it cost my friend. He, at one point was working for the leader of the people... What should I call them?... Experimenters. Any way. He, Peter, was working for them. Key word, Was.

More about me. I have another friend from there. She is just like me. Her name is Lucy. Lucy is 6 too. We have white wings when we have our wings out. At the moment we are flying, far away from the cages we were kept in. I have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Lucy has light brown hair and brown eyes.

"Lucy are you okay?" I ask concerned. Lucy nods. I can tell she's getting tired, we need to land. Lucy it falling a few feet then coming back up, panting. "Lucy, let's land." I order. We dive down gaining speed. It felt good. The wind in my face, it was a new feeling. I enjoyed it. Once we were landed Lucy and I pulled our wings in. Now you can't see them.

"Aqua. I'm hungry." Lucy says. I nod.

"Hamburger, fries, and shakes?" I ask. Lucy nods. I think really hard about two hamburgers, two large fries, and two large chocolate shakes. Suddenly it appeared in my hands. "Dig in." I say giving Lucy a hamburger, a fries, and a shake.

I freeze hearing an odd conversation...

"Who are those girls. That one can make things appear. And they both can fly!" A male voice says.

"I know. I want them. how old do you think they are?" Another male says.

"Six or seven. Not much older than that."

"Let's get them." I heard one of them nod.

"Lucy." I say in a hushed voice. "There are two men talking about us. We can't fly away they may have video cameras. We have to walk. Come on."

"But I didn't hear them." Lucy says not so hushed.

"Lucy. I did lets go."

"I'm not done eating." Lucy complains. I glance around and I see the men. They have butterfly nets. And with our super strength we'll be fine.

"Okay finish eating." In a hushed tone. "They only have butterfly nets." Lucy nods... I hear footstep going behind the bench where we are sitting. "Behind us. Act like you don't hear them and when they put the nets on us. Destroy the net and break their faces." I whisper. Lucy give the sliest nod.

The next thing I realize, is a net has gone over my head and is down to my waist.

"Drop the net, and run. You might just survive." I challenge.

"Nope, you two will now be my pet. In the zoo." Yeah right! I think. I shrug.

"Have it your way." I stand up and grip the net. The man pulls the net down to my feet. Better hurry to make this easier. I rip the net in two.

"Run." I challenge again. The man shakes his head and gives me a pity smile. Your the one giving me the pity smile? You have no idea what's coming do you? I shake my head. I feel Lucy's back agents mine.

"Fly, on the count of three." I whisper back.

"One... Two... THREE!" I yell. Lucy and I jump into the air spreading our wings.

"Oh no you don't!" The man that had me cried. The man jumps up and grabs Lucy's foot and my foot. Jerk!

"Let go Jerk!" I yell at him. the man pulls us out of the air. Idea! I stop resisting and fall. I'm falling from 7 feet. The man lets go of Lucy and me to catch me. As soon as he lets go Lucy flies higher up and I spread my wings and fly up out of his reach.

"Not fair!" he complains. I stick my tongue out at him.

"Deal with it." I mock. Lucy and I fly away. "Nice job Luc." I complement.